Smart Ways to Make Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city is always exciting – New people to meet, introduction to a different culture, fabulous places to visit, and opportunities to taste different foods.

But, there is an important thing that we lack in a new city– ‘Friends’, right?

Anyone who has moved to a new town knows, making friends in a new city where you just have shifted, is always difficult. Strange people, less understanding of norms of that new place and, most importantly, no one knows you in the whole town; these are some factors which make an individual’s adjustment a bit hard.

I can feel your anxiety too…..

Feeling like a stranger can immobilize your socialization. Without any doubt, it is hard logistically; you do not have your favorite coffee shop or regular gatherings to strike up discussions with the known faces.

Moreover, forwarding your mail, finding a good restaurant, and visiting a grocery store is not as easy as they were in the previous town. In the new city, you have numerous things that require your attention other than your friendship and social life.

This article will suggest smart ways that will help you to make new friends easily and quickly.


Secrets for Making Friends in a New City


1. Talk to Neighbors

Neighborhood is the best place to make new friends when you move to a new town. Good relationship with neighbors will help a lot in settling to a new place.

Be polite, introduce yourself and your family to the neighbors, and ask some questions: where is the nearest grocery store? Which is the best restaurant? Where is the public library?

Such questions will help you get the attention of your neighbors. You can further ask them about public transport routes, and other routine things that will let them know that you are new in town.


2. Be Proactive at Your Work Place

To make a bunch of new friends in a new city, be proactive at your office. Since, at work, you interact with many of your associates therefore, it is the best chance to make new friends.

Be helpful and respect your colleagues. Everyone can surely like you, right?

All firms offer extra-curricular activities – Sports, tours and weekend get-togethers. Such events are the best opportunities to enhance mutual understanding with your coworkers.

Is your firm not planning such events? No problem!

Nothing is better than sharing a cup of coffee with your companions! A person with friends at office is likely to be more productive, and happy, at work!


3. Join a Workout Class

Join a gym, yoga class or some indoor sports studio to interact with people of the new city.

Most importantly, pick a time slot that you can stick to. The more consistent you are, more chances you have to make new friends.

Surely, you are thinking, what is the logic behind this? Right?

Joining these places will help you to spend time with the like-minded participants. Naturally, people are more comfortable to talk with a person whom they see regularly.


4. Buy from Same Places

The best tip for making friends in a new city can also be by purchasing goods from the same grocery store, having coffee from same coffee shop, or by visiting the same barber.

Everyone pays attention and respect to their customers. Your often visits will improve your social circle and you will not be a stranger for the local vendors.


5. Use Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc. are some of the best ways to stay connected with your besties. Use these internet utilities to stay away from boredom and loneliness.

The people, whom you interact in your routine, add them to your social media friends list and stay connected with them, anytime and anywhere!

But, AVOID excessive use of social media!

Instead, visit pubs, concerts, and other public places to mingle with people of the new city. Such activities are handy when trying to understand culture and traditions of the natives.


6. Eat at a Public Place

If you are new in a city, it is not recommended to always eat in your apartment. DO NOT sit in corner of your home and dine-in alone.

Visit restaurants and try to explore the delish cuisines of that place!

Pick a table which is somewhere around the center of the restaurant. Also, prefer a table which is for more than one person.

Try to keep a book or newspaper with you while you are eating at a public place. It gives others a reason to talk to you if they are interested in the book’s topic or any current affair.



  • In the beginning, DO NOT turn down any invitation from your coworkers or neighbors, even if it is something you don’t like to do.
  • Be the first one to say HELLO, and start a conversation.
  • NEVER interrupt others if they are busy in their work.
  • Visit parks, historic places, and museums to get local knowledge.
  • In early days, use LOCAL TRANSPORT instead of your own RIDE.

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