How to make a relationship last forever

How to make a relationship last forever

Physical or emotional attachment with someone creates a relationship! Love, care, respect and trust are building blocks to have a great relationship. We cannot survive without relationships. Nature has blessed us with beautiful relationships of parents and siblings. It reflects the need and importance of relationships love in our lives.

A relationship is an valuable asset. As It involves emotions! We must handle our relationships delicately. Every relationship is unique and different in nature and demands a different attitude and behavior. Relationship management is an important phenomenon. We are going to discuss vital factors which will surely help everyone to enjoy the beauty of relationships;

Ways to make a relationship last forever!

1. Call by sweet names:

Naming is a great convention to enhance affection and regard. A sweet name or unique title (must not reflect your weakness i.e. laziness or any other) adds flavor to the relationship. The nick name must reflect intentions of love and respect.

A name, full of adoration and admiration, maximizes mutual affection and understanding. Beautiful names make a relationship stronger because they create a natural bond and cord of emotions. This helps in durability and growth of a relationship!

2. Exchange Gifts – Strengthen Relationships:

Without any doubt, gifts are the best way to demonstrate your love and affection with someone special.  Gifts intensify love and indicate your care and warmth. A beautiful and intelligently selected gift makes a relationship stronger.

Choose a gift carefully, according to the personality and nature of your partner. A gift must be useful. Try to buy gifts which can be used in routine life. A watch for boyfriend, jewelry for girlfriend, clothes for mother etc.

When your loved ones use these gifts, it allows them to remember you! This is the base of a relationship. If you are not being remembered, surely, you have no relationship! It is just a connection and mere meeting, nothing more!

3. To Make the Love Last Forever – Spend Time With each Other:

Time is a precious asset! Every relationship requires time. Because, if you are not able to spend time with your loved ones, how can you even claim your love or friendship?

It does not make sense that you are in love, friendship or in a relationship with someone but, you cannot spend time with your partner. In fact, a person creates all relationships to spend his/her time in a meaningful and appropriate way with someone who is compatible you’re your thoughts and lifestyle.

Therefore, spend time with your family and friends. It will enhance peace of mind, mutual understanding and communication. All these factors help in creating a long lasting and immortal, emotional and physical attachment!

4. Value Opinion:

Are you discussing some issues? Personal problems? Are they related to the job? Having health issues? Have you asked for an opinion?

If you are taking an opinion of your partner, then value it! Listen to the whole conversation carefully. Avoid mocking or making fun of any argument, instead disagree nicely! Analyze keenly and discuss proposed solution briefly.

Valuing your partner’s opinion creates harmony, grows affection and mutual understanding. It increases trust and flourishes confidence. It also creates a comfortable environment for positive discussions and results in strengthening the bond of love.

5. Remember Events:

What is the date today? Don’t you think, you are forgetting something about this day? Anything special about today?

I was sure, you will not remember my birthday! How can you forget our wedding anniversary…? I didn’t expect it from you…! Blah, blah, blah…!

These things are common part of a man’s life. Because men are terrible in remembering dates and events. Forgetting these specific days, sometimes, can hurt feelings of your partner. Accept your mistake and apologies apologize right away!

No doubt, wishing birthday to your family and friends, celebrating wedding anniversary and exchanging surprise gifts are important factors for creating happy moments. So, try not to forget these special days which brought a lot of happiness and pleasure to your life.

If you’re able to remember dates of these worthy events, it will surely make your counterpart happy, blessed and will help to keep your relationship stronger!

6. Control Anger to have a great relationship:

Anger is the worst enemy of a relationship. If you can control yourself in rough and difficult circumstances, you’re the best and happy person in this world! Listen with patience. Try to keep yourself quiet, if your partner is shouting or blaming you for something wrong!

Argue politely! Use a respectful tone and attitude while talking to your partner. Try to resolve issues decently without involving someone else. It’ll help in improving mutual understanding.

Be humble, apologize if you find even a minute error or mistake of yourself. Try to heal the trouble as soon as possible!

7. Discuss Matters – To make relationship work better:

Discussions increase reliability and loyalty. Discussions allow you to understand basic needs of your partner. Create a comfortable environment for discussion. Reviews show likes and dislikes of your partner. It helps you in understanding thoughts and perception of your partner.

But, what to discuss? This is an important question!

Discuss things from routine. You can also discuss your plans and ideas for future. Share your views on current issues. Discuss trips or journeys that you have had together, in past. Share different experiences with each other. From the past, Discuss only those things which had created happy moments.

There are few things which one should avoid to discuss; Past quarrels, if you’ve any! Financial problems and bad experiences of the past. Most importantly, never ask or discuss sensitive issues like affairs, engagements or sex experiences because these things are fatal for relationships!