Perfect Guide About What to Wear to a Wedding –Men’s Edition

Wedding are those glorious times in which there is an air of merriness along with a touch of class and glamour. It is that time when one and only concern of people is to hope that everything goes on smoothly. It is actually the best time to create an excellent impression. Weddings are something really special and even those introverts who avoid gatherings, feel some kind of unique energy and enthusiasm to be at their best.

One of the major concerns in all the hustle and bustle are the dresses; the wedding gown of the bride, dresses for bridesmaid, bride’s mother and sisters, and many more. It is made sure that they stand out from others and leave everybody in awe.

Men dress codes, style and charm, are needed to complete the style book. If truth is stated, men at weddings are focused by all; whether it be maidens, girls, parents, friends, almost everyone! However, men often don’t have such a good sense of dressing. Usually, some guidance is required from a stylist, friend, girlfriend or mother. In case you get an invite for a wedding, and don’t know what to wear?


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Below are some details about ordinary to the extra ordinary collection of men clothing that could be an appropriate fit for weddings, whether it is a small marriage ceremony or an extravagant wedding.

What to wear to a fall wedding men

For the winter weddings, one can quickly put up fancy suits and coats made of wool. Winter allows you to choose from a variety of cloth line ranging from cotton to jersey and wool to velvet. Velvet tuxedos or suit jackets are really fresh and stylish, these days!


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What to wear to a summer wedding men

On the contrary, when dressing up for a summer wedding, you have to keep a lot of things in mind; you have to look decent and elegant but make sure that the material of the suit or coat that you are choosing is breathable, and air can easily pass through it. Moreover, summer colours are also limited, you have to be choosy and picky in this regard (usually the suits for summer weddings are made up of cotton). Black would definitely drive you insane, and you certainly don’t want sweat during the whole ceremony and celebration.

Keeping all this in mind, it is advisable to men that for weddings in summer, ditch the tie and wear a loose button down – try to keep it casual. However, a jacket should always be kept along. If your friend is having a beach wedding, then you can choose loafers or boat shoes over socks and black office shoes.


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Dress codes in wedding invites should always be respected and even though, in summer, it is hard but if the inviter says black tie then you have to make sure you have a tie that matches the description on the invitation card. It would be really fun if the inviter prefers a casual look This way, you can be yourself!


Wedding Attire For Men

For the formal weddings, ‘Black Tie’ dress code is one of the traditional dress codes for weddings, this has been going on since many years. However, strictness with respect to this dress code has loosened during recent times. A Black Tie dress code calls for a standard tuxedo which includes a jacket, made up of wool and usually is black. Other colour options can be midnight blue or metallic white that provides a glossy look.

Along with these dark and shiny jackets, you have to match the best high waist trousers with no belt loops. Usually, shirt in a tuxedo is plain and clear, but sometimes pleated ones are also preferred, both can go well with your shiny jacket. Black is best for shoes. However, pure leather or velvet shoes would also complement well. Last but not the least, accessory that serves like cherry on top for a tuxedo is the bow made up of wool, satin or velvet or you can also prefer a tie made up of same kinds of cloth.


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Semi-formal Weddings

Semi-formal weddings are common these days! In these weddings, usually the dress code is not specified. You must make sure that even though the dress code is casual, you should maintain an individual style and show some sense of fashion within you. For such weddings, suits are the best option and can be of various colours like grey, blue, black and white with a crisp plain or patterned shirt of any colour that you think, goes well with your suit!


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Cocktail Weddings

What if you are invited to a cocktail wedding that requires a cocktail attire which is somewhere in between of casual and semi-formal. For a cocktail dress code, coloured suits are most preferred, for instance, ink blue with ared tie or burgundy with a strip of dark coloured tie would make you stand out from others and make you comfortable. Ties make coloured suits look classy therefore tie is essential with cocktail dress code.


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Casual Weddings

Casual weddings, on the other hand, gives an open choice to the guests and welcomes patterned suits of all imaginable colours with a tie or no tie and a coloured shirt of your choice. Casual weddings make people bring out their fashion artist within them so that they can dress up smart!


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The above dress codes, suits and tuxedos provide a clear idea about what to wear at a wedding when you are invited as a guest and gives you proper insight about the type of weddings you could be attending and dressing up for. It should be kept in mind that the groom should stand out from all the best men and other men in a wedding. So, particular attention should be given to the groom’s attire that makes him look elegant with his bride and both can stand out from rest and have beautiful and amazing memories of their special day!

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