How to Get Rid of Asthma Permanently

How to Get Rid of Asthma Permanently

Asthma is a lung disease, chronic in nature. In asthma, airways of the patient get inflamed and narrowed due to which patient suffers from repetitive phases of gasping, coughing, breath shortness and tightening of the chest. After reading this article, you would know how to get rid of asthma permanently adopting different ways.

How to Get Rid of Asthma Permanently

As many people have asthma these days, this question of curing asthma using natural methods might arise in many minds. Given below are some natural ways adopting which you can get rid of asthma naturally. Below discussed are natural ways mere home remedies which are approachable easily by everyone suffering from asthma.


It is considered to be a very good natural treatment for multiple diseases and asthma is one of them. Ginger is known to prevent contraction in airway passage as well as it helps in reduction of airway infection. It also contains such oil which causes the muscles of airway passage to relax and thus helps patient against asthma.

Mustard oil

Massaging with mustard oil can be of great use during the asthma attack. The massage helps in clearing out the respiratory paths and brings back the breathing to the normal rate. Adopt following steps to get benefit from mustard oil:

    • Take some mustard oil along with a little camphor and heat them
    • Transfer it to some other bowl so that it can be used easily.
    • Rub the warm oil gently on the upper back and chest and massage thoroughly.
    • Carry on the massaging until it sooths out the breathing rate and the patient is brought back to the comfort zone.


You can clear your asthma congestion present in your lungs by using the following garlic remedy. This treatment is helpful only in the early stages of asthma. Go through the following steps to get this remedy:

    • Take two or three cloves of garlic and boil it in one-quarter cup of milk.
    • Allow the mixture to cool until it reaches the room temperature.
    • Drink the mixture. It will sooth out the airway inflammation, and you will start breathing normally.


If you are a coffee lover, but you are also an asthma patient, here is good news for you. Your favorite coffee contains caffeine, which is a bronchodilator that is it helps control asthma attacks. Hot coffee is a source of relaxation as it clears your airways and causes normal and natural breathing. Results get better as the coffee is made stronger.

Anyhow, it is not advisable to have more than three cups of coffee each day. It isn’t advised to use caffeine as a regular treatment for your asthma problem either. Just in case, if you are not a coffee lover, drink one cup of coffee each day to run away from asthma.

How to Get Rid of an Asthma Cough

Cough variant asthma is one of the most persistent types of asthma in which patient is subjected to periodic attacks of a cough or wheezing. A cough occurs as a reaction to some material. In a cough variant asthma, the inner lining of airways becomes very sensitive that it reacts very rapidly to materials and as a result patient suffers from an asthma cough. To get rid of an asthma cough, researchers suggest prevention be the best strategy. A person suffering from a cough variant asthma should identify the situations and elements which trigger periodic coughing, and one should avoid such situations as much as possible. Common situations for triggering the coughing are listed as follows:

    • Allergens present outside e.g. pollen from trees, weeds and grass
    • Food  essences
    • Certain drugs
    • Scents, odours
    • Stress
    • Climatic conditions
    • Cigarette smoke
    • Smoke from vehicles
    • Flu or illness
    • Air pollution

Anyhow, if your asthma continue to persist or you don’t feel any significant reduction in your asthma cough, visiting your allergist becomes vital. You allergist will undergo a thorough check-up of yours and will determine the cause along with prescribing you with a cure. Normally, asthma medications provided by the medical allergist include:

    • Bronchodilator Inhaler (expands the lungs airways)
    • Corticosteroid Inhaler (relieves infection)
    • Anti-inflammatory Agents (inhaled steroids)

Using these medications, improvement is observed in a period of six to eight weeks. There are several other alternative solutions to an asthmatic cough, but they are considered as accompanying treatments and cannot be completely relied upon. Prescribed medications by your doctor should never be stopped to escape an asthma cough. You can adopt following ways to reduce your cough but only if your allergist or doctor recommend you to do so:

    • Herbs e.g. gingko and ivy
    • Acupuncture
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Hypnosis

How to Get Rid of Asthma without Inhaler

If you are an asthma patient, and you need an inhaler to escape from asthma but just in case you have forgotten your inhaler and you are under attack. What is it that you are going to do now? How will you get rid of asthma without an inhaler? The upcoming discussion will help you fight this situation.

As a first stage, determine your stage of attack that is start thinking about your symptoms. If you are having symptoms such as you can’t stop coughing, your fingernails or your lips turning blue, feeling of tightness around your ribs, feeling of exhaustion for the struggle of breathing, you are in a serious state and need medical assistant badly. Anyhow, adopting the following scenarios will give you time until medical assistance arrives.

Change your location

Basic source of asthma is some triggering agent which has entered your airways and is causing irritation in the respiratory passage. Your body may be reacting to and of the triggering agent of the environment so first of all, change your location as soon as possible so that the agent will stop inflammation in your respiratory passage. For the time being, use your scarf. Jacket collar or sleeve to cover up your mouth.

Ask someone to help

Usually, asthma is accompanied by a panic attack that is patient undergoes a panic attack whenever he gets an asthma attack. To escape from this asthma attack and decrease your anxiety, start talking to someone. Also, you might need to go to the hospital so it would be a good practice to keep someone else in touch.

Hot Coffee

To get rid of asthma, sip hot coffee or some non-herbal tea. Have one or two cups at the moment but not more than that to avoid an asthma attack.

Breathing exercises

As mentioned earlier, many people get panic whenever they suffer from an asthma attack and they start breathing rapidly and quickly. But this practice restricts the oxygen amount that lungs are getting. In other words, we can say that heavy breathing makes the attack worse. It is advisable to breathe thoroughly, slowly and calmly as long as possible. Breathe in your nose up to the count of four and then to six. As you exhale, purse your lips as it helps in slowing down the exhalation. Continue this practice until you start feeling better.