Best Treatments for Eye Bags Removal without Surgery

Best Treatments for Eye Bags Removal without Surgery

Are you determined for eye bag removal? Have those eye bags casted a negative impact on your good looks and persona?

The natural response of these questions is YES! Because, anyone who has darky eye bags below his eyes surely wanna remove them.

There have been several surgical as well as nonsurgical ways and methods for eye bags removal. Both of these eye bags removal treatments have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Surgical methods give fast and instant results because dead cells of the body are removed during surgery but it is a costly method for eye bags removal.

On the other hand, nonsurgical ways aren’t very expensive but the dark side of these methods is, you have to wait for weeks and months to get the appropriate results.

Best Nonsurgical Treatments for Eye Bag Removal

We are going to enlist some effective as well as inexpensive treatments for eye bags removal. Try out any of these treatments to get bright and shiny eyes and ensure a pleasant and charming look.

1. The Potato Solution – An Instant Eye Bag Removal Remedy

Potato is probably the most consumed vegetable in terms of quantity. We intake potato in many forms but the most common is, potato chips.

But, for eye bag removal you don’t have to eat at all. Cut down a medium sized potato in slices in round shape. The size of potato must be enough to cover your eyes as well as those dark circles or eye bags around your eyes.

Gently place the finely sliced potato slices on your eyes and cover the whole eye bags with potato. Keep your eyes closed and let potato stay on your face for 15 – 20 minutes.

Potato has a natural healing effect. Its high concentration of water will let your eyes feel relax and cool. Moreover, it’ll help the muscles to contract a bit.

Hence, it’ll fairly and instantly reduce the size of eye bags.

Tip: To get even better results, don’t forget to refrigerate the potato for 10 to 15 minutes before placing it on your eyes.

2. Milk Soaked Cotton

If your eyes are quite puffed up, this natural remedy will help you to reduce their puffiness as well as swelling caused by the eye bags.

Dip cotton pieces in raw chilled milk and gently massage your eyelids as well as eye bags around your eyes. This remedy has an instant healing effect. It’ll soothe your eyes and you will feel fresh and relaxed.

Moreover, coldness of milk will act as an eye bag removal solution and you will see a decrease in size of those eye bags.

3. Egg White as an Eye Bag Removal Remedy

Yes! Don’t be surprised!

Eye bag removal is also a part of numerous other benefits of egg white. Make a paste of egg white by separating it from the yolk.

Gently apply egg white on the surrounding of eyes with the help of brush or cotton pieces. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

That’s it! Wash your face with cold water and see the instant shrinking of dark spots around your eyes.

4. Keep Your Body Hydrated – A Rule of Thumb

Water has a lot to do with your looks. Therefore, drink plenty of water! Moreover, it’s better to use fruits and vegetables that contain high percentages of water because it’ll not only neutralize your water requirements but also supply your body the vital proteins and vitamins.

It’ll ultimately help your body to fight against size of the eye bags.

5. Cucumber – The Best Natural Eye Bag Removal

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, cucumber is among the best and easy to use remedies for eye bag removal.

Place slices of refrigerated cucumber on your eyes to get rid of under eyes puffiness as well as eye bags. Coldness of cucumber will let your eyes feel easy and relaxed.

Moreover, it’ll soothe the infected tissues of the eye bags and results in reduction of size of those eye bags. Regular use of this eye bag removal remedy will help you to reduce swelling on face fast as well as eye bags permanently.

6. Things to Avoid for Eye Bag Removal

Eye bag removal can’t only be accomplished by using these health friendly and inexpensive solutions instead you have to take certain precautionary measures to keep your eyes away from the dark effects of the eye bags.

It’s very important to keep yourself away from things that enhances the size of eye bags or that are cause of the eye bags.

Here, we are gonna enlist some key things that are either cause of the eye bags or causes barriers in the healing process.

7. Lower Salt Intake

Sodium disturbs the healing process of eye bags. Therefore, try to consume as little salt as you can. Black pepper is the best replacement of the salt if you are a spice lover!

8. Minimize the Alcohol Consumption

I know it isn’t easy for all of us!

Since alcohol disturbs the overall functionality of our body therefore it is mandatory to lower its consumption.

9. Get Rid of Smoking

Smoking is among the key reasons behind eye bags size increment. Smoking causes restlessness and anxiety which ultimately results in increase in size of the eye bags.

Rather than lowering the number of cigarettes, the optimal solution is to quit smoking. In my opinion, smoking is the biggest barrier in recovery from eye bags.

10. Do Some Facial Exercise

Let your face skin glow and feel energetic as well as lively by doing some facial exercises. Face Massage is the best exercise to get rid of eye bags.

Bend overs, planks, and inverted poses of the yoga enhance blood circulation in the face which results in better oxygen supply to the face skin. Thus, your skin looks fresh and eye bags are restricted to a certain area – no more increase in the size of eye bags.

11. Watch out your Sleep Position

Your sleeping posture has a lot to do with your skin especially face! For eye bag removal, try to lay straight on the bed with your face upright!

Moreover, try to sleep with an extra pillow beneath your head. It’ll further improve the blood circulation as well as it will put less pressure on the blood vessels of face. In short, the more relaxed and comforted you are, more are the chances of reduction in healing period.

12. Don’t Forget to Washout Makeup Before Sleeping

Major reason for dark spots around eyes is the excessive use of chemicals on our face. Without taking into account the negative impacts, we use different kind of beauty products and makeup materials which causes severe damages to our skin.

The best way to prevent your face is, whichever cosmetic you are using, just wash it out before going to the bed.

Best Tips for Eye Bags Removal

Here are few tips that will surely help you during the treatment for eye bags removal. Let’s check out what are these!

13. Enhance Collagen Intake

Collagen is the building block of our body tissues and cells. For a healthy skin, continuous and appropriate amount of collagen supply is mandatory.

You can boost up collagen supplies by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. Fish is also a best option if you don’t like vegetables. Citrus fruits, dark green vegetables are the best source to optimize the intake of collagen.

14. Limit the Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet rays of the sun are very injurious for our skin because they destroy cells of our body and causes severe skin problems.

Over exposure to sun can enhance size of the eye bags. Therefore, stay away from the direct sunlight especially at noon as well as afternoon.

15. Apply Mineral Based Concealers

Rather than using cheap and skin damaging chemicals, apply mineral based concealer on your face to avoid any kind of skin damage.

16. Prefer Natural Eye Creams

It’s best to use a natural or homemade eye cream to get rid of dark spots around eyes as well as any kind of eye puffiness.

Tip: Don’t over use it too!

17. Take Good Care of your Allergies

Be conscious in choosing remedies of your allergies. Try to adopt a natural solution rather than using medicines. Prefer natural oils to fight with allergies rather than applying chemical containing stuff.

The best way to cope with all of your allergies is, “Be proactive and catch them before they even start!”

18. Wash your Eyes with Cold Water

At least once in a day, wash your eyes with clean and cold water. It is an ultimate solution for eye bags removal because cold water has a soothing effect on the eyes and it helps the eye muscles to relax a bit.