How to Increase Height in 1 Week Guaranteed at Home

Here are some top ways to increase your height in 1 Week Guaranteed.

While receiving an interview call from this job was a dream came true for Daniel, he was all set ready, much positive about his qualification, experience and skills. Yet one thing was letting his confidence down as always, ‘His Looks’. He never was much confident with his looks and by looks I mean ‘height’.

Not just Daniel, but many short heighted ones feel the same lack of confidence and are also subject of bullying from young age. Heighted guys however attract more friends, girls and sometimes even get better job opportunities or promotions because of their cool-headedness and charismatic personality.

Do you know?

‘Several studies have also revealed that taller people are more successful and earn more than short heighted ones.’ One of its biggest reasons is the high self-confidence and social skills.’

If you’re reading this article you might be also tired of your short height, but hey! Getting taller is not beyond the bounds of possibility.


When there is a will there is a way


Keep your eyes sharp to find out all our recommended worthwhile ways to gain some extra inches.

The best ideas to increase height is by using natural means. They have no negative after-effects and can be worthy if done routinely. To see progress in your height you might need to try out these fool proof methods to increase height.

Diet is the first and foremost component for producing growth hormones, for a proper body development consuming healthier balanced diet is crucial, which includes multivitamins, essential minerals, calcium and protein. Besides, avoiding fatty food and carbohydrates is a must, since they slow down the generation of hormones.

Beef, chicken, dairy food, starches, oatmeal, and Milk which is high in calcium helps a lot in body buildup. Include these height increase food in your regular diet and you’ll slowly but surely get taller.


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Within its numberless benefits, yoga is also fruitful in increasing height. Follow these Yoga Asanas which will certainly help you to grow taller fast.


1. Chakrasana

Also known as the wheel pose. For a beginner it can be a bit complicated, however it strengthens the legs, spine, wrist, arms, spine and buttocks.

To learn how to increase height with Chakrasana click on the video below;




2. Surya Namaskar

It is not only valuable in growing taller but exceptionally beneficial to cure other health issues at same time. Surya is favorable for lungs, cures digestive issues, works as a detoxifier and increases efficiency.

To learn how to increase height with Surya Namaskar click on the video below;




3. Tadasana

This is one incredible asana for improving height, it works as to lengthen and strengthen the spine which further works to increase height quickly.

To learn how to increase height with Tadasana click on the video below;



4. Vrikshasana

Well known as the tree pose, it stretches the entire body, calms the central nervous system, good for knees, ankle and above all an ideal pose for height raise.

To learn how to increase height with Vrikshasana click on the video below;



Just like Diet, exercise is also an essential requirement for flourishing. Regular stretching and exercising is promising in height gain and improves health and posture. Sports is also a one major source of exercise, try to take part in sports to the max. Scroll down to know some expert picked exercises to increase height!


1. Hanging Exercises


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Hanging stretches your body and is capable of height increase, all you require is to hang down from a bar, stay in that position for 10 seconds and repeat. For a more rewarding stretch you may also bring your legs up parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise several times a day and you will see results within a week.


2. Skipping Rope


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You might have skipped rope in childhood without becoming aware that how much healthy it is for your body. For a killer body and ideal height, skipping rope is the key, therefore once again grab a skipping rope and start jumping. Isn’t it a fun exercise?


3. Swimming


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One other interesting exercise is swimming. It is beyond just a great sport, since swimming elongates your muscles, it can make you much taller much faster.



4. Cobra Stretch


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For this pose lay flat on the floor with hands underneath shoulders and belly facing down, then start lifting your chest up and straightening your arms, make a pose like cobra. This stretch stretches up your spine, opens up your back which results in expansion in height.


5. Toe Touching Exercises


How to Increase Height in 1 Week Guaranteed at Home 20


Initially stand straight, then bend down to touch your toes, if you are not able to touch them, keep practicing. Hold there for a couple of seconds and repeat.

Developing height in Kids is much painless than in Adults. The main tips to increase height in young ones is by sports and diet. Make sure that your child eat healthy, try to give them fresh juice, dairy, meat, vegetable and fruits. Kids love fast food and soda but it is extremely unfavorable for their health and height. Moreover, make sure that they take part in sports regularly, as mentioned above skipping rope, hanging and swimming can be very effective for height if practiced from young age.


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Can we increase height after 18? Well, of course we can. Boosting up height after 18 can be a hard nut to crack as you have past your ‘growing up’ age, yet it is worth considering that one may gain a couple of additional inches if not satisfied with their stature. The ideal way is to go for natural options and avoid unhealthy lifestyle. Want to know how to increase height after 18? For that you must have to stick to these following things:


    • Do exercise seven days a week.
    • Eat Healthy and drink loads of Water.
    • Avoid stress and depression.
    • Do not smoke or take drugs.
    • Take 7-8 hours nap habitually to produce growth hormone.


On the contrary, if you are looking for more abrupt progress, you may either go for height increasing medicines or leg-lengthening surgery. Both of them can be effectual but risky and have side effects, so we would advise you to rather choose our above-mentioned natural techniques.

Nevertheless, your height doesn’t define you. Many big names likes Pablo Picasso, Martin Scorsese, Daniel Radcliffe, Bruno Mars etc., are not super heighted. Despite that, they have successfully won people’s heart from around the Globe.


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