How Weight Loss Can Change Your Life?

Do you ever have those days, or those depressing moments, when you look at your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend in that skin tight dress, and then you look at yourself in the mirror? Ouch!

Yes! It hurts. It in fact, BLEEDS! If only bleeding burned calories, what a wish?!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s high time! If you have a belly that you don’t like, or the thighs that weigh too much for skinny jeans, if you have health issues because of your unhealthy eating habits, or if you’re not satisfied with the way your body looks. FIX IT.

Why must you live with the feeling of wanting to look like someone else, when you can look as good as them or even better within the body that you have been gifted?

“Work work work work work work work….OUT” -Rehana feat me 😉


How to Get Rid of Fat


1. Diet


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Food is a daily part of our lives and can not be ignored, however it can be controlled. Choose wisely what goes in your stomach, because it’s not only making you gain weight, it’s also making you ill at the same time. It’s not rocket science! Find time to Research on foods to eat for a Flat Belly and let Google be your knight in shinning armour.


2. Exercise


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If you’re dieting with the idea that it’s all you need, I hate to break it to you but you were doing it wrong all this time.

Controlling calories will decrease your weight in the long run, only if it’s combined with activities and work outs, otherwise the impact will remain short termed.

Join a gym or download workout plans to do at home but be sure to move your body!


3. Patience

Weight loss is not a 2 weeks thing. It can take up to several months but believe me it’s worth it. Don’t give up!


4. Consistency


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Don’t break the cycle! When you begin this journey, let yourself be aware of the fact that it will be a long one. Don’t expect your body to look flawless just because you controlled your diet for two days and ate cupcakes in the remaining 5. Consistency is must!


How losing weight can change your life (for the better)


1. Boasts confidence

When your body is in perfect shape, and you start getting compliments and appreciation for the new you, it automatically builds your confidence and makes you love yourself even more!


2. Lower stress levels

It’s a proven fact that exercise lowers down stress levels and relaxes the brains. However, losing weight itself makes a person happy about the way they look, which also tends to decrease frustration and creates positivity.


3. Improved memory

“The altered brain activity after weight loss suggests that the brain becomes more active while storing new memories and therefore needs fewer brain resources to recollect stored information,” said study author Andreas Pettersson, MD, in a press release. [source]


4. Low Risk of Cancer

Dr Tsai says

“smoking, sun exposure, and radiation can cause cancer, but obesity has been linked to many several types of cancers as well.” [source]

Being overweight may cause inflammation, which may trigger cell changes in the body leading to cancer. Studies in the past have suggested that by losing as low as 5% of weight, one may decrease chances of cancer.


5. Low Healthcare Bills

In 2009, a study was published in the journal Health Affairs that said specifically, researchers found obese people spend $1,429 more—that’s 42% higher—than their normal-weight peers, most of which went toward prescription of medications needed to manage chronic conditions.


Things nobody Tells you about Loosing Weight

Most people can’t stop writing or talking about how positive weight loss is and how you can change your life by weight loss. Perhaps very few have actually discussed how it may be damaging to your health.

Yes, you read that right! Weight loss can be damaging if done excessively or without correct knowledge of it. Here’s how:


1. Low Energy Levels

Loosing weight becomes an addiction once you start to see a change in you. You must know when to stop. If you end up losing way more weight than your body naturally requires, it can lead to dizziness, fainting and low energy levels, and this may hinder your performance in your daily life.


2. Change in Taste

A recent Stanford University study revealed that after weight loss, 87% of patients reported a change in their sense of taste. About half said food tasted sharper, while the other half said food tasted duller. The upshot: those who tasted food less intensely after surgery lost 20% more weight over three months than those who said foods tasted stronger. [source]


3. Weakening of Bones

Did you know that loosing weight can make your bones weaker? While it’s true that weight loss causes bone loss, it also becomes a concern when lost excessively! A new research suggests that visceral fat around the belly is particularly bad for bones, for both men and women.


4. Saggy Skin

One of the scariest things about weight loss is a saggy skin and stretch marks which most people are not prepared for.


5. You may Feel Sleepier

For those of you who work, this is something you’ll have to be careful about. I bet you don’t want to loose your job along with your fat!

What you make of your body is your decision solely and no matter what you do with it, don’t do it under pressure of what “others think.” Embrace yourself and loose weight because you want to, not because others would like you better that way. Also, make sure you’re following the correct workout routines and the right diet plans to stay healthy while you’re at it.

Happy weight loss!


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