Here are Top 15 Legal Reasons for Divorce

Divorce rates are at an all-time high nowadays, and we find ourselves wondering what the legal reasons for divorce are.

The world is officially less romantic now; people think divorce is the answer to every problem in their marriage. That is not the case at all. Getting a divorce is not easy or simple. Sometimes, a situation is hopeless, and there are good reasons to get a divorce, but many problems can be worked out if you just talked honestly to your partner about how you felt.

Communication problems cause divorce more than infidelity as the statistics prove. Talk to your husband or your wife so you can mend the cracks rather than deepen them even more, ultimately leading to a divorce.

This is why Couples Divorce

Marriages need hard work and effort. You cannot look at every little problem in your marriage as valid reasons for divorce. The fact that communication is among the leading causes of divorce statistics being high is unfortunate.

We have listed below a couple of big reasons as to why couples get a divorce:

    • Many couples jump into marriage for the wrong reasons. Either for money or thinking that it is what is expected of them because they have been together for a long time. You can say no until you have to say ‘I do’.
    • They lose their individuality. Couples who have no idea of how to do anything without their partner do not have a healthy relationship. You should have your personal likes and interests outside of the relationship.
    • They get too busy in their parental roles and forget they are a couple. Many people neglect their partners because they get so immersed in the role of a parent and later down the line when the children grow up they realize they have nothing in common any longer, leading to a divorce.
    • Couples that have a significant difference in their visions of success find themselves getting a divorce. They do not share the same thoughts on finances or other aspects of their life.
    • Nonexistent intimacy or sexual affection can be a huge cause for divorce. Many men need sex to be romantic, and women need romance to be in the mood for sex. When they stop giving each other what they want, they become intimately estranged.
    • Many partners look to divorce as an answer because their expectations are not met. The problem here is that when a person is unhappy in their relationship, they look to their partner to bring about the change that will make them happy. You can ask for that but to coerce your partner to do something they do not want is not right because you are responsible for your happiness.
    • It is not the lack of money that tears apart a couple but how they handle it. A couple that lacks the compatibility needed to manage the finances can find themselves heading towards a divorce.
    • The lack of public display of affection such as hugs or even holding hands can cause a distance and lead to divorce.
    • If a couple does not have shared interests or passions, then they would not have a successful marriage. You should have a lot in common that you can explore together as a couple.
    • Fighting and having disagreements is healthy for couples. But they need to make sure there are ground rules in place that make sure each partner does not feel neglected or disrespected.

Legal Reasons for Divorce in India

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Act of 1976 has made many changes that are more precise and elaborate. The legal reasons to apply for divorce in India are as below:

    • Adultery
    • Cruelty
    • Desertion
    • Conversion
    • Unsoundness of mind
    • Schizophrenia
    • Virulent and incurable leprosy
    • Venereal disease in communicable form
    • Entering new religious order
    • Presumption of death

Legal Reasons for Divorce in the UK

In the United Kingdom, you cannot apply for a divorce until you have been married for at least a year. The main legal reasons for divorce in the UK are as below:

    • Adultery
    • Unreasonable behavior
    • Desertion
    • Two years of separation with consent
    • Five years of separation (no consent required)

Legal Grounds for Divorce in Canada

The legal grounds for divorce in Canada are quite simple such as:

    • One year of separation – no fault divorce
    • Adultery – for fault divorce
    • Cruelty – for fault divorce

Reasons Not to Get a Divorce

The best arguments for divorce include a spouse that is adulterous, addictive, abandoning, or abusive.

These are the situations where a divorce is justified. But with the divorce rate going high, many of the reasons why people get divorced are entirely unnecessary. Divorce is a huge step in anyone’s life.

The effects of divorce not only reach you but they affect your family and everyone around you. That is why you should stop and think carefully about whether or not your problems can be fixed and if divorce is an answer.

Below are some reasons not to get a divorce which will hopefully make you stop and reconsider if you are contemplating taking this step:

    • Think of the children, if you have any, and what you will be putting them through. Children of divorce barely ever recover and stop believing in love.
    • Your emotional health will be significantly affected. Divorce can be very stressful and puts a lot of strain on you mentally, physically and spiritually.
    • Marrying or dating again gets quite harrowing because you are no longer starry-eyed about the idea of love and marriage. You get less confident and develop a fear of divorce being always a part of your life.
    • Divorce proceedings can be very expensive, and the ending of a marriage means you lose the sharing of finances that helped take the burden off your shoulders until now.
    • When you marry someone, and they have a family, they become your family too. You grow attached to those people, but a divorce can put an end to all those relationships. Your friendships are also affected because your friends are forced to pick a side that can get pretty messy.
    • You lose your confidence and sense of self. Being married and playing the role of a spouse becomes your identity and suddenly losing that makes you feel like you do not know who you are.

This article took on the subject of divorce and why so many people are getting them now. Divorce statistics are getting higher every day which is sad because marriage is a beautiful thing and it is unfortunate that it is not so for so many.

We also talked about some of the legal reasons for divorce in countries like India, UK and Canada.

We mentioned the reasons why couples get a divorce nowadays and what the problems are that lead to divorces in many marriages nowadays. We also listed a few big reasons that will hopefully convince you not to get a divorce if you are considering it.

Marriages take time and work. If you are not willing to put in that effort, then you should not get married in the first place rather than creating the messy situation that divorces usually are. If you are having issues and troubles, then there are many ways you can fix them. At least try before you give up entirely because you owe it to yourself and your partner to make your marriage work.

If the problems seem too big, then consider marriage counseling because divorce is the last step from which you can never return.


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