6 Classic Sneakers You Need for Your Collection

Think you have an incomplete sneaker collection?

What if we told you there were 6 classic sneakers every collector must have? These timeless pieces have been around for decades, but they’re still as fashionable today as they ever were. From legendary brands like Adidas and Nike to lesser-known gems from small boutiques, these shoes will complete your collection.

With a range of styles, there’s something for everyone on this list. Classic colors with modern twists create iconic designs that will stay on trend forever.

Check out our list to discover the best sneakers and level up your shoe game! so what are you waiting for? Which ones are you missing from your shoe collection? Read on to find out more.

1. Air Jordan 1

Before the introduction of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, there were plenty of popular sneakers on the market. But none had a cultural impact like these iconic shoes.

Michael Jordan’s fame and success on and off the court made them even more attractive and sought after. His endorsement of the Air Jordan 1 gave it an aura of greatness, turning them into a must-have item for any true basketball fan.

The Air Jordan 1 remains a popular choice after 35 years, not just for its unique story but also for its versatility. They look great with virtually any kind of clothing, from jeans and chinos to shorts and suits!

For a real classic, we recommend going for the OG colorway but be prepared to pay a premium price. If you’re looking to buy sneakers, then shopping around will help you land the best deal. Don’t forget that the highs are usually more desirable than the mids.

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2. OG Runner

If you’re looking for something more subtle, but have a longstanding appreciation for running shoes, then an OG model is a must-have addition to your training collection. These timeless designs are highly-regarded and perfect for any runner who values classic style.

OG Runner sneakers are an iconic silhouette that has been around since the early 2000s. Inspired by a classic running shoe, these sneakers are made with a lightweight upper that features a waffle sole pattern for extra comfort and durability.

For a more understated look, try the New Balance 993, Adidas SL 72, and Nike Tailwinds. Each of these OG running shoes will match perfectly with any kind of look. From workout shorts to jeans or even dressy chinos they look great. Whether you’re headed to the gym or out for the day, these classic designs will always make sure your style game is on point.

3. Classic Low Profile Sneaker

When you’re not feeling the OG running shoe, there’s no need to worry – there are plenty of classic alternatives. The Stan Smith and Samba silhouettes are just as timeless, while still being fashionable and suitable for any situation. So if you want a more subtle look, these sneakers will always make sure your style is on point.

For a designer touch, look no further than the Golden Goose Superstar. This luxurious Italian brand takes classic sneaker silhouettes and updates them with premium materials. They are one of the best shoes for creating a look that blends fashion-forward luxury with a vintage-inspired aesthetic. Whether you’re headed to the gym or looking for something more upscale, the Golden Goose Superstar will make sure your style stands out from the crowd.

4. The Chuck Taylor

The Chuck Taylor All Star is a classic sneaker style that has been around since 1917. It was originally designed as an athletic shoe, but over the years it has become an iconic fashion statement. Featuring a canvas upper and a rubber sole, Chuck Taylor is known for its signature white toe cap and signature ankle patch – making it one of the most recognizable sneakers in the world.

You just can’t beat the iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker. It’s an absolute must-have for anyone who collects sneakers. Choose between the classic low-top in white and black, or try out the nostalgic Chuck 70 to switch up your look.

Keep in mind that they often run large, so make sure to size down at least a half size. Alternatively, slip an orthotic in there with some thicker socks for extra comfort.

5. Modern Tech Basketball

If you’re still rocking a shoe from years ago, it’s time to upgrade and take advantage of the advances in sneaker technology. Each year brings ever-improving designs and better performance, so don’t get left behind.

Thankfully, there’s a huge selection of sneakers out there geared at the basketball player aesthetic. From Air Jordan 35 to New Balance OMN1S, both have classic sneaker appeal.

Whether you’re playing a casual game or competing with your crew, you’ll need dependable footwear that won’t leave you in agony after a quick run up and down the court.

6. Trail Running Sneaker Boot

This year, make sure your outdoor adventures are well-equipped with the right footwear. Whether you’re testing the waters with some light hiking or tackling a trail run, having a reliable trail runner or sneaker boot in your collection can make all the difference.

Trail runners are a great choice, as they often provide water resistance and plenty of versatility, making them perfect for city streets on rainy or snowy days. Now is the time to bring back those retro trail-ready silhouettes from the ’90s.

Which Classic Sneakers Do You Want?

Whether you’re looking for classic sneakers to add to your collection or want something more modern and tech-savvy, these 6 shoes are sure to be a great addition to your collection. From the high-top Chuck Taylor to the classic low-profile sneakers from a range of brands, there’s something to keep every sneakerhead.

So what are you waiting for and what’s missing from your collection? Get shopping now and find yourself the perfect pair of classic sneakers today.

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