Top 13 Fun Things to do in Peru you Must Try

This South American State is an emerging tourist destination because of its unique heritage, natural beauty, and awesome beaches. From surfing to hiking, from rich historic places to delicious cuisines, there are numerous other fun things to do in Peru.

Hiking and surfing aren’t the only fun things to do in Peru instead, it offers plenty of other adventurous activities; visits to the desert oasis and whole belt of the Amazon River are great attractions for nature-loving tourists.

Like Antalya Turkey’s Tourist Attractions, in Peru you’ll also find some extraordinary places to visit and enjoy which will provide delicious cuisines, versatile shopping and travelling experience. In short, whether you wanna have some mind-resting lone time or you are looking for family-fun, Peru has all attractions to be your favorite destination.

Best Fun things to do in Peru

1. Visit to Machu Picchu – A best fun thing to do in Peru

Without any doubt, when it comes to Peru’s tourist destinations, Machu Picchu is the biggest tourist attraction because of its rich historic background and wonderful construction. It attracts a large number of tourists from all around the world.

Beautiful scenery, eye-catching construction and charming atmosphere makes this place an ultimate tourist destination. In short, this place is the backbone of the Peru’s tourist industry.

2. A Buggy Ride in Haucachina

Believe me, this oasis seems like a heaven in the whole desert. This place is probably the best place to visit with family. Cool pool and green banks of the pool pose an enchanting impact on every tourist.

Enjoy the colorful buggy ride to get a glimpse of emperorship. Sandboarding is another fun thing to do in Peru which attracts everyone.

I bet! You can’t finish your trip to Haucachina without sandboarding.

3. Surfing in Mancora – A fun thing to do in Peru

Mancora’s surfing is a fun thing to do in Peru. If you aren’t a good surfer or you don’t like surfing, you can enjoy the beauty of this quiet seashore by having a sun bath.

A scroll on the seashore could be the best choice if you wanna spend some restful and relaxing time. Moreover, you can enjoy swimming as well as sunbathing over the soft-seductive sand! If you aren’t a sand-lover, you can enjoy delicious meals with best views from different hotels of the Mancora.

4. Visit of floating Islands in Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is famous all around the world because of its distinctions like highest navigable lake and largest lake of the South America but, the major aspect which makes this lake popular throughout the world is its floating islands.

Visit to these floating huts is a fun thing to do if you wanna get adventurous. These islands aren’t as modern as some European floating cities but you’ll encounter a creative, simple and unique architecture.

5. Fly above Nazca Lines – A top thing to do in Peru

Haven’t you heard about the Nazca lines? If not, let me tell you something about this place, it’s considered a wonder-place because of its giant structure and illusionistic view.

If you’re a history lover and you’re searching for some unique and historic, this place is especially for you. It’ll surely make your trip more adventurous and memorable.

6. Boat Tour of Islas Ballestas – A cool thing to do in Peru

Are you a nature lover? Do you wanna have a closer interaction with some of the most charming and cute animals of this world?

If YES, don’t miss a boat ride to the world’s most recognized biodiversity park that is populated with penguins, seals, sea lions and, most importantly this animal hotspot contains blue-footed boobies which attracts everyone.

7. How can you miss Peruvian Amazon?

How is it possible to skip the real natural beauty – Amazon Rain Forest?

I bet, your visit to the Peru will be incomplete if you are planning to go back without hiking through beautiful pathways of this thick forest.

How can you skip charming view of the waterfalls! Moreover, don’t miss the freshness and peace that this jungle offers.

You’ll surely regret it if you do so!

8. Peruvian Cuisines

A trip to Peru without eating taste-rich cuisines – worth nothing! Abundance of sea food, vegetables and fruits makes Peruvian foods fresh as well as tasty.

The best thing to have in lunch is “Ceviche.” This special dish is prepared from citrus marinated fish which not only gives the fish a special texture but also enhances its taste and crisp. It’s so popular that it is available in almost all restaurants of the Peru.

Cuy, Causa, Aji De Gallina, and Rocoto Relleno are some mouth-watering Peruvian recipes, if you love spice!

Don’t miss Lucuma – The Ultimate sweetener!

9. Hiking at the Misti Volcano

Besides Amazon Rain Forest, if you wanna try something different, Peru has plenty of other options for trekking and climbing.

Test your hiking skills at 2000 meters stiff climbing. Believe me, it isn’t an easy task because of the humidity and hotness of the weather

I can assure you one thing, you’ll recommend it to everyone.

Some Other Fun Things to do in Peru

10. Visit Colca Canyon to get a glimpse of the world’s biggest bird – Andean Condor with a wing span which can open up to 3.2 meters. You can also enjoy hiking and climbing at this place because of its steep structure.

11. Southern region of the Peru especially Pisac is feasible for shopping because of its cheap goods. You can buy some outstanding and budget-friendly souvenirs for your friends and family.

12. A visit to explore Chan Chan – The Largest Pre-Columbian city of South America is a fun thing to do because of its aged-structures and versatile cultural background.

13. Walking through Magic Water Tower will surely bring amusement and joy on your face. It is a real fun thing to do because of its modernity and uniqueness.


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