Easy Tips to Get Rid of Awful Cold Sores

Cold sores cause one of the most awful pains one could ever have, right?

People find ways to prevent cold sores through easy tips. The itching is extremely bothersome especially when one has cold sores inside their mouth. Cold sores are a form of herpes that can be caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). They are so painful that a person can even get high fever and irritation.

Preventing cold sores is not a very difficult job to do these days. Researches have shown that there are many tips that can be used to prevent the pain caused by cold sores. People who have been suffering from the stress of cold sores know the causes and symptoms of it. The itchiness, irritation, burning and discomfort inside the mouth or the edges of the lips are the most awful conditions caused by cold sores.


Symptoms of Cold Sores


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Some of the most common symptoms of cold sores are;

    • Small lesion inside the mouth
    • Formation of blisters
    • Itching
    • Hot sensation and burning
    • Irritation due to scratches
    • Sore throat
    • Headache
    • High fever
    • Extreme pain inside the mouth


How to Prevent a Cold Sore?


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Any person who hasn’t experienced the pain caused by the cold sores cannot imagine the extremity of this painful condition. The first experience of the sufferer is the worst since a person is not prepared for this type of irritation at all. Stress is considered to trigger in the cold sores especially among women.

Women are more sensitive and susceptible to cold sores since they are highly active in their daily routine activities and forget to take care about themselves. Whenever a person is stressed, the resistance of his body for disease elements decreases and he gets virus easily. Similar is the case with the herpes virus which causes cold sores. Therefore, to prevent cold sores, one should not get stressed and should take regular care to get rid of these type of viruses.


Preventing Cold Sores

Cold Sores take almost 10-15 days to go away. But the suffering from cold sores is really disturbing. Therefore, we are suggesting you some ways to minimize your suffering:


1. Icing the Affected Area


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To minimize the swelling and itching of the cold sore, take an ice cube and rub it gently over it. It will give you a soothing effect and lessen the discomfort.


2. Don’t Touch Your Lips


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If you have a cold sore on your lips, it is highly recommended not to touch your lips frequently since it is contagious and can spread widely. These blisters can also be seen on your hands and face if not taken care of.


3. Use Lip Balm


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If you have been suffering from blisters and cold sores in the past, you should take care of your lips by using lip balm on daily basis especially when going out in the sunlight. The protection of your lips is very important to prevent blisters. Doctors highly recommend a good lip balm to be used even when you are having a cold sore. It can be applied by a cotton swab and not directly by hand.


4. Use a Couple of Pillows to Sleep


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Doctors are of the opinion that if you use more pillows under your head and sleep upright, the blisters will drain and heal up more quickly. Otherwise, their fluid will get accumulated and take longer to heal.


5. Use a Good Painkiller to Reduce the Pain


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Panadol has always been one of the best painkillers to reduce any kind of pain. Once you get affected by the cold sores, you should start taking painkiller to lessen the discomfort and to reduce the pain.


6. Use a Good Burning Gel or Cream


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Cold sores always take their own time to heal up. But you can apply some good gel or cream that can give you ease to counter the pain.


7. Antiviral Creams


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Acyclovir (Zovirax) cream is known to be one of the best antiviral creams which reduce the healing time of a cold sore and gives the patient an immediate relief.


8. Reducing the Triggers of Cold Sores


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It is almost impossible to avoid cold sores once they are about to happen, but you can reduce the triggers which extend cold sores. Protecting yourself from direct sunlight and applying a good sunblock and lip balm keeps your skin healthy. You should sleep appropriately and eat healthy, avoiding spices.


9. Avoid Making Your Cold Sore Become Contagious


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Cold sore is contagious since it is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV) which is typically spread from one person to another by kissing and intimate connections. Therefore, you should be very careful when you are having cold sores.


10. Avoid Sharing Food and Drinks

Keep yourself away from sharing food and drinks since HSV can also be present in saliva which can be transferred into the food and can affect you in anyway. You are also recommended not to even share your spoons, glasses and forks especially when you are having a cold sore or having food with the person who has cold sores.


11. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Taking care of hygiene is the most important thing to protect you from the viruses and infectious diseases. Disinfecting your hands by washing them frequently prevents you from viruses.


Cold sores definitely cause one of the most excruciating pains which can make the sufferer look extremely agonized. Prevention is always better than treatment. Therefore, by adopting easy tips, we can protect ourselves from the transmittable diseases and live a healthy life.


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