How Black Friday was Invented?

How Black Friday was Invented?

Every year, Black Friday breaks sales records because of sky rocketing purchases all around the world. But, have you ever thought, how Black Friday was invented?

I bet, you haven’t think about this!

Do you know anything about history of this beloved shopping festival? Do you know, why Black Friday is celebrated after the Thanksgiving Day?

I’m quite sure that you have no idea about it!

Let’s get a glimpse of the history by unfolding some facts about the Black Friday. This article will share awesome pieces of information that you haven’t listen or read before!

Why this shopping festival is called Black Friday?

The first and foremost aspect of curiosity about this shopping festival is its name! Do you know anything about the origin of the word Black Friday?

Black Friday is beneficial not only for the buyers but also for sellers. Sellers get more profit on this event because of sky rocketing sales. Therefore, the word “Black” is taken from the fact that profit must be denoted with a black line in a graph.

Since Black Friday is held on last Friday of November every year therefore, the word Friday is taken from the week day “Friday.”

Combining both words the meaning becomes, the profitable Friday – which isn’t wrong at all!

When is the Black Friday 2016?

Get your credit cards ready GUYZ! Black Friday is not too far!

Since Black Friday is celebrated on last Friday of November therefore, in 2016, it’ll be celebrated on 25th November, 2016.

What is Black Friday All About?

Black Friday is all about shopping – To be more precise Discounted Shopping. Each brand, market, and mall offers high discounts on this shopping festival.

In the beginning, the main purpose of discounts was to offer goods at a fair price to all those people who were unable to purchase expensive clothes, foot wears, presents etc. But, with the passage of time Black Friday became a best festival for the whole business community because at this event they were getting more profit because of higher sales.

Despite the fact that each brand offers a fair amount of leverage in the prices, profit is still very high because customers purchase more goods on Black Friday as compared to a regular off season SALE!

Although, it is not mandatory for any brand to lower prices of its goods on Black Friday, still almost all traders offer door-breaking discounts to attract greater number of customers.

Black Friday Best Store Deals 2016:

All firms are devising master plans to cover up the requirements of their customers on Black Friday. Each firm carefully chooses amount of discount and products to be discounted. Believe me, it is really a tough task!

Some firms offer flat 50% discount while others choose specific products and varied discount rates. Moreover, the discount rate varies from product to product and brand to brand. Mostly, companies don’t declare their discount rates or percentages before Black Friday – They keep it a secret!

Black Friday Online Sales:

Ecommerce business is getting very popular. People purchase goods online because it is time saving. Moreover, you can compare many brands on a single platform which gives you freedom to choose the best suitable product depending upon your budget, requirements and use.

All Ecommerce websites also offer heavy discounted deals to compel more customers. Moreover, these websites also offer advance booking services on Black Friday which makes it possible for the customers to pick up the limited time offers.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Flipkart, Shopify, Magento etc. are announcing Black Friday Sales for the year 2016. These websites are offering 10% to 90% discount to their customers depending upon the products they choose.

Some website are adopting BUY 1 GET 1 FREE policy. It’s also a nice way to attract greater number of online buyers.

From electronic gadgets to all kind of mobile phones, clothing to complete range of footwear, you can purchase almost all goods through online shopping.

Tips for the Black Friday 2016:

Black Friday needs some pre-preparations not only from manufacturers but also from the buyers. We are enlisting some tips for Black Friday 2016 that will surely help you to buy the best deals.

    • Prepare a list of goods which you want to purchase.
    • Be specific in choice of stores, it’ll save a lot of effort.
    • Wake up early and visit the market as soon as possible – Don’t be too late! You may miss the best deal because of limited stock.
    • Regularly visit you favorite websites if you wanna purchase online. It’ll help you to figure out which online seller is offering more discount.
    • Black Friday isn’t an official holiday therefore don’t worry about the opening of Banks – but it is recommended to withdraw cash before Black Friday from the bank if you wanna purchase goods on net cash.
    • Try to park your car nearby the stores which aren’t offering big discounts. Walk to the store from where you actually want to purchase – you’ll not face any kind of traffic jam.