8 Reasons that breaking up with your BFF is far worse than breaking up with your partner!

Best Friends Forever… BFF! Everyone has a best friend and I consider all those really very lucky and not just me, universe is kind with you if it has bestowed you with a best friend.

There is a reason people come into your life but most worthy is a BFF! They make your life much better place, take away all your pain and turn your sad little life into joyous, fun filled ride with lots of amusing turns. They are one of the most important people in your life. You just can’t imagine your life without a BFF! You probably wouldn’t be sad enough if your partner leaves you, but if your BFF does, God! It is totally unexplainable.

Here’s why breaking up with your best friend is more hurtful than breaking up with your partner.

1. You totally depend on each other for everything

8 Reasons that breaking up with your BFF is far worse than breaking up with your partner! 3

And yes! they had caught you every time you fall on to them. They made sure that your expectations are very well taken care of and that you were cared and loved. You realize that they were the support system of your entire life and that you always turned towards them in all the good and bad times (more noticeably in bad times). You trusted them with everything your life possibly contained and they always made you stand up again and fight back for what’s right.

2. You talk all the time irrespective of day or night



Yes, you never got bored. They listen to the whiny you, happy you, sad you and cheery you! They always listened and you were also used to listening because it felt incomplete without them talking. You shared everything and you always had a point to talk about. Sometimes it was way too serious and sometimes, way too lame. You managed to talk across all the barriers for years. They were basically your listening ears.

3. You probably had same crushes but still, you got through it


Well, it happens when choices are too similar and when you spend so much time together and tend to like same things. Your crushes were same and you fought over it too but still found your ways back to each other because crushes really can’t break you two apart.

4. You help each other after being dumped


Guys will be guys! They love dumping. You were dumped many times and the only person you went to was your best friend. They helped you regaining your strength. They made you realize that you are worth way more than the stupid guys. You were always loved by your BFF when guys didn’t realize your worth.

5. You knew each other better than your own selves



It is weird how someone understands you this much. They know you so much that you would be even surprised if they exactly tell you more. Well, whatever it is. You miss it! The way they made you feel. The extent to which they knew you. It is heart-melting truly!

6. Now, You don’t have that person to go to


Yes, you were once the person for each other. You went to each other when things went bad or good. You cried and laughed with each other. You shared moments. Now whenever something good or bad happens, you don’t know where to go, who to tell and you aren’t even sure how someone else would respond if you tell them. You are never satisfied with anyone else’s response and they can’t replicate your feelings like your BFF could

7. Now, you don’t have each other to judge other people


You were the besties. You used to talk about how you see people. You used to judge other people’s shoes, dresses, relationships and even their freaking meals. Now, when you notice something and desperately need to share it with your person. Unfortunately, you can’t! Because you guys broke up.

8. Now, you can’t trust people or let them in easily

You thought that was it. You trusted off with all your heart and you knew that they will be there no matter what! You trusted them with your secrets. Now, when people tell you that they want to replace your BFF, you wouldn’t be able to trust them easily because for once your trust has got crushed because you previously trusted way too much.

Final words


If it hurts that much, why don’t you just make it all happen again and get back? It’s okay to be the first one to break the ice because life with your BFF is much easier. If there was any real friendship or feeling, they would probably be waiting for you right where you left. Just be the first one and try!

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