Top 5 Simplest Ways to keep your Heart Healthy

The heart is a vital organ and is important for the functioning of the human body. The cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths in all over the world. It is also a leading cause of deaths in America. Heart diseases are usually incurable and a heart transplant is usually the only option in most cases which is expensive and people from third world countries are unable to afford it. Even in the USA, heart transplants are worth millions and, that too, if you find a suitable donor. Therefore, it is in best interests of everyone to take good care of their heart because hey, it never stops beating for you! What does it ask in return? Just a little care to keep for good health!

Here are few ways to keep your heart healthy;


How to Keep the Heart Healthy


1. Quit Smoking


Top 5 Simplest Ways to keep your Heart Healthy 3


These signs are up everywhere, even the cigarette manufacturing companies warn you! They warn you and yet sell it and many among you still buy it. Smoking is very injurious to health, particularly heart health! It is not a bullet but it works like a termite and gradually damages you internally without giving any signs. Here’s the science behind it.


Cigarette contains tar which builds up as plaque in arteries and eventually causes them to block, stopping your blood to pass through these arteries and supply blood to your organs.

Here are successful ways to quit smoking.


2. Be More Active


Be more active


There is no need to exaggerate yourself if you think you are active. But, I guess, you wouldn’t be reading this article NOW, if you had been that active already. Well, if you are not, be! Physical activity is very important for your heart to work properly, it even helps in reduction of those layers of plaques that you build up over the years. It helps the blood flow and supplies enough blood to organs.


Physical activities can be done in order to keep your heart healthy. You can consult more articles about physical activities in our health section.


3. Make Heart-Healthy Food Choices


Heart healthy food choices


This encompasses a lot! It will influence your choices because choosing a heart-healthy food is not so difficult and it will help you a lot in the long and short term. Heart-healthy foods are important for overall health too.


    • You have to cut down saturated fats
    • You have to eat more fibre
    • Eat omega 3 fats like fish
    • Use very little salt (High salt intake is really bad for heart’s health)
    • Read food labels and buy more heart-healthy foods
    • Lesser alcohol must be the goal
    • Eat variety of fruits and vegetables (Provide enough vitamins to the heart)


4. Achieve a Healthy Weight


Healthy weight


It is the goal that must be achieved at all prices because a healthy weight is all that you must require! Heart hates fat. It hates fat because it stops the heart from providing blood to organs by thinning the arteries and putting pressure on them. It also loves a bit fat for all the warm insulation of the body and organs. Fat even keeps the heart insulated.


Basically, you have to meet the heart’s requirements, halfway here! Find your BMI and check whether you have ideal weight according to your age and height. If you are not, look for ways to find the perfect match for your heart (weight wise).


5. Keep your numbers in control

With numbers, I’m referring to full body reports. Do occasional check-ups and find out whether your blood pressure, triglycerides, blood sugars and cholesterol are in control. When you regularly watch your numbers and keep them under control, your heart would love you even more! Just watch out for your heart and it will watch out for you!


Regular check-ups are important in this regard. Know how your numbers are changing with time and take steps to keep them in control.

The heart is the greatest gift of all and being its owner, you are responsible for its health and sickness. Never leave it alone, on its own particularly, when you know you are damaging it. You are the one who is eventually going to suffer so make choices that are going to keep your heart healthy. At the end of the day, heart matters!

Keep it safe, healthy and loved.


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