Are Multivitamin supplements good or bad ?

Are Multivitamin supplements good or bad ?

Multivitamin supplements good or bad ? Well, basically the best answer to this is that the best source of vitamins is the food itself. However, if you are deficient in vitamins and require supplements then you should know what exactly to look for in the supplements!

Our body requires various vitamin and minerals to perform different functions in the body. In fact, to function properly; vitamins and minerals are what we need. Vitamins and minerals help our bodies to protect from different life-threatening diseases like heart diseases or even some cancer conditions such as colon and cervical cancer. Some vitamins and mineral deficiencies are very harmful and life threatening because the body can’t function without it. But you have to be careful because the overdosage of vitamins can even be toxic.

After knowing the importance of vitamins and minerals, we definitely want them in our daily diet. But, the good news is that food sources are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. We can get most of the vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, cereals and even meat. Once you add variety to your diet and start eating from all food sources, you will never have a deficit of vitamins and minerals.

The trend of multivitamins is still prevalent and people have made them part of their lives.

They take those insanely huge pills to make sure that their body is getting what it requires. But it is not healthy!

In order to lead a balanced life, you must know what exactly you are deficient of and what exactly does your body require?


How Vitamin Requirements Change with Age ?


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Vitamin requirements are different during different phases of life. The pregnant women require more folic acid which prevents from the neural tube deficiency and decreases the risk of other birth defects. Pregnant women need multivitamins from the start because their body can’t be able to support another life with the resources of only one. The body needs additional vitamins and minerals for providing proper nutrition to the growing baby. Must Read About Skin Care for women over 50.


Active Women Need More Calcium


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Older aged women might also need increased intake of calcium because the bones start to lose calcium at the older age. Therefore, the daily calcium intake will help the body to function properly.


Vegetarians Need Proper Multivitamin Supplements

Moreover, vegetarians can also benefit from the multivitamin supplements to fulfill needs of calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins B12 and D.


4 Tips to Find the Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Much like other brands, the vitamins also come with a rule of you get what you pay for.

Following tips might help you to find the right vitamins:

    • Read the labels thoroughly when buying the multivitamin.
    • Also, make sure that the product is not going to expire anytime soon.
    • The U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has set certain standards known as RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for the intake of vitamins, which are written as % DV on the labels. Make sure to go through them.
    • Multivitamins are good for health but megavitamins can cause toxicities.

Take vitamins when you know that your age and activity requires them. Always try to benefit from the food sources of vitamins.