Perfect Way to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Having a big, fairy tale-like wedding is every girl’s dream! But, alongside that, it is essential to plan a wedding on a small budget. It might seem impossible but, you can plan an amazing wedding without going broke. There are a number of reasons why weddings are very stressful; not because of the hundreds of friends you have, not because of the venue, the food, the décor OR anything! While planning everything out, one just needs to stay within a budget.

There are a number of low budget wedding reception ideas which can help you have the most magnificent wedding while compressing your costs but fulfilling all your needs. The average cost in the US for a wedding can be up to $30,000 which is a huge sum of money, and not everyone can afford it whereas in the UK, the average person pays 7,500 pounds. However, those interested in extravagant weddings pay up to 24,000 pounds. The following paragraphs will give you some ideas as to how you can kerb your expenses without comprising!

Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a wedding on a small budget checklist might not look like the best option! You might think that you will not be able to do all that you have planned but we have got it sorted out for you, below;


    1. Avoid Inviting a lot of Guests

      Earlier, people used to fall in this trap because they thought the only way of having a “grand” wedding was inviting a lot of people without realising that the costs grew as they added a new person to the list. You can always have an amazing wedding by just inviting your close friends and relatives.



    1. Ask your friends for Help instead of Expensive Wedding Make-ups

      You might have a friend who can do amazing makeup and another one who knows how to different hairdos and hence they can help you out. Each group has a skilled amateur photographer who will be willing to cover the ceremony. A good event manager may also help you plan your wedding step by step and also give you a dozen low budget wedding reception ideas.


    1. Holding the Wedding at Home or Outdoor

      Some ideas for low budget wedding venues as renting a function hall can be very expensive. If you want to have a romantic kind of setting, holding your wedding outdoor could be excellent idea, even with a picturesque background. However, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather.


    1. Hire a Family owned Restaurant to provide the Food at your Wedding

      Not only will they minimise the costs but also they will go out of their way to make sure it turns out as the best event for you. Plus, they are more understanding about your budget constraints.


    1. Go Minimal on the Number of Flowers

      Flowers cost a fortune and die shortly after the occasion. Try to keep it simple yet very elegant. You could also make your own bouquet if you have a rose bush in your backyard. Keeping fake flowers is also a very good idea because guests barely notice the flowers and you could also keep them after your reception.

    1. Make your own Invitations

      Instead of going for gold edged cards or very expensive and formal ones, you could design and print your own cards if you have a good printer. Another cheaper option could be that you could email your guests if you do not want to spend money at all, in sending invites.

    1. Don’t Hire a DJ

      Rather than hiring a DJ a better idea would be to either borrow stereo equipment or using those in your house. Put them on the dance floor so that everyone can hear them. Create a playlist with your favourite songs or find a friend who would want to do it for you.

    1. Shop for Decorations Yourself

      There are a number of places like a paper warehouse and hobby lobby which have sales, all year round. You can decide what you want ahead of time and whenever those items have a sale on them, you can buy it to cut down costs.

    1. Don’t Shop Expensive Clothes

      Buy dresses that are on sale and directly from the rack rather than ordering custom made dresses for the bridesmaid. This works best if you have decided on the colour of your dress beforehand and if your chosen shop has a number of sizes available. For the bride’sgown, she should look at dresses at the end of the season since at this time, most gowns are for sale. Do not look at minute details like a loose bead because these can be fixed while altering. Just think about that this will save you lots of dollars!


    1. Plan a Simple Honeymoon Instead of a Grand one

      Although a long honeymoon at an expensive resort might seem like the ideal one,however, you need to remind yourself that you are cutting down on the costs. These honeymoons are more about spending some quality time with your partner and relieve yourself from all the stress which has been piling up since a long time. This reminds me, you could also do this at some place near your house as well. Try to search online for beautiful spots near your house and book a ticket as soon as possible.

Savvy planning can help you save a lot of money, but weddings generally are very expensive. Experts say it is better that you allocate a certain budget and plan a wedding checklist which can help you give a set of guidelines to stick to. Although your wedding happens only once in your lifetime and you want a grand one. But, this occasion lasts for only 6 hours and you would not want to burden yourself with debt for the rest of your life just for these few hours.

This article basically tells you about the different ways through which you could plan a wedding on a small budget. Cutting down on the bigger expenses like your clothes and the venue help a lot! You have to pay attention to the minute details as well, which include the venue, the sound system, the flowers and some other things which may sound very small but when gathered together make a big chunk of the total expenses.

Although most people, especially girls, dream of having a grand wedding where they can invite everyone followed by a beautiful three-tier cake and a honeymoon at some exotic resort. However, all families cannot afford all these expenses, and you can have a memorable wedding on a limited budget as long as you know what you have to cut down on and by how much. You do not want to make yourself drown in debt for the rest of your life because of your wedding.

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