15 Psychological hacks to acquire whatever you want!

The most noticeable trick in this regard is Persuasion.

That’s the key to finding out!

It simply means repeating to do something which might or might not provide us with accurate results. The question, however, is what can be done to find out if we have reached the exact results and are we already where we wanted to be.

There are many options when it comes to persuasion; one of them is simply focusing psychologically towards the target, the other and most effective one is playing mind games in order to manipulate and persuade circumstances in your favour.

Following tricks will help you to get whatever you want just by manipulating minds like geniuses!

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1. Present them with offers they can’t refuse, so they will do all the favours you require them to do

15 Psychological hacks to acquire whatever you want! 18


Yes, this is the Godfather talking perhaps! This is one of the most effective technique to persuade people. When you want something, you need to do something first! Therefore, make the other person an attractive offer which they cannot refuse.

2. When you are explaining something, nod frequently. It makes other person trust you better and agree with you

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The more the trust is, the better you are in persuading another person! When you are discussing something or simply making a point, it is important that you nod frequently. It makes you intriguing in front of others and they tend to listen to you more. This gesture also shows that you are attentive and a good discussion partner. Few nods will make persuasion much easier for you. Most importantly this technique inclines others to agree with you.

3. When you don’t want to involve in a conversation with someone, simply stare at their headline. This hack makes the other person uncomfortable

I bet you have been in many such conversations which you totally hated inside out but you were bound to listen. I had experienced such small conversations and they tend to get longer with time if not treated immediately. Avoiding them even becomes harder, literally if no action has been taken! Most importantly, this hack is applied during family gatherings where your aunts just wouldn’t leave you alone for a while.

4. If you feel someone is upset with you, start sitting next to them more often in social gatherings and meetings. They shall be unable to avoid you under these circumstances

15 Psychological hacks to acquire whatever you want! 20

If you get to know that someone is mad at you, what would be your first step? You can use the conventional “I’m Sorry”, which is hardly of any use when they are so mad at you. You have to apologize tons of time and sometimes they don’t even respond to your apologies if you aren’t in front of them. The best way to get them to forgive you is to be more around them in public places and public meetings. That way, they wouldn’t be able to avoid you and would definitely talk to you. They can’t stay mad much longer if you make use of this awesome hack.

5. Always try to notice the way people talk at you, respond to them in a similar fashion and they’d like you better

Everyone has a particular style of talking. People discuss and talk in various ways. Some people just wouldn’t like you because they don’t get your style of communication. The best hack for such people is to notice deeply on how they talk and reply to them in the same way. Don’t be rude, though. Just try to copy their style and they’ll like you better. That is for sure.

6. When you have got a huge crush and couldn’t get your crush to talk to you, be more around them physically but act cool (Pay no attention to them)

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You are going to love this one as it truly works!

When you start hovering around your crush, he/she would probably get very irritated. Always wanting them to talk to you isn’t just legit, right? You have to be smarter if you want your crush to like you. So, when you are around them, try to pay no attention and act like they don’t exist. Just be cool and ignore them. Most probably they’d be the first one to come talk to you. This can be your dream come true, just make sure you are acting good enough.

7. When you make a statement, try to remain silent after that. This way people are more likely to agree with it

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When most of us talk in anger, we just forget that there is a stop button too! This stop button must be utilized so people can agree with you and you can win the argument. Researchers suggest that people tend to agree more with you when you remain quiet after making a statement. This can help you in many ways. First of all, you get time to absorb the information and most importantly, you give another person the time to ponder.

8. Don’t rush in, you have all the time in the world. Stop making rapid proposals and try to make it simpler. Just ask “Coffee sometime” instead of “Dinner at 8”?

Yes, the simpler the better!

There is a reason why people make use of this line. This line has an important and solid background. When you keep things simple and lighter, you make more progress.

People tend to rush into things, which exactly makes no sense. Why to rush darling, when you can make a better impression slowly. According to general psychology, people asking for coffee are more likely to get themselves a date. When you rush into dinner, the other person is likely to think that you are more focused on “Stuff” and aren’t looking for anything serious.

9. When you want to be stressful about something, write in bold letters

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This actually makes you sound serious! Writing in bold letters has the power to make you sound more stressful about something. People will take your statement more seriously if you write it in bold highlighted letters. It makes them feel that you wouldn’t compromise on what you have just said and that you have made it very clear.

10. Feed them some fear when you want them to take the solutions you are presenting

This is often applicable for friends.

When you want your friends to listen to you about the right solutions you are proposing, you probably would have to feed them some fear. Feeding fear means presenting them with the pros of your solutions and sharing with all the drawbacks. Don’t overdo it because sometimes people just won’t take your solutions. However, according to psychology, people tend to take your solutions more often when you present them with a little bit of scary drama.

11. If you want to get over your work quicker, think of it as a useless task to do

When you burden yourself with the responsibility of accuracy, you are more likely to spend a whole day on one task. If you want to finish your work quicker, you can think of it as a worthless task to do. It actually helps you finish the work faster. When you make yourself think that the task isn’t worth your perfect attention and more time, you will more likely do it much faster.

12. If you are addicted to a stupid emotional song and want to get over it, just keep reminding yourself how the song ends

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When you get addicted to a song for too long, you probably need to get it out of your mind. Sometimes, you are so attached that after repeating the song for days, you still are unable to get it out of your mind. The best way to get over a song is to remind yourself of how the song ends. You never want the song to end but if you think the song to be ending, it will be out of your mind soon. The best way would be to remind yourself how it ends and leaves you wanting more.

13. When you want people to believe something, present it in a form of a quote or just tell them that your grandfather told you so

You know legends are always in fashion. It can never get old. People tend to like people who know great stuff that had been told by their elders. Whenever you want people to believe you, just tell in a form of a quote or start with “My great grandfather told me….” It gets people to be impressed by you.

14. Use gestures while giving presentations (Like moving hands), it makes a better impression on people and makes you more persuasive

15 Psychological hacks to acquire whatever you want! 25

When you give a presentation, it is important that you present with certain gestures. The most common and persuasive ones are the frequent moving of hands and eye contact. It has a great impression on listeners and they tend to follow you attentively. Hand movements keep the energy in the group and engage people.

15. If you want to win an argument, speak faster, avoiding all the pauses

When you have to win any argument, it is best that you don’t give another person the chance to speak. When you make long pauses and breaks, the other person wouldn’t take you seriously. The important thing is that you speak faster, not louder. Just focus on the pace instead of the tone and you will win.

You’re now ready to rule the world. Go champ, I believe in you! 

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