A Tourism Hub, Antalya Turkey Points of interest

Travelling is the best hobby one could have!

Travelling helps you explore marvels and beauty of nature around the globe. It illustrates one’s love and admiration for Almighty’s creations.

But, which is the best destination for vacations? Which is the finest place to visit?

Don’t be confused…! Antalya is the best answer to these questions!

Antalya, Turkey attracts travelers and adventurers from around the World because of its scenic beauty, rich culture, awesome beaches, moderate weather, historical background and delicious foods. Rightly, Antalya is a complete package! This city has everything for tourists!

This is a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. It offers a blend of modernity, history, culture, fashion. In short, it is an impeccable spot to visit!


Tourist Attractions; Antalya Turkey Points of Interest !


Antalya is famous for its beautiful and diverse beaches. Sunny sky, soft sand and clear water are top rated tourist attractions in Antalya. There are six beaches in Antalya. Every beach has its specialties and offerings. If you have low budget, you can visit Orange Beach without entry fee!

If you are interested in swimming, underwater diving or scuba diving, Damlatas Beach is the best option for you.

Looking to have fun with family…? Konyaalti Beach Park is best place to visit! This beach park offers premium facilities like golf, horse riding, and aqua-land for kids a along with musical concerts.

Are you a Sports Lover? If yes, you should visit Lara Beach because this beach allows you to be athletic! You can enjoy playing beach football, cycling and jogging. It also offers water sports.

Are you interested in wild life? Patara Beach is the appropriate option. It is a lovely beach. It is the longest beach among all beaches of Turkey.

 P.S. How can you skip any of these beaches…?!

Historic Places to go in Antalya:

A city, is not a city without monuments, right? Antalya possesses a rich historic background. It has witnessed many civilizations. Therefore, it contains a lot of famous buildings and remains of Empires. Old Antalya City (now called kaleici), describes authenticity of this city’s heritage.

Closely built houses, huge stone walls and fairly narrow streets depict its history and shows a glimpse of Roman Empire. Clock Tower is another introduction of this city, as a History custodian. Hardianus Gate illustrates the spiritual front and importance of this city in terms of past.

A history lover cannot finish his/her trip without visiting these amazing places!

Antalya is surrounded by many caves which further indicate its glory. These caves are great attraction for tourists, who are curious about living methods of our ancestors. A visit to these caves will enhance your affection and regard for this great city!

Mosques – Turkey’s Points of Interest:

Turkey is popular for its mosques. Antalya served as a religious center to many nations. Its beauty, buildings and heritage flourished in every era. Since, Turkey has witnessed ascension of Ottoman Empire, therefore; beautiful mosques are asset of this country.

Lovely Mosques are a symbol of pride and honor for this city. Yivli Minare Mosque is among the oldest mosques of Antalya. Its unique and gorgeous design and distinctive construction method attracts a lot of tourists to visit this piece of beauty. This mosque attracts everyone. Tourists belonging to different religions and schools of thought visit it to capture its beauty and spiritual scent.

Kesik Minare has passed through various transitions; this makes it dominant over other mosques. It was a temple in Roman Era then converted to a church and later in early years of 16th century, it was transformed into a mosque. These alterations make it a top rated tourist attraction in Antalya.


How is it possible to travel to a destination which lacks taste!

Antalya offers you a variety of foods and cuisines to fulfill your taste desires. Moderate spice, deliciousness and unique taste makes local dishes popular among foreigners.

Kaleici (the old Antalya) hosts many food chains, restaurants and hotels which offer delicious menu. Antalya is popular for various type of jams and jellies. These fruit jellies and jams are manufactured by small companies in Turkey. Their freshness and taste is unmatchable.

Antalya is fairy a hot city, but, surprisingly, tea consumption is very high! Turkish coffee is another famous drink at this place. It is unique in its texture and flavor. Aryan is an amazing local beverage. It is prepared by mixing yogurt with water and salt. It prevents from severe summer effects.

Turkish pizza, kebab and Antalya’s burnt ice cream are amazing Turkish foods. In short, Turkey provides a complete range of delicious dishes to enhance your appetite!

Antalya Museum:

A beautiful setup, awesome collections and art work are distinct characteristics of Antalya Archeological Museum. A tour to this museum will enhance your knowledge and information about primeval civilizations, their religions, thoughts and lifestyle. Antalya museum, will help you understand their culture and icons.

Shopping in Antalya:

Shopping is an important part of travelling! Since, it is a big city, it gives you many options! Clothes and carpets are hot selling goods of this place. Here, gold products and artificial jewelry are cheaper as compared to other European cities and countries.

Therefore, LOW price attracts you to spend more!

Besides traditional shopping, this developed city also has mega malls which offer all brands. Food market is important to mention; visitors buy a lot of food products, mostly jams and jellies. These tasty and cheap food products are the best gifts for your relatives and friends.

Antalya’s Night Life:

This beautiful city presents colorful nights. It has everything to make your night, the BEST night of your life! Music is a cultural entity of this city. Musical concerts are main part of this city’s night life. Many discos, bars and pubs are available all night to fulfill entertainment requirements. These bars and pubs are very famous among foreigners as well as locals.

Without a doubt, Antalya has everything to make your trip memorable! Its landscapes, beaches, beautiful views, cheap goods, rich culture, delicately preserved history are some factors which make this place an Ultimate Tourist Destination.


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