How to get rid of a hangover fast

Partying all night long is something we all plan to do, but often the terrible aftermath makes us go back to our decision. But then there are occasions where holding back seems inevitable, so here are 5 things how you can do before or while sipping cocktails, one after another, to get rid of a hangover fast on the next day.


5 Ways to Get Rid of a Hangover


1. Make Sure to have a Full Meal


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Before you head out to the party, make sure to fill up your stomach with a nice meal. Be it a bowl of cereal or something as simple as two bananas or some fruit yogurt.


An empty stomach can lead to a quick and direct absorption of alcohol into the blood stream, resulting in the rise of alcoholic level in blood which in turn results in loss of control. There is no need to tell what happens after that!


2. Line your Stomach with those Fatty Pizza Slices


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Yup, that is absolutely true. As much as it is necessary to fill up your stomach, having something greasy such as a cheesy pizza or a bowl of crackers with a cheese dip, makes you all the more immune from getting a hangover.


Food before hangover makes a better lining in the stomach, which further slows down the absorption of alcohol, rendering the bloodstream from getting hit by a strong stream of alcohol. Thus, this helps you to prevent a hangover, the next morning.

# While Chugging


1. Avoid all Bubbles


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If preventing a hangover is the agenda for tonight, make sure you avoid chugging in all sorts of fizzy drinks such as sparkling wine and champagne.


Studies suggest that in order to prevent a hangover, it is necessary one should avoid drinks with bubbling consistency, as it speeds up the rate of absorption. That is why they say, these carbonated drinks shoot right up to your head, intoxicating at a fast pace.

Here is what does alcohol do to your liver.


2. Ditch Dark Drinks


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Curing a hangover cannot be easy but preventing one sure is! If you are looking forward to a hangover-free morning, avoid consumption of dark liquors such as brandy, bourbon, and whisky.


Well, unlike light liquors, dark colored drinks have more complex toxins in higher amounts, making the drink not favorable for someone who has a fresh and light-headed morning in mind.

If having something hard for the night is your plan, go for vodka or may be Gin, which has fewer toxins, comparatively.


3. Balance between drinks and hydrating fluids


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Balancing is one fool-proof method when looking to prevent a hangover. Hangovers, as we all know can be frightful, while preventing them – not at all! Researchers say if one consumes a hydrating liquid such as Water, alternatively between drinks, can eliminate the risk of having a hangover, altogether.


Well if you have gone through ‘Science behind Hangovers – Disclosed’, you will know that the mastermind behind the hangover catastrophe is none other than Dehydration. Yup, alcohol sucks every drop of water out of your system, resulting in dreadful hangover symptoms, like throbbing headaches.


4. Make fructose your fav buddy


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We all know that, despite everything, a hangover has no true cure! But we also know for sure that prevention is the best of all cures. And when it comes to preventing a hangover, Fructose acts up quick. Researchers suggest taking orange juice between drinks.


Well, orange juice has a good amount of fructose, which helps speed up the metabolism of alcohol, reducing the risk of waking up with a heavy head, paired up with an upset tummy.

In case if this wasn’t enough for you, and you woke up with a throbbing ache at the back of your head along with a dry mouth, here is something we swear by when it comes to curing a hangover:

As mentioned above, keeping yourself hydrated is the best you can do when avoiding a hangover but when you already have a hangover, hydrating yourself with water won’t be enough. So stated below is a fool-proof recipe that will not only hydrate your system but also revitalize it with all the essential minerals and nutrients that alcohol has stripped off from your system.

Here’s what you will need:

Mix them up in a jug and refrigerate. Sip all day long, and let it work its magic.

Note: The solution will stay good for 24 hours if kept refrigerated.

This recipe will not only rehydrate your system, but the salt added in this mixture will provide your body, with the much-needed electrolytes it had lost a night ago while sweating and making frequent trips to the restroom.

Not only that, the fructose present in orange juice will also help provide the right amount of energy, to get through the agonizing day!


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