9 Successful Ways To Quit Smoking


If you have gathered the guts to click on this article, it means you’ve made up your mind to adapt useful ways to quit smoking.

Hence, step 1 is done!

Smoking is one of the most widespread addictions that exist today. Whether you’re an occasional smoker, chain smoker, or the confused teenager who smokes somewhere between 0-14 cigarettes a day, quitting can be difficult.

Despite the disgusting image, and the terrifying warning on the packaging of every cigarette box, majority of the world’s population chose to smoke.

Call it a green card to social acceptance or a stress reliever, smoking has become as common as breathing. How ironic is that?

9 Successful Ways To Quit Smoking 3


1. Plan

Quitting cigarettes is no less than breaking up. You have to take advice from the experienced, pick the right moment, mentally prepare yourself, involve family and friends, and most importantly, get rid of things that remind you of it such as ashtrays.


2. Identify Triggers

This in my opinion is the most important step. Identify the moments that trigger your cravings. It may be stressful situations, social gatherings, having smokers around, anxiety etc.

In case your smoking habit is linked to the friends you roam around with, remember! Real friends will understand and help you through the process. To quit smoking is a great thought, and people who care about you must be the ones who support you along the way.


3. Find a Distraction

Once you have singled out the triggers, look for ways to distract yourself when the desire occurs. Many people (men especially) involve themselves into work out and gym. Exercise keeps your mind busy and relieves stress. Many researches suggest that exercise has almost the same impact on the brain as cigarettes, except this effect is natural and safe.


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4. Therapy

This may sound like a “bad word.” Most families and individuals associate therapy with “the mentally ill.” I beg to differ. Therapy is for every human who feels the need to talk to a professional when nothing else seems to work. It’s the same as career counselling, the only difference is it mostly comes after you’ve chosen a career.


5. Reward Yourself

Whenever you find yourself losing to the craving, reward yourself. You may do it by either eating a scrumptious piece of cake, or buying yourself an outfit. It will vary from person to person. Rewards naturally tend to be motivating for humans; this will keep you going through out the process.

Find what you love and use it to get rid of this unhealthy habit.


6. Prepare for the Symptoms

Most people panic when the symptoms start to occur and as a result the smoke.

As per sources, here are some common symptoms you’ll experience along the way;


    1. Irritability, frustration, or anger


    1. Anxiety or nervousness


    1. Difficulty concentrating


    1. Restlessness


    1. Increased appetite


    1. Headaches


    1. Insomnia


    1. Tremors


    1. Increased coughing


    1. Fatigue


    1. Constipation or upset stomach


    1. Depression


    1. Decreased heart rate


Keep yourself ready for such situations and DO NOT PANIC! Talk to a friend who knows about this particular endeavour and divert your mind.

Some ways you can use to divert your mind are:


    1. Keep your hands busy


    1. Brush your teeth: The clean feeling may help get rid of cigarette cravings.


    1. Drink water: Staying hydrated helps decrease nicotine withdrawal symptoms


    1. Light something else: light a piece of paper or a pencil, the way you light a cigarette just to give yourself that feeling. (for further reference watch the movie fault in our stars)


7. Nicotine Replacement

Cigarettes contain nicotine. When nicotine reaches the brain, it lets out adrenaline and dopamine. Both of these chemicals release stress and make a person happy.

That’s the good part!

The bad news is, cigarettes also contain tobacco which terribly harms your lungs, and increases the chances of lung cancer and many other cancers by 80%.

Nicotine patches, gums, inhalers, sprays and lozenges allow you to intake nicotine without tobacco. However, if you’re younger than 18 make sure to consult a doctor before using any alternative form of nicotine.

Also! Keep in mind, this method is only temporary. Nicotine itself is very damaging; therefore the alternatives should only be used as ways to kick start the process of leaving smoking.

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8. Medication

Although drugs are one of the last ways to quit smoking. They are prescribed to some very serious cases, such as those who smoke more than a pack in a day. Buproprion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix) are medicines that must only be taken with the consultation of doctors and must not be taken unnecessarily.


9. E-cigarettes

Study suggests that electronic cigarettes are way less harmful than cigarettes itself. They can be used to substitute cigarettes; however this too is not a long-term solution and must not be made another habit.

The amount of research that has happened over smoking has given us writers enough material to write at least 10 articles on this very topic, and the amount of patience human beings are bestowed upon, they will literally read all 10, 10 times.

How to give up smoking, guide to quit smoking, top tips on how to stop smoking; we have all sorts of fancy names to attract you. But unless you don’t have the WILL POWER to let go, no authority can help you.

Have faith in yourself. It won’t be easy. You will fail a couple of times, but that’s part and parcel of whatever you chose to do in life. Chose the best ways to quit smoking that suit best to the kind of person you are, and stick to them.

Believe me, once you’re smoke-free, you will feel like life has just begun, and that’s a damn good feeling.


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