How to Get Rid of Bruises Instantly

There is no overnight fix for getting rid of a bruise, but there are various techniques and tips which can speed up your healing process. If taken care of properly, even nasty bruises can leave you alone within days. Just follow the guidelines provided below;


9 Ways to Make Bruises go Away Faster

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This is the first method which can help you get rid of your bruise, within no time.


1. Start with Icepack


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The icepack is important for bruises as they help in clotting blood and stop further bleeding. Icing also helps with the inflammation and swelling, making them go down. When a bruise occurs, ice it for 15 minutes every few hours, on the first day.


2. Move on to Warm Compression


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On 2nd day when you are done with an ice pack, move on to the next step which is the use of warm compressions. Make sure that compressions are hot but the heat should not affect you, directly. Ice pack helps with inflammation while warm compressions maintain the blood flow to tissues so that the healing process speeds up.


3. Do Elevation when Possible


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Elevation means lifting the site of a bruise above the level of the heart to make sure that swelling doesn’t occur again and the pressure of blood flow gets reduced in that area, too. You can’t elevate every part of your body but you can move your limbs. So, whenever possible, lift your limb above your heart to make sure that no further discolouration occurs at the site of a bruise.


4. Avoid Heavy Exercising


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It is important to not perform any sort of vigorous physical activity or heavy exercising as it causes the blood to flow rapidly throughout your body, in order to maintain the blood pressure. Your bruise can rupture if blood flows heavily in the area of a bruise.


5. Treat the Bruised Area Gently


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You can even massage a little bit around the area of a bruise but remember to do it GENTLY!

Don’t press the sides too hard and do not try to massage on the bruise. You can use your thumb to softly massage around your bruise, though. When you attempt to massage on the bruise, you might hurt yourself or cause further bleeding. Massage in small circular motions. This massage pattern triggers the lymphatic process which signals the body to naturally get rid of the bruise using body’s own mechanism.

Here is the information about major causes behind body aches.


6. Provide Some Sunlight to the Bruise


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If you can manage to give direct sunlight to the bruise each day for about 10-15 minutes, you can start speeding up the healing process. The sunlight contains ultraviolet radiations which start to break down bilirubin, which causes the bruise to turn yellow. This process helps the bruise to get away from your skin fastly, by speeding up the healing process.


Some Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bruises

Home remedies have quite a value when it comes to natural traditional treatments. Following home remedies can help you to get rid of a bruise, as soon as possible.


7. Apply Some Vinegar and Water


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Don’t directly attempt to apply vinegar and water on bruise as it might be painful. Instead, mix some vinegar with warm water and then use a cotton ball as a sponge and rub it on the bruised area. Vinegar has the ability to increase the blood flow to the skin surface and it also encourages the healing process so you get rid of the bruise, quickly.


8. Pineapple and Papaya are Good for Healing


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You don’t have to rub these fruits as only eating will do the trick. Both of these fruits contain digestive enzymes named as bromelain which help in breaking down the proteins which are able to trap blood and fluids into your tissues. Eating papaya and pineapple ensures that your body is getting enough bromelain to flush out the bruise, naturally.


9. Vitamin C is always the Best Healer


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You can follow two approaches for getting enough vitamin C to ensure that your body is healing the bruise, as quickly as possible. One is to eat vitamin C containing foods and other is to apply vitamin C products.

The technique, here, is to make sure that you eat an adequate amount of citrus fruits like oranges along with mangoes, peppers, broccoli and sweet potato. You can also go for vitamin C supplements to make sure that you are consuming enough vitamin C.

You can also follow other technique that is when you get to crush all the vitamin C pills and mix it up little with water, creating a paste. Directly apply it on the affected area and then after giving it time to dry up, remove the dried paste with water.

You can also crush up some parsley by making a paste and directly apply it on the affected area.

Hope this helps!


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