How to keep hair healthy naturally

Hairs are an important part of our physical appearance, they make us look pretty and add beauty to our personality. Hairs are great representatives of a person’s personality. You have to ensure that your hair looks great so that you can take all the limelight and stand out from the crowd. However, growing your hair can be a lengthy procedure, so you may need patience. Keeping hair healthy on the other hand is not a big deal. You can keep any length hair healthy with proper care.

You just need to follow simple tips in order to keep your hair healthy. Here’s how you can do it.


8 Effective Ways to keep your Hair Healthy


Tip 1: Figure out When to Wash


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Some people can’t just make a day without washing their hair. However, washing hair every day comes with great consequences and this process makes hair dry and light eventually. For normal hair, a good wash routine could be twice a week.

    • Curly hair can go longer without washing
    • If your hair gets oily very quickly, it is recommended to use a light shampoo with minimum chemical effects, for your hair.


Tip 2: Conditioners are Good Friends


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For hairs, of course! Conditioners are good for hair health and you should use conditioner every time you wash your hair. Conditioners are a great source of providing moisture to your hair, making them soft and manageable. It also helps in making your hair easier to brush and less tangled, thus ensuring lesser damage. You must be careful while applying conditioner as applying it on the scalp can make your hair greasy.

    • You can use a leave-in conditioner once in a week as they penetrate deep into your hair roots and this makes your hair strong.
    • You can also use a leave-in conditioner spray after your hair has been washed This makes hair easier to manage and helps them detangle easily.
    • You can also try using a deep conditioning treatment like olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil


Tip 3: Use Comb


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Wet hair is more prone to damage as they break off easily. Don’t use a brush directly after washing your hair as it can cause more hair to break. Use wide tooth comb to detangle your hair with ease.


Tip 4: Use Shampoos Suited for you Hair Type


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There are different shampoos available for different hair types. It’s best to find out your type and then do your hair product shopping according to that particular type. There are different types like damaged, dry, oily etc.

Tip 5: Don’t use Hair Dryers Frequently


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A hair dryer can cause hair damage, dryness, breakage of hairs, and split ends. You can try limiting your hair dryer usage, if not omitting it from your routine, at all. You should always give your hair enough time to dry by themselves. If you have to use a hair dryer, make sure you don’t put it too close to your hair.

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Tip 6: Use Hair Masks


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Hair masks are great for hair health!

It is important to use a hair mask, once in a month, in order to provide proper deep conditioning to your hair. It helps them in adding softness and shine. Use the specific hair mask according to your hair type. There are a variety of hair masks available for every hair type like dry, oily, and coloured. These hair masks can be found in pharmacies and hair salons. You can also make your customized hair mask by adding few ingredients together and following respective instructions.

Following is a general hair mask, suitable for all hair types:

The instructions are to cut and squeeze out the flesh of the avocado and mix it thoroughly in a tablespoon of organic honey. You can apply it to hair and then leave the mixture for 20 minutes before you rinse it off by washing your hair.


Tip 7: Give Serums a Try


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Serums are also worth trying, you can apply serums on wet hairs before you dry them with a towel. The serum can also be applied to hair after blow drying them. It keeps hair healthy, soft and shiny while reducing the frizz.

    • Try using only small amount of serum as more of it can enhance frizziness
    • Don’t apply serum at the roots as it will make hair look greasy, thus apply only on the mid-lengths and tips of the hair.


Tip 8: Adjust Your Diet


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There is some diet which naturally provides nutrients for hair growth and health.

    • Add salmon in your diet as it contains essential omega 3 fatty acids.
    • Eat nuts particularly walnuts as walnuts can also be added to salads and can be used as crunchy toppings thus making sure that you consume enough.



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