12 Psychology Facts about Sleep that will Surprise You!!

Sleep is a luxury and we often fail to realize it. We should admire this beautiful process of nature and value it because sleep deprivation is one of the awful problems that many people suffer from. However, there are few psychology facts about sleeping that will surprise you to a great extent and you will wonder why you haven’t ever considered them!


Interesting Psychology Facts about Sleep and What They Mean


1. Lack of Sleep Effects on Skin

When you sleep for about 7 hours, your skin looks more fresh and radiant and has its natural glow. When you sleep for less than 7 hours constantly every night in a row, your skin loses its natural glow which gets replaced by wrinkles over the time leaving you to wonder why these lines are making a home on your face. This isn’t personal opinion, studies have clearly shown such results.

2. You Tend to Eat more is a cause of Sleepless Night


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When you sleep less, you have more lucid time and an active appetite which makes you eat more. You don’t have enough satiety and your hormones level also lower if you don’t sleep enough. Hence, you consume more calories than normal people and have an ability to get fat.


3. Enough Sleep Makes Sexually Excited


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A healthy sex life is important and a study found that women who sleep enough have more desire for sex than those who don’t. So, we can confidently say for women, at least, that more sleep is important for more sex.


4. Americans are Sleep Deprived


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Do you know how much you have to sleep daily? Minimum 7 hours are required for proper functioning; sleeping less than the recommended limit is normal for Americans and about 40% of Americans are sleep deprived.


5. Impair Cognitive Abilities due to the lack of Sleep


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Yes, it’s true!z`! Being awake for nights in a row or even 15-17 hours constantly can impair your cognitive abilities and will leave you feeling drunk and wondrous. The condition becomes same as having blood alcohol level of .05%.

6. Your blood alcohol level rises even more after 18 hours of sleeplessness


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So, you will be legally drunk! But, the only difference would be that your breath won’t be stinking! After constant sleeplessness, your blood alcohol level rises by 0.1% which means that you are drunk enough or sleepy enough to get your cognitive abilities impaired for a while until you pamper them with proper sleep. Here is a complete detail about What does alcohol do to your liver?


7.You are prone to accidents when you are sleepy


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Don’t drink and drive, but what about don’t sleep and drive. Sleeping has the same level of risk for accidents as of alcohol and you are prone to accidents naturally when you don’t have enough sleep.


8.Women and Men dreaming patterns are different


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Yeah, there is all about men dreaming about women and the wet dream story. However, there are psychology love facts and studies that formulate that men usually dream about other men about 70% of the times. However, women have different dreaming patterns and dream about both genders equally.

9. There are only black and white dreams for some people


Yes, this is surely true. About 12% people have dreams that are limited to only black and white colour and they dream only in these colours. This is a bit gross, thankfully most people can dream in all colours. Blessed one


10. Your sleep position is determinant of your personality

The way you sleep tells a lot about your personality. You definitely need to figure out your sleeping position to determine your personality. Experts can tell you how your sleeping position helps them to determine your aspects of personality!


11. 10 days without sleep can kill you!


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Aaah, they say that you will die of sleep deprivation even before food deprivation! So, basically it takes two weeks to die without food and it takes simple 10 days to be dead without sleep. Sleep deprivation is worse than food deprivation. Be careful about your sleeping!


12. You forget most of your dreams in 10 minutes after waking up

It happens to people and they just keep wondering why? There is no rocket science, it is just how our brain works and we forget most of our dreams in about 5 minutes after waking up and in next the 5 minutes, all of our dreams are lost.

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Sleeping is vital for existence and people who don’t sleep much, die earlier and people suffering from insomnia aren’t expected to live much too. Feel blessed that you can sleep and wake up, it is one of the most significant blessings that we take for granted!


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