How to Make Your Sad Friend Cheery and Happy again!!

Sadness comes because of many reasons; the reasons may include breakup, the death of loved one, bad grades, and bad time. There is no particular reason, we all become sad in some phases of life due to some reason. Sadness is inevitable you know, can’t be avoided! However, there are few things that can really turn sad mood into a happy one.

When a person is sad, it’s a duty of their loved one to make him/her feel better. You can always do stuff for a sad person, for which they will be thankful to you later or for their entire life. Since you were there when they needed you the most, this will always stay in their mind. You were there to hold them when they were about to fall. That’s your responsibility as a loved one, right?.

So, if you are that kind of friend who stands in an hour of need, here’s what you can do to make your friend cheery and happy when they are sad:

1. Force them to shower

It is known to be one of the great stress relief. It relaxes the muscles and gives the serene and calm feeling to your mind and body.

So, make them get up and change out of PJs. Give them nice clothes to wear and force them to shower. Once they have showered, you wrap them in a soothing blanket and take them to the most comfortable couch in that place. Make them sit down and sit beside them.

2. Hug them tightly

Hug them tightly

Yeah, even if the person is not very cuddly, try this!

It just takes a hug to melt heart and ease every pain. Even studies prove that hug acts as a medicine and brain sensors perceive it as a pain reliever. They not only relieve the pain but also makes the other person trust you.

You can make the other person realize that he/she is loved and cared for no matter what with a simple hug. A hug is the purest pain reliever and you’ll actually feel the other person feeling better. So, go for a hug, it is the easiest solution. You might not need the other solutions once you have tried this one.

3. Turn on their favourite movies

Turn on their favourite movies

Movies are such a mood changer!

You have no idea what a movie can do. It can shift mood in seconds and you’ll be amazed when a sad person’s favourite movies can shift their mood.

Movies totally take you into another world and makes a person forget about their situation for a while and totally get them lost in someone’s life for a change. It makes them forget all their problems. When it is some particular movie that they love, it is going to act as mood-booster and will provide positive  vibes.

4. Feed them their favourite snacks

Feed them their favourite snacks

Food helps a lot!

It not only gets your body to concentrate somewhere else but it also provides the energy that was lost during all the sadness. It actually helps regain strength and helps in lots of other ways. When food is their love and it is provided by the person who cares for them followed by their favorite movie, it cheers them up!

Thank God it is just so perfect, even thinking of it makes me feel better! You will too! Just try the food thing because God knows it works. At first, when you try to feed them, they’d be all like; no I don’t want to eat, not feeling like eating etc. But, insist a little because they themselves have no idea how much their favourite food is going to help them.

5. Complement food with drink

Complement food with drink

Snacks are incomplete without drinks. 

So, make them drink! Mainly because tears dehydrate you and secondly because your dry snacks require a buddy. Grab your pal their favourite drink and get them start drinking it because you know they’ll feel much better after drinking it.

6. Your sad friend is probably happy by now

Your sad friend is probably happy by now

When you have done all the above steps and movie has also been finished, you’ll notice a major shift of mood in the other person because of all these steps provide a content feeling which can’t be offered by anything else.

The other person will feel much better! Now is probably the good time to take the blanket off which you rolled them in after the shower. You can go hang out now. You can even watch another movie and eat more. All is up to you because your sad friend is cheery and happy now. All because of you! Salute yourself because this is the power only a few people possess.

Final words

Making others feel better is mainly our job in this world! We should take care of the people around us and make sure that we are around them in their hour of need because, at the end, friendship is what life is all about!

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