How to Get Rid of a Kidney Infection

How to Get Rid of a Kidney Infection

How to get rid of Kidney infection is an important question, as kidney works as a filter of toxic and waste material, from the food that we intake. If this important organ of a body undergoes any pain or discomfort, it will affect the whole body and its function physically as well as internally.

When an organ is undergoing any problem the whole body has to face it, all the functions then get disturbed. There are some signs and symptoms of a kidney infection that are at times very minor and people ignore them which leads to severe conditions and can be life threatening at times. Take immediate action for getting rid of kidney infection if you find any of the following symptoms.


Kidney Infections and its Symptoms

Kidney infection is called as pyelonephritis in medical terms, which is usually found in 25-30 people annually, out of 100,000 people in America whereas, during pregnancy women are more prone to kidney infections, the children under the age of 2 years can also be affected.

There are various causes and symptoms of infection, which includes toilet hygiene, women’s physiology, weak immune system, males having larger prostate glands, urethra, kidney stones, etc.

The symptoms and signs of a kidney infection are bloody urine, nausea, back pain (severe or low), pain in groins, cloudy urine, diarrhoea, high fevers, shivering, pain in the lower abdomen or frequent urination. Discomfort or pain while urination, if any of these signs or symptoms are seen, the person should consult with the medical practitioner immediately.

How Long a Kidney Infection Lasts

When a person is diagnosed with the kidney infection, he/she must have to start treatment immediately; the kidney infection may last depending upon the complication. If the patient is physically fit and does not have any severe illnesses like cancer, HIV or Diabetes or pregnancy, the infection can be treated and cure early or vice versa.

How to Treat Kidney Infections

Patient, when diagnosed with the kidney infection, can be treated at home and hospital, depending on the intensity of the infection. People, who are suffering from diabetes or having some serious illness like cancer or HIV, are more likely to be treated for kidney infections at the hospital. Drips and fluids are injected into the patient to recover from the infection fast.

Patients who are above the age of 60 years and the women who are found pregnant are also treated at the hospital, as they have another life in their womb which is at risk. Treatment should be carried on by the patient in fully recovered from the kidney infection.

6 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Kidney Infection

Once diagnosed with the intensity of the infection, the patients can be treated at home also by using simple and natural remedies.

1. Garlic: A Treatment for Kidney Infection

Garlic is famous for its diuretic qualities, use of garlic helps in alleviating infection of the kidney, and its intake helps the kidney to pass more salt in urine, which ultimately results in the relief of kidney infection.

2. Water: Natural Cure for Kidney Infection

Intake of fluids especially water is very effective in the treatment of kidney infection; the patient does the more of the water and fluid intake, the more it will be easier for the organ to secrete salts in the urine, which thus helps in the relief from the pain and infection.

3. Baking soda: A Magician

Baking soda has outstanding properties; it works wonder even on the ornaments, the jewellery, washrooms, tough stains, removal of acne or blackheads from the skin and it’s intake is also very effective in the infection of the kidney, mix it with water and drink. It will help in raising the carbonate levels of kidney and thus give relief in kidney infection.

4. Parsley Juice: The Kidney Cleanser

We need regular cleansing on our skin for the fresh look. Similarly, our internal organs also need cleansing, parsley contains, Vitamin A, B, C, with thiamin, riboflavin, sodium, potassium and copper, which works as the natural cleanser for all the toxins present in the kidney. The use of parsley leaves is simple and easy. Boil few leaves of parsley and then strain them, leaving behind all the leaves drink its juice, it is very effective in getting rid of kidney infection naturally and fast.

5. Aloe Vera: A Natural Remedy for Treatment of Kidney Infection

Aloe Vera is very good for body both physically and internally, the consumption of Aloe Vera juice twice a day gives efficient results and helps in the removal of all the toxins from the body, helping in getting relief from the illness.

6. Fresh Juices

As the doctors prescribe it, and other natural healers that the more intake of fluids and water helps in removal of toxins from the kidney, and helps in secreting salts in the urine which ultimately helps in getting rid of kidney infection.

The kidney is an important organ of the body, and if it’s not working properly or facing any troubles, the whole body functions get disturbed. The kidney infections whether minor or major, must not be left ignored or unnoticed, as they may lead to severe complications. Which ultimately results in the kidney failure or other issues that might be life threatening.

When a person finds any of the symptoms mentioned above and signs of kidney infection in the body, they must consult with their general physician for further assistance.

Life is very important, and one must have to take care of it. Patients who are diagnosed with kidney infection can get rid of it, by either admitting in the hospital or by using natural remedies (depending on the severity of the illness), for the fast and natural treatment of kidney infection the common practices re mentioned above which are approved by all and have no conflicts.

If the patients are pregnant or suffering from any serious illnesses or are above the age of 60, they must be treated in the hospital; the treatment will continue until the kidney infection lasts.

Take good care of health!