How to Get Skinny Legs in a Week by Easy Steps

Are you looking for ‘how to get skinny legs in a week? If yes, then you are definitely at the right place.

We are giving you some easy tips by which you can get skinny legs fast and without any difficulty.

Skinny legs are one of the features of a person which complements the appearance and beauty.

It is commonly thought that it is a very challenging task to get skinny legs at home but in reality, it is attainable if you accept the hard work and follow proper diet. Getting skinny legs is not all about doing strict dieting and losing weight. But, it is about maintaining your body in shape and keeping yourself fit and smart!

If you do work out for about 20-30 minutes by doing leg exercises every day, it is possible to get skinny legs and maintain them at home. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water should not be taken for granted in any respect.

The best source of getting smart body is by the intake of healthy diet; full of fruits, vegetables and milk. In any case, if you are taking nutritious diet and consuming a good amount of water in a day, you can achieve everything you want for your perfect body.

Skinny legs can easily be attained at home without wasting time and money. If you think your legs look fat and chubby and affect the overall appearance of your body then you must follow these simple steps at home to look better in a week.


This is how to Get Skinny Legs in a Week

Are you facing a problem in fitting into your clothes, especially after you bought a pair of jeans? You should try some simple tips for 7 days to look beautiful.

1. Start walking

Walk is one of the best ways to lose your weight & remain fit and healthy. It gives you energy and helps you lose your extra developed fats and calories. It warms up your muscles and burns the fat. Walking for 20-25 minutes on daily basis gives you a consistent routine.


2. Change your Lifestyle


You may try changing your lifestyle; eat healthy foods, jogging, burning up your calories, drinking a lot of water and doing healthy exercises.


3. Stretch up your Muscles


Stretch your legs for at least 10-15 minutes each day. Put your leg on the chair and pull each of your muscles at least for one minute. Repeat this process for both the legs.


4. Do Jogging


Jogging is the best tip for getting your legs skinny. If you want to know how to get skinny legs and thighs fast, you should jog at least 10 minutes each day. Along with Jogging, drink a lot of water during intervals.

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5. Do Skipping


Jumping rope for about 10 minutes on a regular basis helps your muscles stretch up and burn the extra fat accumulated on thighs.


6. Touching Legs to your Chest

Try touching your knee to your chest one by one. Repeat it ten times for each leg.

7. Leg Rolls


Just lay down on the floor, get one leg in the air and move it in a circular motion.


8. Cycling


Cycling is the best and easiest way to get the super skinny legs. It burns the fat and converts it into muscle mass. You can plan your homely tasks on cycle. Instead of going to a nearby shopping store by driving a car or riding a bike, you should opt for cycling.


9. Go for Spinning Class


Spinning is like butt-kicking but plays an essential role in losing fat and getting skinny legs. It burns a lot of calories. On an average, a person who weighs 65 Kgs can burn 750-1000 calories by spinning, in an hour.


10. Use of Stairs


Stop using escalators and start using stairs instead. Going by stairs multiple times in a day energizes and warms up your body. It burns calories, removes extra fat and makes your thighs skinny and fit. Stairs are a good way to get skinny legs quickly within seven days. It gives a considerable change to your body.


11. Dancing


Instead of sitting on a sofa and reading a novel, try changing your habits and daily routine life. Add a dancing activity in your daily schedule to relax, enjoy and have fun while strengthening muscles and burning calories. Dance does not let your leg muscles get jammed and stiffed. The rapid movement of a body releases the stiffness especially of legs and makes them light. Try doing this joyful exercise any time once in a day!


12. Stretch your Legs


While standing, just try to extend your left leg towards left side while opening it wide. Repeat it for about 10-12 times. Do it for both the legs on both the sides any time once in a day. You can do it anywhere while having a gossip with your friends, cooking food in kitchen or washing clothes, etc.


Anyone who has skinny legs is thought to be one of the smartest people around regarding healthy diet, regular gym and exercise, etc. Whereas, in reality, getting skinny legs is not a matter of going to gym every day and doing long exercises while wasting time and money. Now, it has become a matter of some healthy exercises which can be done at home. By following some tips given above, you may change your lifestyle a bit and get skinny legs in minimum possible time!