How to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat in 2 Weeks

When it comes to weight loss and fat burning, to get rid of lower back fat is probably the toughest part of any exercise or diet plan!

Fat burning of legs, thigh, upper body, and tummy is quite easy as compared to get rid of lower back fat because this area of the body demands really an extra effort.

The main issues regarding burning of lower back fat is, you need a different workout routine, a whole different set of exercises and most importantly, you need to focus on the diet because it’s gonna be a key factor if you are looking for instant results.

To get better results, focus on the overall weight reduction of your body so that your personality doesn’t look vague and incomplete.

Therefore, we are gonna share with you some awesome tips and ideas that will help you to get rid of lower back fat as well as you will be able to shape your body in a nicer way.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat in 2 weeks

Let’s get started to dissolve the extra fat that is making you feel uncomfortable.

Sporty Ways to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

Sports are not only the source of fun and entertainment but also they make you fit, slim and smart. Swimming, rowing, horse riding and boxing etc. are few sports that not only strengthen your back muscles but also help you to get rid of lower back fat.

These sports make your back strong because your back muscles bear relatively high amount of stress and strain while you play these sports.

Running, jogging, biking as well as dancing also puts a lot of pressure on your back which ultimately leads you towards lower back fat burning.

In short, you can not only enjoy these sports but also you can get several health and physical benefits that helps you to keep yourself in good shape.

Exercises to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

You can target lower back area of your body by performing certain exercises that will help you to get rid of lower back fat with instant results.

Here’s the list of exercises that helps you to keep your lower back strong as well as in good shape.

Plank – The best starter

Plank is probably the most important exercise if you wanna get rid of lower back fat. Planks put a lot of stress on your lower back muscles and is probably the toughest exercise because it consumes a lot of energy of your body.

Moreover, try out different forms of planks like left side plank, right side plank, straight plank etc. In short, the more stress your lower back gonna bear better results you will get.

Don’t Miss the Bend overs

Bending is always a bit tough, right?

I bet, it’s so true! Haven’t you watched people – the older they get, bending becomes difficult and a bit painful too.

Therefore, don’t miss the bend overs if you really wanna get instant results.


Do Crunchy Pushups

Pushups aren’t only for the chest buildup. They can be very effective for lower back fat reduction too. During pushups your upper body as well as lower body faces severe stress that helps the lower body parts.

Intake Proper Diet to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

Food plays an important role if you are willing to get instant and extra fast results. What you eat decides how best you can shape your physique!

Therefore, eat properly and have a balanced diet plan. It’ll help you to get rid of lower back fat with optimal results.

Try to use fiber rich foods because it’ll not only help you to boost your stamina but also you will be able to keep your calories consumption at a balanced level.

Prefer Fresh Fruits

Nature has a lot for us! Try to eat fruits that has high percentages of water. It’ll not only freshen you up but also you will get appropriate nutrients and vital vitamins on regular basis.

Salad – The Vegetable Blend

To boost up your energy and to stabilize the workout routine, salad is the best option. Eat a well-adjusted combination of vegetables.

Tomato, Cucumber, cabbage, potato etc. are some vegetables upon which you can count on!

Don’t forget the protein Charm

Protein is the building block of our body and its consumption is as necessary as drinking of water. One can’t get the required results if he/she is unable to take 21 – 28 grams of protein.

Therefore, focus on the grilled meat items because these items enhance the metabolism rate in our body and help us to get rid of lower back fat.

Some Other Things to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

    • Watch out your sleep cycle. Try to maintain a sleep cycle of 6 – 8 hours. It’ll help your muscles to relax. Moreover, appropriate sleep is mandatory for the proper functioning of our body.
    • Try to maintain a regular supply of water. It’ll not only help you to keep your stomach full but also maintain the appropriate water level in the blood that keeps you active.
    • Avoid eating fast food items and cheesy products like burger, pizza, hot dogs etc. Moreover, try to eat foods that are cooked with extra oil.
    • Don’t forget to take green tea. It’s probably the all in one solution if you are looking for best weight loss recipes.
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