How to Be Attractive in 15 Simple Steps

How to Be Attractive in 15 Simple Steps

Attraction is a natural trait. But everyone wants to know about how to become more attractive?  Well, there are people as hot as Angelina Jolie, who everyone finds attractive at first sight. But not all of us have such thrashing genes, do we?

So before I begin to unfold what little you need to do, to become attractive, here’s a quick note for all those who think they aren’t interested in being attractive.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s natural. At some point in life, we all want to be attractive. We want people to be attracted to us. We want them to love us, adore us, compliment us and much more. There’s no shying away from the fact. In fact, the sooner you catch hold of the fact, the better.

But, also know that it is entirely impossible to make each and every person to like you. There will be people who despite all your efforts, never be able to see you in a positive light. Those people, need to be left on their own. Because you can’t live life by the rules, set by a bunch of utterly demeaning people. Don’t let them, drag your aura down.


How to Make Your Personality More Attractive

From personal grooming to scientifically proven ways to be attractive, this is how to be attractive:

1. Explore Yourself

The first step towards becoming attractive is exploring your own self. From finding out your likes, dislikes, morals, values to your philosophy, and lifestyle. By that I obviously don’t mean what values your family or friends believe in. But explore and find what you, yourself truly believe in!

2. Keep your Personality Game Strong

Research suggests, people with pretty faces are easy attractions no doubt, but people with hard core personalities are keepers for life. That means, you may see a pretty face and get attracted to them in an instant, hook up a couple times and as soon as you get used to that face, you lose the charm.

However, in case of people with dashing personalities, their personality gets etched in a significant part of your brain, for life.

3. Make Sure You are Well-groomed

With such hectic routines, we often forget to keep ourselves groomed and up to date. That my dear is the biggest flaw in today’s time. How to become attractive to men or vice versa, you need to make sure not only is your personality well groomed, but so are your looks.

Messy hair, disheveled clothes are now a thing of the past. If you want to really attract someone, make sure your hair is set, your hygiene’s on point and so are your clothes.

Other than these basic etiquettes here are a few other things that will really get you to bring your attractiveness out!

4. Fitness is Key

In this era of processed foods, keeping yourself fit may be difficult, but definitely not impossible. Research suggests, people with fit bodies and lifestyle have a 50% more chance of attracting people. So it’s never too late to start eating healthy. Here are amazingly tasteful, healthy on the stomach, snack ideas to kick start your health regime!

5. Personal Hygiene Plays a Vital Role

That bad breath, sweaty armpits or stinky toes can lead to nothing but heartbreak. Personal hygiene, as taken otherwise, isn’t a onetime thing. Hygiene is build up by consistency. So it’s not like you wash yourself once and think it will keep you hygienic for weeks. So before you set forward to be attractive, work upon your hygiene.

6. There’s Nothing that a Smile Cannot Fix

Smile, smile and smile. Unless of course you are in a grave situation where smiling might end you up dead.

Smile is the purest notion of good-will. And when one uses that, it makes the other person melt. Like literally. So next time you want to check-mate the dude, sitting across you at the bar, Smile!

7. Keep the Smile Shinning Bright

Smile reminds me how, specifically men, adore pearly white teeth. Women do no less. But science proofs that women with pearly whites have more chances of attracting men than vice versa.

So, it’s about time you visit your dentist or try these DIY methods at home, which could help you attain the perfect white, without losing your bank balance.

8. Dress to Impress

This goes without saying, for both genders. Where people may prefer to wear what they please, it’s essential for everyone to know that wearing, what they think is in fashion at the moment, isn’t the right thing to do. The key here, is to wear what actually looks good on you.

But in general, people tend to get attracted to tailored, slim fit dressing, more than anything.

So ditch the shaggy old shirts and move towards size appropriate clothing, if attracting the opposite gender is on today’s agenda.

9. Keep the Bush Clean

Yup, we mean the one that’s growing on your chin, as well as the one growing down there. In today’s time, cleanliness and hygiene is key. And research suggests, women are more attracted towards men with shaved or minimal facial hair.

So yeah that shaggy beard you have been growing, needs to go.

10. Your Voice Matters

Since ages women have been drooling over men’s husky voices. But ever imagined what sort of voice men might be attracted to? High pitched of course.

Now you know how to attractive to women as well as women, with your mere voices!

On a side note, you voice matters A LOT. So don’t forget to VOTE!

11. Stress is a Buzz Kill

Especially for men. If you have your eyes set on someone, make sure you make your move, only when you are free of stress. Because stress makes guys look grumpy and utterly unattractive. Making you lose the damn point.

12. Shine and You will be Noticed

Oh yes! We don’t mean dab on that highlighter, okay. Instead make your skin glow with the power of fruits and vegetables. It’s natural and will give your skin the right shine and rosiness to make heads turn.

And who wouldn’t want that?

13. Red Lip Colors Never Fail to Impress

Studies show, as much as men loathe makeup, the power of a bright and bold red lip color never fails to amaze them.

If you are thinking about how to be attractive to boys, give your lips a bright red makeover.

14. Work on your Body Language

Sometimes our heart wants one thing, while our body implies something entirely different. And while one can’t read your heart, they can very well read your body. Which obviously puts you in a tricky situation.

Here’s where you can find ways to bring a positive change in your body language.

15. Be Confident

Last but clearly not the least, be confident. Confidence is clearly the key to success, but little do we know it plays a vital role in attracting people towards you as well.

Anyone who is confident in their own self would know what they are actually worth. Now the thing is, everyone wants to feel that they have scored something big, in life, especially when it comes to a partner. Now who would want a partner, who is unsure of his own self-worth and isn’t confident about him or her own self?

Trust me when I say, it’s an absolute bummer!

Now that you know how to be attractive, keep your head high and your arms open and make sure to soak in all the positive vibes!

Good luck!