Do You Know What Does Your Eye Colour Mean?

There’s no doubt that eyes are the gateway to a person’s heart! You can’t sneak into a person’s heart, but surely you can get a glimpse of his feelings through his eyes. Have you ever wondered, what does your eye color mean?

Believe me or not, it says a lot about you! Your nature, behavior, emotional strengths, some if not all of the personality traits, strong points, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes are all encrypted in your eye color.

Besides size, the only thing one can note about someone’s eyes is, the eye color. Therefore, do you have any idea, what does your eye color depicts about you? How does your eye color illustrate some of your personality traits?

I’m quite sure! You don’t have any idea about it!

Let’s dive into the beauty of eyes to explore what does your eye color actually says about you!


What are different Eye Colors?


There are six shades of the cornea and to be honest, it is all about genetics, DNA, and genes!

    • Black
    • Brown
    • Hazel
    • Grey
    • Green
    • Blue

Brown eye color is the most common color. More than 50% population of the earth is blessed with this eye color. On the other hand, silver eye color is considered to be the rarest eye color.


What does your eye color say about you?


Different eye colors depict different personality traits. Some are associated with the behavior, some with the mood while some eye colors are related to the mental brilliance and intelligence.

In short, eye color not only beautifies your personality but also provides some clue about your habits, behavior likes, and dislikes.


What does brown eye color indicate?


Let’s discuss the most common eye color first. It is a vibrant color, and it has strong association and relevance with the earth; therefore people with brown eyes are often very creative and possess a positive thinking.

Moreover, such people are very friendly and love simplicity as well. It could be the only reason that there’s so much love and friendship on this planet.

The notable aspect of people who has brown eyes is, they are very trustworthy and love to help others.


People with Black Eyes – What does this Eye Color Mean!

An amazing aspects of this eye color is, this cornea shade isn’t very common but at the same time, it isn’t very rare. Another incredible aspect of this color is, pure black color is quite rare.

People consider dark brown eyes as black eyes which is because of the fact that it is quite hard to differentiate between dark brown eye color and the pure black.

People with pure black eyes are often considered mysterious and secretive. On the other hand, they are considered very responsible because they have a habit of keeping secrets.

Moreover, such people are very congested, and they don’t start a friendship right away. They are very choosy and are also quite reluctant to fall in love.

P.S. If you are in LOVE with a person who has black eyes it’ll not be an easy task to convince him/her.


What does Grey eye color reveal?

Silver or grey eye color is considered to be the rarest color of the world. Same is true for the attributes and qualities of the people who possess this delightful color.

People with grey eyes are often very polite, obedient, and most importantly they possess a quality of leadership. Such people are full of confidence. They don’t have aggressiveness and attitude instead such people are quite and humble.

In short, it isn’t wrong to say that, “people with grey eyes are the least aggressive people of the world!”


People with Hazel Eyes


Hazel eye color is the most captivating eye color. A blend of green and brown gives it a unique and distinct shade. People with hazel eyes are considered lighthearted, fun-loving and brave.

People who possess this distinct eye color are often very diverse and loves to master more than skills. Such people are very hardworking and always aim big.

The only bad thing about them is, “people with hazel eyes are often very short tempered!” If you are a good situation handler, you will love their friendship because of their mischievous and naughty attitude.


Personality Traits of People with Blue Eye


Just like the blue color people with blue eyes are very lively and peaceful. Such people are very keen observers and love to suggest innovative and creative ideas.

In short, they have no match in care, respect, and energy to change things for the betterment of the society.


What does Green Eye Color Reveals about You?


Just like green plants, green eye color represents freshness and cuteness. People with green eyes possess such strong attraction and affection that you can’t stop yourself from lusting about them.

Naturally, such people have a captivating and hard-hitting personality which makes them popular among all social circles. Commonly, such people are very passionate about achieving something extraordinary in their life.

The only negative aspect of such people is, “They get jealous if they feel others are not valuing their presence!” To be honest, it isn’t a very bad aspect because they are so irresistible that you just can’t ignore them!


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