Best Places to See the Milky Way Galaxy

This article will be about the best places to see the Milky Way Galaxy from. Since we live in a Universe that is vast and full of mysteries, it is no wonder that our curious minds want to know what it looks like. But because it is physically impossible, we tend to satisfy ourselves by just looking at some of it.

Our planet Earth is in the Milky Way Galaxy so whenever you look at the night sky, you are viewing our galaxy. The increase in pollution makes it harder and difficult for us to see the Milky Way properly, so this article will help you figure out what the world’s best places to see the Milky Way from are and how to find the elusive Milky Way.


How to See the Milky Way


This galaxy was named Milky Way because of how it looks like; a white strip that curves across the sky, gleaming faintly. But in reality, it is not as bright as it seems! Most of the time when we try to look at it, we are unable to see is clearly because of it being far So, we compiled a few tips for us all to have a glimpse of the Milky Way more clearly:

    • Make sure to find a clear spot of the night sky. There has to be no bit of moonlight or you might not get the best view.
    • Get as far away from the city lights and any light sources. Find any wild, deserted area such as the countryside. You could go to the middle of the ocean if you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.
    • You do not need any binoculars, telescopes or any other optical instrument. You can see the Milky Way galaxy from Earth with the naked eye.
    • The atmospheric conditions should be most excellent. A hazy sky would not only block the view completely but it would also not be sharp view.
    • Your eyesight may take some time to adjust to the darkness, but after a few minutes, you would be good to go! You would have to be careful though as it could become quite sensitive to a low light level.
    • If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, winter evenings or late summer nights are the optimal times to view the Milky Way.

During the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Milky Way looks more vivid. You could even see the Great Rift on a dark, clear night. In the Southern Hemisphere, however, you could distinguish the small irregular Megallanic Clouds galaxies that has set its orbit around our Milky Way galaxy.


Best Places to View the Milky Way Galaxy


Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder why you can’t see the stars? So have I!

The world gets more and more populated each day and so does the lights on the streets. Our beautiful Milky Way galaxy is more than 100,000 light-years in diameter including 200-400 billion stars and many planets. It is one of the most remarkable sights in our sky yet with all the light pollution, we struggle to see it.

Many people are working to secure our environment and make sure we do not lose the sight of the multitude of stars gleaming in the skies. So, to see the dark sky and our Milky Way in all its grandeur, we have to do more than just take a ride outside the city! These are some of the places to see the Milky Way galaxy from in the world:

Unfortunately, since the world keeps losing their dark skies, there are not many places in the world you can see the Milky Way galaxy from. But the places that still exist with the darkest skies allow a view of the Milky Way that’s beautiful and extraordinary.

On September 28th in 2014, a NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman captured the view of Milky Way from space:


Best Places to See the Milky Way Galaxy 3

It shows how the Milky Way is glowing in the sky, bathing the world in an orange light. It is truly one of most incredible sights in our skies and you should try to visit at least, one of the places to see the Milky Way galaxy in all its glory!



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