Chickenpox Symptoms in Adults and Teenagers

Chicken pox is caused by varicella zoster virus. If you want to know the symptoms of chicken pox in adults and teenagers, you are right on the spot in this article! We are giving you information about the causes and symptoms of Chicken Pox in this article!

Chicken Pox is a disease that causes rashes and red spots on the body. The varicella zoster virus causes chickenpox infection. This infection is widespread and can transfer from one person to another. The symptoms of Chicken Pox are worst in adults and teenagers than children.

The apparent symptoms of Chicken Pox in adults are;


High fever (body temperature)

If you are having high fever constantly for about 2-3 days, you might be having chicken pox. You need to monitor your temperature keenly. If it doesn’t decrease for 3 days, you should rush to the doctor to get yourself thoroughly checked.


– Body ache, headache

Sometimes, body ache is not a direct symptom of chicken pox, yet, if someone is having headache and body ache along with high fever for more than 2 days, then there are chances of chicken pox.


– Rashes on body

The prime symptom of chicken pox is red rashes on the body. If there are rashes which are itchy and troublesome, there are high chances of you having chicken pox.


– Blisters which are itchy and irritating

Sometimes, the rashes take the shape of blisters which are itchy and irritating, and should be checked immediately by the doctor.


Rashes or spots develop anywhere on the body even inside the mouth

These rashes, spots, and blisters can be seen anywhere on the body if you are having chicken pox. They can even develop inside the mouth which becomes the most painful part of the disease!


– Loss of appetite

In many cases, the sufferer loses the appetite. The body becomes lethargic.


– Nausea

A person may get nauseated feelings while having chicken pox.


– Tiredness and Feeling sick

The body becomes lethargic and lazy due to the severity of the rashes and influence of the varicella zoster virus.

Chicken pox in adults and teenagers bring more unrest and trouble as compared to the older people. There are treatments which can ease the pain of chicken pox in kids.

    • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.


    • Taken ibuprofen; Panadol or paracetamol to help decrease high fever and body ache.


    • There are lots of pain relieving creams used for rashes and itching.


    • Calamine lotion is one of the most common and effective treatment cream for chicken pox.



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Any adult or teenager who has chickenpox should avoid meeting pregnant women, infants/ newborn babies and anyone who is already sick and prone to infectious diseases or taking any steroids. People who are prone to diseases have weak immune systems. Kids who suffer from chickenpox should inform their school and take leave for five to seven days to rest at home. After the rash becomes apparent, it takes five to six days to burst the blister and get them crusted over. The infected should live in quarantine and should not visit their family or friends to protect them from this infectious disease.

Chickenpox in adults can get worst with the complications rather than children.


    • If the rashes are scratched, they leave the scars for the rest of the life.


    • The spots and rashes can be infected with bacteria easily, making the skin sore and red in color.


    • It can lead to pneumonia in adults. The ratio is affecting 1 in 10 adults with chickenpox. Smokers’ are prone to this condition.


Some rare complications are:


Inflammation of heart muscles, pancreas, kidneys, testes, joints, parts of the eyes. It can also lead to appendicitis. But these are extraordinarily rare conditions of chickenpox.

It is considered that chicken pox happens once in a lifetime. Our immune system produces antibodies in form of proteins which fight against this virus. They provide long lasting protection. That’s why it is uncommon to get this virus more than once in a lifetime. Most people get this infection in their childhood.

Another fact is that if a person had chickenpox in the past, there are still some chances of getting the varicella zoster virus again. If this has happened previously, then this virus affects the body in a slightly different manner. In this case, shingles appear on the body which is actually the nerve infection. It causes severe risk and pain in the form of patches. This infection is mostly common in the people over the age of 50. This nerve infection is called Herpes Zoster.

Chicken Pox vaccine is the best method of its prevention for a lifetime. There is an effective vaccine available for the protection against varicella zoster virus which causes chicken pox. In most of the developed countries, it has become a regular part of the childhood immunization program. If the vaccine is not included in the immunization program, it is usually offered by NHS to a certain group of people who are prone to get chicken pox.


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The adult chickenpox vaccine protects people who are prone to serious chickenpox infections. The people who are at high risk are health care workers and nurses who take care of others but don’t take care of themselves. The vaccine is not for pregnant women and similarly women should avoid getting pregnant for almost three months after being vaccinated. The chickenpox vaccines are highly effective. It has been proved from the researches that two doses of chickenpox vaccines give 98% protection in children and 75% in adults and teenagers.


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