List of 30 Intimate Questions to Ask Your Spouse

Marriage as we all know is a tricky bond. It takes courage, care and compromise to build the relationship strong and lasting. All of which is impossible without good communication. A recent survey states that the foremost reason why couples split up, is lack of communication. Read up on the complete survey, Here.

In the beginning, your partner’s shortcomings don’t seem too much. But as one drifts past the honeymoon phase, back to reality, everything comes crashing down. Your husband’s habits that you thought you would adjust to, now seem unbearable.

To top it all off, finances, career and the responsibility of kids makes it far worst.

So here’s a list of 30 questions to ask you husband and revive that long gone connection. Not only will they help in getting to know your spouse better, but also help resuscitate the spark in your relation.

To know your partner better, you will have to question him about his past, his likings, his plans along with his present state of mind.


    1. Where in life do you stand today? Are you content?


    1. Name something you are most grateful for, in life.


    1. What’s the best thing you have accomplished in life, till date?


    1. What more do you want to accomplish?


    1. What role does family play in your life?


    1. What role do friends play in your life?


    1. On a scale of 1-10, how awesome was your childhood? 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.


    1. Do you feel your childhood/teenage impacted you in anyway?


    1. Describe what a ‘Perfect Day’ is to you.


    1. If you were to die within a year, is there anything you would want to change in the way you are living, now?


    1. Is there anything you dream of doing, but couldn’t for some reason?


    1. What’s the most embarrassing situation you have had to face? How did it impact you?


    1. Share one of your most pleasant and worst memories.


    1. To what extent would you share your thoughts/feelings with your partner?


    1. What do you think about women, in general?


    1. What made you approach me?


We all have those days, when everything feels like slipping through our hands, no matter how dearly you grip them. The situation seems to get worse day by day. That is when you need to talk it out with your partner. Here are the questions that will help restore your lost bond.


    1. What is the one best thing you like about me?


    1. What is the one thing, you hate most about me?


    1. Are your physical needs not being satisfied?


    1. What do you expect from me?


    1. Do you think we have given our best shot at marriage?


    1. Do you think our conflicts may be due to lack of communication?


    1. Do you think we trust each other completely?


    1. Is this just a bad phase or things have gone way downhill?


    1. What issue needs to be resolved, first?


    1. Are you willing to give our relationship, your all?


When you want to know someone better, asking them about their future gives you a deeper insight about their character.


    1. Where do you see ‘US’ standing in five years’ time?


    1. What do you think about having children? Or are you better off without them?


    1. What would you do, if your partner believes in the opposite?


    1. What are your future goals?


    1. How do you plan to achieve them?


    1. Is there something you desperately wish to have in the future? (other than me of course) *wink* *wink*

Nothing brings back romance, to your otherwise boring relation, better than taking out sometime and talking random shit. So here are some of my fav, super fun questions to ask your partner.

    1. You are dead, and the kiss of a character you last watched on TV, can bring you back to life. Who would that be?


    1. What’s the wildest thing you have done in a public place?


    1. When and where did you experience the worst fart situation?


    1. Would you eat your own booger for a thousand bucks?


    1. If you could become invisible for a day, explain how would you spend it?


    1. If one of your wild fantasies were to come true, what would it be?


Before I conclude, let me warn you that if you want to go forward with these questionnaires for couples, make sure you keep your mind open when it comes to listening to your partner’s answers.

His answer may vary to what you ‘thought’ his answers would be. And there is surely nothing wrong in that.

To conclude, this is a fun practice, that will help you two in making your bond even stronger! Even if you aren’t married yet, try it with your boyfriend and it will help you judge better, when it comes to finding the right husband.


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