Food That Help You Sleep Better

Various people have very bad sleeping habits and they cannot get asleep very soon. As good sleep is very important for carrying out normal functioning and it makes a person happy, sharpens his brain strengthening the immune system, makes the skin fresh and reduces risks for high blood pressure and heart diseases. However, most of the people are worried about their sleep habits. If they add the following food in their diet plan they can better their sleep habits. It can reduce their frustration about getting asleep desperately. Instead of turning to the pills for sleeping and getting rest, one should realize the importance of refrigerator having a powerful variety of sleep-inducing food.

20 Food That Help You Sleep Better

These 20 foods regulate the hormones controlling relaxation, stress and sleep.

Tart Cherries is one of the best food that makes you sleepy before going to be bed by boosting body supplements of melatonin and they are full of phytonutrients and antioxidants. For inducing sleep, one can eat ripe fresh tart cherries or some dried cherries with snacks or can drink a glass of tart cherry juice.

Secondly, Pop Corn has also considered the best food for sleep. It contains a large amount of Tryptophan, an amino acid mostly found in turkey. It is important because of creating neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain and as they are sleep inducing transmitters so they help in falling asleep. Yet popcorn having use of oil and butter are not recommended, they should be air-popped.

Another food that is considered as powerhouse of energy can also be ranked as the best food that help you sleep at night. It is almond that has a rich amount of coenzyme Q10 producing sufficient energy for our cell and also there is a considerable amount tryptophan, a sleep-inducing agent. Almond should be used with some other foods in the list for producing the best results.

Moreover, bread is considered as having high glycine that help anybody feel sleepy, specifically if it is consumed during the four hours of getting asleep. Yet one should be careful about using these foods because raises the amount of blood sugar that is remarkable for causing gain in weight. So those people who want to stay slim, they should try some other food inducing sleep. In the same manner, as bread contains a large amount of glycine, jasmine rice also has very great glycemic index. This glycine has the ability to break down very quickly and consequently raises the amount of blood sugar. Moreover, as compared to other types of rice as long-grain, jasmine rice has also a large amount of starch in it. So they can make a person fat as well.

Similarly, another powerful and sleep inducing food is Chamomile tea. Chamomile flowers are very helpful in getting asleep and very useful for other purposes as well. For better results chamomile flowers are placed in the teapot and they can do marvels. Researches have proved that it is best sleep-inducing agent if it is consumed in a relatively higher amount and if used in lower doses it can relieve anxiety. For better results, two to three teaspoons should be used in boiling water for one cup of tea and it should be steeped for fifteen minutes. On the other hand, Bananas are also considered best food for sleep. They are rich in amount of healthy carbohydrates and slows you down a little bit. They also contain tryptophan along with the substances promoting the production of the melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone. Moreover, there is some amount of magnesium that is remarkable for muscle relaxation.

Similarly, most of the seafood can also be used as sleep-inducing food such as halibut that has rich amount of tryptophan and also contains vitamin B6 that is considered as a natural sleeping aid. B6 produces serotonin and also plays a crucial role in the discharge of leg cramps. On the same note, it is highly recommended that one should drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed. There is some science working behind this recommendation as it too, contains tryptophan but consumption of warm milk also has another surprising benefit that is a source of calcium and calcium is remarkable for lowering stress level. Like milk, yogurt has also gained tryptophan and calcium yet it also contains protein for booting. But it should be sugar-free and low-fat variety for avoiding weight gain and spikes in blood sugar. Similarly, serotonin-boosting and protein containing chickpeas are best choices for relaxation and sleeping. It can be consumed as salad and hummus.

Another sleep inducing food is Green tea. Because of the presence of caffeine some people may not choose it to take just before bed, yet taking it throughout the day makes a person calm and it relieves the signs of sleep apnea. On the same manner Oatmeal that is rich in magnesium and calcium and perfectly pairs with milk, bananas and honey for night time meal. Honey is considered as best treat to reduce or almost stop the construction of orexin in our brain which is sleep deterring neurotransmitter. Similarly, another great late-night snack is cereal with low sugar level. Carbohydrates present in cereal increases amount of tryptophan production in blood and fortified cereal increases the amount of B6. It can be best used with bananas, dried cherries or milk.

Cup of soybean contains 122% of tryptophan that is the recommended amount for one day and one of the best way to consume soy is through edamame. Miso also contains amino acid made up of fermented soybeans. It can be taken as a warm mug of miso soup. Potatoes are another high glycemic food for sleeping peacefully. They can be used in mashed form with plain yogurt and with milk. As dark chocolate help boosting up metabolism so it helps sleeping better. Eating during the day can make a person feel relaxed yet not recommended to consume just before going to bed. The stigma of various crocus flowers is saffron and adds flavor to foods. It improves the mood, helps to relax and weight loss. It also reduces anxiety and increases sleep time.

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