The Major Reason to Visit Emergency Rooms: Top 10 Most Common Food Allergies

Top 10 Most Common Food Allergies

Almost 80% of visits to emergency rooms are caused by the top 10 food allergies which occur due to the common food that we intake. The allergies can be deadly at times. According to research that allergy can cause to anyone at any age, age is not the matter.

From the rashes to itchy mouth allergy can be of any form. Don’t wait and hesitate to consult your doctor; it can be life-threatening.

Some Common Types of Food Allergies

Allergy varies from person to person and so does its intensity, the most common types of food allergies are;

    • Nut aellrgy
    • Milk allergy
    • Soy allergy
    • Wheat allergy
    • Meat allergy
    • Egg allergy
    • Corn allergy
    • Shellfish allergy
    • FPIES Allergy (Food protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome)

If someone is going through any of the allergies, he should take it very seriously.

Signs of allergic reactions could be rashes, the problem in breathing, itchy mouth, digestive or intestinal troubles and also it could lead to anaphylaxis which could cause death. The allergy varies in adults and babies.

Food Allergies in Babies

Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome or FPIES are the most common form of food allergy which is often found in kids of the age of 3 or 4.

It can be very severe at times, symptoms of food allergies in babies could be;

    • Dehydration
    • Vomiting
    • Weight loss
    • Diarrhoea

and it may lead to emergency situations.

The reason to this allergy could be from milk or soy, the dairy product or the use of oats, rice or barley;

it can also be caused by the use of cereals or some trigger food. Always take precautions when starting giving such products to kids and infants.

Egg allergy is also a common form of allergy found in kids. Kids with such allergy often have mild allergies and the outcome of this allergy at an early age, but precautions should be taken, and egg whites should be separated from the yolk, because the cause of the problem lies in the egg white, as it contains proteins.

Common Food Allergies in Adults

Apart from allergies in babies and there are many allergies that are found in adult, the most common form of food allergy in the adult are from;

    • Meat
    • Nuts
    • Shellfish
    • Wheat
    • Soy

If you find stomachache, headache, stuffy or running nose, rashes, hives or eczema after having a meal of bread, pasta or cereals take notice; you have a wheat allergy. If the parents of an individual have eczema, asthma or any other allergic disease that person is more likely prone to food allergy.

Soy allergy which is also another common form of allergy is found in kids commonly, kids usually outcome it at the age of 10, a person allergic to soy usually has a mild allergy but in severe cases, it may lead to anaphylaxis. Before buying any product, one must read the ingredients, to prevent further health problems.

Allergy to nuts, peanuts, cashews, lichee nut and walnut are also a common form of allergy in adults, these allergies are often serious and may lead to anaphylaxis, the people who are allergic to nuts may lead to severe conditions, it can be fatal.

This type of allergy often leads lifetime. Take notice of this and never use such products that have ingredients containing any of your forbidden nuts.

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Symptoms of Food Allergies

It is observed that all the allergies either with fruits, soy, wheat, nut or egg, meat or fish, there are some common symptoms of food allergy. Also, Intestinal disorders, rashes, itchy mouth, diarrhoea, breathing problems, lethargy, vomiting, weight loss, headaches are few symptoms that shouldn’t be unnoticed, take a notice and immediate action after eating something, it may save a life.

People with food allergy intolerance should take care of themselves as well, and always remember that what their body and the digestive system accepts and to which food their body reacts. Always carefully read the ingredients of the edible products. Food that causes allergy can be fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, nut, soy, milk, egg or wheat.

Fish allergy can be developed at any age in the lifespan of a person. Tuna, halibut and the Salmon are the fishes that are commonly the main reason fish allergy; people may also have a tendency of allergy from shellfishes like lobster crabs and mules. It can also be developed at any age, the people who have a tendency of allergy with shellfishes they should also avoid the steam of the cooking of such fishes as they may also cause a reaction.

People also may give reaction to sulphites; these are the chemical use in food processing or food coloration. It may sometimes cause to anaphylaxis or in very rare cases can lead to conditions of asthma. But this is not observed commonly these are very rare and few examples.


Almost 90% people suffer from mocommon food allergies; the allergy could be from the common food that we eat and intake in our daily life. Dairy products, oats, wheat, nuts, barley, meat, fish, soy, milk and egg are all common food ingredients that we eat in one way or the other in our lives. The allergies could be mild, or it can be severe which may lead to serious life threat. It sometimes stops giving reaction at one point in life, or some allergies continue a lifetime. Similarly, our body can also start giving reaction to some food item at any part of our life.

The common symptoms of the ten common food allergy are a runny nose, headaches or stomachaches are also a sign of reaction to some food that we have just eaten. Take notice. Don’t overlook; ignorance may lead to severe disasters. Similarly, serious symptoms could be vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing problem, anaphylaxis and other. Life is precious and taking good care of it should be the first and the primary privilege for oneself.

Eat healthily and stay happy. Be safe, life is precious and beautiful. Eat what suits to your body the best.

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