How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps

Where there are people who choose to flaunt their inked body parts on a daily basis, there are simple ways about   how to cover a tattoo with makeup  who occasionally like to hide them.

Not because they don’t cherish it. But because seldom, the time or occasion isn’t fit enough.

Whether it’s a family re-union, a meeting with a potential client or your own wedding day, sometimes hiding the ink is the best way out.

And what better way, than to conceal them up temporarily, with makeup.

But this too requires apt skills and good know-how of camouflaging.


Best Way to Cover up Tattoos with Makeup


1. Cleanse the Area

The first and foremost step is to cleanse the area off, any dirt or oil.

    • Lather on some soap or cleanser and wash with warm water.
    • Pat the area dry.
    • Then wipe the area gently with alcohol swabs.


This will remove all access oil from the area which will prevent the makeup from melting, and stay put for longer.


How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps 13


2. Prime the Area

This is the second most essential step. Primer, basically fills in pores or any uneven surfaces and thus ensures a smooth and flawless application of base.

    • Make sure to choose a primer based on your skin type.
    • A gel based, oil-free formula, will keep the pores from excreting excess oil, making sure the makeup stays in place for a good 8 hours.
    • Dab the primer on, how you usually would and let dry completely before moving to the next step.



How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps 14


3. Dab on Some Red Lipstick

We all know how just a swipe of red lip color can enhance your look to the next level. But did you know that this is the key product, when it comes to hiding the ink away?

    • The idea hear is to use it as a concealer. For normal coverage, an orange corrector should do fine. But it would be inevitable to hide the black outlines of tattoo, with an everyday concealer.
    • You can invest in a heavy coverage, professional tattoo concealer, but what’s the point when a simple red lip color can do the same job?
    • So paint the whole tattoo with a red lip color and blend with a brush.
    • Pat with a generous amount of translucent powder, to set it in place.

The red color will neutralize the black tattoo outline and camouflage it well under the foundation. It will prevent the base from turning blue or grey.


How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps 15


Psst. Did you know, you can use the same trick to camouflage your dark circles? In fact, any bruises, hickeys or marks!


4. Conceal with a Daily wear Concealer

Since the point here is to ‘conceal’ the tattoo, going double over the concealing, will do no harm.

    • Grab your usual concealer and put on like you usually would.
    • Make sure to avoid rubbing. Instead dab the formula over the tattoo, until it blends in completely.



How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps 16


5. Be Generous with the Foundation

This step is the easiest of them all. All you need to do now is, cover the tattoo and surrounding areas with a foundation.

    • Choose a foundation that either matches your skin or is a shade lighter.
    • Either way, blend the formula in, with a beauty blender. If not, any sponge would do.
    • The key here is to make sure there is enough foundation applied, but also keep in mind to not over-do it.



How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps 17


6. Seal the Deal!

Last but clearly the most necessary of steps. Setting the hard work in place.

    • With the help of a setting spray, keep the makeup from melting.
    • With a generous spray of setting spray, the tattoo can stay concealed for as long as 8 hours.



How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps 18


And that’s how easily you cover up tattoos. Without putting yourself under the knife, or lashing out hundreds of dollars.

Here’s a quick product over-view, to help you choose the right products when it comes to covering a tattoo with makeup:

Alcohol swabs: no specific company.

Primer: Smash-box photo finish, oil-free foundation primer.

Red lipstick: No specific brand or shade. Go for a peach or orange based red color instead of brown or deep toned.

Translucent powder: RCMA No Color Powder.

Concealer: Laura Mercier Candle Glow Concealer and Highlighter.

Foundation: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage foundation.

Setting spray: Ben Nye Final Seal OR Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.


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