How to Get Rid of a Fever Instantly

Fever can be reduced instantly IF you follow authentic guidelines!

Firstly, it is important to know what causes fever and what the symptoms are….. right?

Here is the detail information about how to get rid of a fever fast.


Why Fever Occurs?

Fever basically occurs due to natural reaction of the body to illness or infection. Most illnesses generally progress within the normal body temperature but fever, on the other hand, indicates that the body’s immune system is working hard to fight off the infection. As a matter of fact, a fever is really good sign that your immune system is active and is responsive to fight the infection. Usually, fever is the result of a body’s defense system giving in and it must be made sure that our immune system has been allowed all the basic nutrients for better functionality.

Generally, fever is triggered by the bacterial or viral illness and in some rare cases; it occurs by poisoning and other causes like heat stroke, environmental toxins, and even a malfunctioning hypothalamus. However, the basic reason of fever is normally infection (virus probably) and it’ll continue its pace until it diminishes and the body heals, by itself.


Fever Treatment at Home

We have some general guidelines that can help reduce the fever but it is always important to consult with you doctor before taking any of the aggressive steps.

Method 1: Cool Down

The best approach for cooling down is by taking a warm bath. The person suffering from fever must get into a warm temperature bath while the temperature of the water should continue to drop. As the temperature of the water drops down, the person will also experience the fever cooling off. We have advised warm water bath so that the temperature slowly cools down and the body’s temperature doesn’t take a shift, rapidly.


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Method 2: Wear Wet Socks

This approach is best when you think of an overnight treatment. You must take a pair cotton socks and they must be long enough to cover your ankles. Now, run your socks under the cold running water. Drain the excess water and put the socks on. You can use wool socks to cover the cotton socks, in order to provide proper insulation. Try resting for the entire night once you put on the wet socks. Cover yourself with a blanket and take the entire night.


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It works really well as you’ll start feeling cool soon after you start this method. This is, however, a more traditional approach. The science behind is that cold feet trigger an increased circulation of blood and thus, cause increased response from the immune system. The results promote the body to exit heat and the body ends up drying the socks and cooling the body. This treatment is also known to relieve chest congestion.


Method 3: Cover Head with Wet Towel


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Since it is the fever that we are talking about, everything includes water. This technique is rather traditional and is used almost everywhere in the world to wear off fevers. Basically, what you need to do is fold some small towels lengthwise. Soak them in ice cold water, drain the extra water and put the wet towel on the head, neck, ankles and wrists. This technique also has its consideration on the body because if you are using the towel on the head then aim for the ankles, too, along with it. But if you are using a towel on the neck, then wrap some around wrists. This is important to consider, otherwise, you might end up cooling your body, very much.

These wet and cold towels basically draw heat out of the body and lowers the temperature. You can repeat this procedure when the towel is dry or not cool anymore. Keep doing it until the temperature of the body has been lowered.


Method 4: Make Diet Modifications

Diet is very important to modify in almost every disease that you come across, in life! You also need to rest so that the diet consumed is actually brought into focus of fighting with infection, rather than giving you energy for your daily chores.


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Following diet modifications must be made, when experiencing viral fever!

    • Choose vitamin C! The best options in fruits having Vitamin C would be berries, watermelon, oranges, and cantaloupe. These are the fruits rich in vitamin C, thus helping you fight better with infections and help lower down the fever.
    • Junk foods having plenty of fats and oils like French fries or other fried food items like meat or sausages.
    • You can still enjoy soups and broths with rice and vegetables.
    • You can eat chicken or egg too, as they contain digestible proteins.
    • Make sure to drink a lot of water as fever can lead to dehydration.
    • You can also drink some herbal tea, effective for reduction of fever.

These are some tested and reliable treatments for reducing the fever. However, it is always best to consult the doctor for proper medical care and medications. It’s good to be on safer side.


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