How to Control High Blood Pressure Immediately

How to Control high Blood Pressure is a challenge for most of the people.

Nowadays, many people are concerned with their blood pressure being too high or being too low. The highest and lowest blood pressure can cause a lot of problems. The normal blood pressure ranges 120/80mmHg but if the blood pressure falls below 90/60mmHg, it is a very low blood pressure and is generally referred as hypotension. The condition known as hypotension is very dangerous for health and can induce symptoms as there is very low pressure in the circulatory system to make sure that enough blood flow is provided to your brain along with other organs.

Hypotension can be induced by many reasons and if you see any of the hypotensive symptoms appearing, you should immediately see your doctor. The symptoms of hypertension include;

If these symptoms appear, you should see your doctor and if there isn’t anything serious, he might suggest you some medications and natural remedies to treat your hypotension timely. However, we have some effective tips that might help you to treat your hypotension.


8 Ways to Control Blood Pressure

1. Drink Enough Water


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Water is important in keeping your blood regulated because water provides pressure required for the blood to flow. Dehydration is one of the important factors for induction of low blood pressure. Dehydration can be caused by various factors including:

    • Frequent diarrhoea
    • Vomiting
    • Medical complication
    • Medication

Therefore, proper hydration is very important to keep your blood pressure in normal ranges and to avoid hypotension. Usually, we forget to drink water because of our daily routine and even that can make us dehydrated.


2. Keep check on Your Medication




Sometimes, your medication keeps on doing activities that you are unaware of! It is, therefore, very important to have a check on your medication. Some medicines lower your blood pressure without you knowing it. So, always ask your doctor or research yourself on this topic before taking any medicine.


3. Research for Some Common Physical Maneuvers


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It would be more authentic if you check with your doctor about some common activities for raising your blood pressure. For instance, the doctor might tell you to sit and stand up slowly if your blood pressure drops spontaneously when you sit up or stand.


4. Make some Lifestyle Changes


lifestyle changes


These are the adequate steps to take when the reasons for your hypotension are diagnosed; they can be any medical problem. As in some cases, blood pressure drops after consuming large meals. A better alternative would be to divide your meal into frequent small meals. There can be other changes like controlling your:

    • Salt intake
    • Alcohol consumption patterns


5. Keep a Track of Associated Conditions


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Once you suffer from hypotension, you must also consider other problems associated with it. For instance, sometimes low blood pressure can indicate serious problems which need special attention. Like you might develop chest pain or experience signs like shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, headache, dizziness and even stroke symptoms like slurred speech and weakness particularly at one side of your body. You should always call for immediate help if you experience any such issues.


6. Engage in Reasonable Physical Activity

You should engage in a physical activity that can regulate your blood pressure. It can control both higher and lower blood pressures. So, dude, find yourself something to do!

Here is the detail information about benefits of running in the morning.


7. Healthy Diet is the Key


Healthy diet


Dietary intake always affects the outcomes. Your diet has so much to do with what you are and you know they say it right. “You are what you eat”. Make sure you turn out into something good when you eat! Keep a track of your diet, choose healthy options and some portions of everything (Food groups). Balance is the key when it comes to food.

Keep a special focus on following food items:

    • Watch your salt intake, increase it if your doctor recommends you
    • Salads are your friend, raw vegetables would be great to eat
    • Whole grains can also do the trick

Must Read about heart-healthy foods.


8. Don’t Take Bath with Extremely Hot Water

Sound’s stupid! But is quite effective and there is a logic behind it too! Very hot water causes your blood to dilute and the blood pressure drops. So, warm water is great but extremely hot water is definitely going to induce symptoms of hypotension.

Hypotension is a condition that most people don’t even experience but the ones who do experience it, o through worst situations! An ideal way to deal with it is to manage it with the help of your doctor and by making general lifestyle changes.


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