Top 10 Reasons Why are You Crying for no Reason

Crying has a healing effect but what about crying for no reason? Surely, it must not happen because crying for no reason not only sounds bad but actually it is worse to cry for no reason. It has several disadvantages and emotional drawbacks that makes it worse. Wanna know…? We’ll share them shortly – be patient.


Crying for no reason isn’t appropriate at all. It destabilizes your emotional health. It ruins your temper. It makes you a different person, believe me, a totally strange person because people consider these persons emotionally weak as they are crying for no reason.


The one who fails to control his/her emotions under specific circumstances like sorrow, happiness, or anger is acceptable but it is not good at all to cry for no reason. One must look for an appropriate reason else it’s not suitable for any of us to cry for no reason because it’s gonna disrupt the human to stigma to fight for the crisis.


10 Reasons Why are You Crying for No Reason

In case of crying for no reason, an assumption is better as compared to nothing because it soothes our emotional capabilities up to some extent. Also, lame assumptions are fair enough to keep you away from the overall emotional disruption but they can’t be termed as reasons to cry.

We don’t want you to stop crying and to stay happy all the time, we can’t stop crying because it’s a natural thing and it’s actually a fine remedy to get many of our stresses out but crying for no reason is dangerous for your emotional health.


Are You Crying for No Reason?


The urge for the search of reasons to cry and to find out the facts regarding crying for no reason has its own positives and negatives. Am I crying for no reason? This is a question that you must be asking yourself because it will be the first and foremost step towards the revealing of some facts and symptoms of crying for no reason.


The common reasons to cry may vary from depression to hectic routine and from poor sleep cycle to emotional circumstances. In short, you have to find out some answers because that’s the only way to devise a reason to cry.


    • Don’t hesitate to watch out few for the few symptoms in yourself like:


    • Whether you are staying sad in most part of your day or not? What could be the possible reason for this?


    • Are you feeling worthless and powerless all the time? If yes, have you tries analyze the reason for this?


    • Do you feel weak in all aspects like physical and emotional health?


    • Do you always feel tired from most of the things that were once a source of pleasure and enjoyment for you? Have you lost that stigma of enjoyment, happiness, and celebration?


    • Whether you crying is controllable or it is uncontrollable? Mean, are you able to control your crying at times or not?


    • What’s the situation of your concentration? Are you able to concentrate on important things like job, family, or friends or not?


    • What about your decision power? Are you still able to take decisions upright? Have you ever thought that you can do it?


    • What’s your sleep cycle? Do you feel sleepy all the time or you feel fresh once you are awake and that’s it?


    • How hard is it for you to sleep at night? How much time do you take to sleep once you are in your bed?


    • What about your digestion? What are the nutrients you are in-taking on daily basis? Are you eating same things over and over?


    • Do you feel continuous headaches?


    • What about your sexual encounters? Have you lost the sex drive? Sex appeals you any more or not?


    • Appetite is OK or not?


    • Have you ever come up with dirty thoughts of suicide or death?



All of these symptoms are of a silent emotional destructor i.e. depression. It destroys the human ability to get right answers for ourselves. It’s hard to find out but it could be a possible reason for you to cry for no reason.


On the other hand, you could possibly be going through the situation of crying for no reason because you are feeling too much anxious and worried all the time.


Try fetching answers for the things like:


    • Are you suffering from the unnecessary nervousness? What is making you nervous? Do you feel nervous in the public or while you are alone?


    • Is there any hidden fear you have in your heart and mind?


    • Do you heartbeat enhance while you are in the public or addressing to someone or you feel the enhanced heartbeat while you are alone?


    • Do you have any shivering effect while you are nervous? Do you feel powerless or is it OK?


    • What’s your sweat rate under different circumstances like playing, exercising, nervous talking etc.?


    • What’s you multi-tasking ability? Or, do you feel preoccupied with the thoughts of worries and fears?



Answering to these tricky questions could possibly lead you towards a possible reason that why are you crying for no reason!


Crying for No Reason Symptoms


There are several symptoms that can be termed as a symptom of crying for no reason. Don’t forget that we are talking about symptoms here, these are not the reasons because symptoms are used to identify any issue.




The first and foremost one is the depression that comes in everyone’s mind because it is very common as well as it has quite a role in sensing the crying for no reason. Mostly, it is believed that only emotional numbing is a side effect of the depression but it might also be a symptom for crying for no reason.


As depression hits the nervous system of our body, and nervous system is responsible for determining and ensuring body reactions, therefore, depression might be a symptom as well as a reason for crying for no reason.


Your mind and body are stressed out


Stress has its own role when it comes to emotion al issues. Stress actually deprives the thinking and logical reasoning abilities of our body. That’s why it might put you in an awkward crying situation where you will find yourself irresistible to crying.


Moreover, stress will not let you get a fair reason to give to yourself for crying. Thus, you will become a person who cries for no reason because you will not get any answer from your heart and mind to satisfy you and the other people if they are asking you for any reason of crying.


The X chromosome factor


Genetically, women are more exposed to crying. Moreover, they are more sensitive as compared to men. Naturally, women have a greater tendency of crying because they are more sensitive. That’s the reason that women cry for no reason even it becomes difficult for them to elaborate or explain the reason behind there crying because they literally have no answer for that.


Menstrual cycle


When a woman is about to enter in her periods, days and hours before it is quite difficult for every woman. Mostly, women feel dizziness, headaches, and some get tears in their eyes.


Crying spells


Generally, before or after the menstrual cycle, women are seen to get exposed to the crying spells because of the ongoing changes in their physical as well as psychological condition. These crying spells mostly go unanswered because they don’t have any proper answer for this.




Just like pollen allergy, few people are exposed to tearing allergies. Passing nearby a chemical plant may cause their eyes to shower tears. It’s surely a difficult situation to mention.


Something’s in your eye


If you are chopping onions or any dust particle has entered in your eye. You will surely suffer from tearing. Some people consider it crying because tears split out from your eyes continuously – that’s not wrong though.


Disturbed sleep


Proper sleep is mandatory if you want a healthy lifestyle. If you have a disturbed sleep cycle that could certainly lead you towards awkward situations like dizziness, rudeness, and ultimately towards an emotional disrupt in the form of unreasonable crying.


Improper diet


Diet has a lot to do with you and what’s going on inside you. Having the same meal over and over disturbs your body mechanism to deal with different kind of situations. You will feel the loss of appetite, less eating, and finally, consumption of less calories will enhance your exposure with the psychological disputes similar to crying for no reason because it negatively affects your emotional health.


Crying for no reason during pregnancy


Pregnancy leads women towards different kind of physical, emotional and psychological changes. Mood swings are very common in pregnant women especially between 1 to 6 months pregnant women. It might be possible that pregnancy is the reason behind getting too much emotional.




If you have unwanted fears, emotional insecurities, and you are exposed to baseless worries, it might be a contributing factor that is leading you to cry for no reason. Therefore, anxiety is an important aspect to look upon if you are considering a change in attitude, behavior, and physical reactions that our body makes while we suffer from emotional insecurity.


Tips to Avoid Crying for No Reason


    • Moving forward is very important in terms of getting rid of any bad habit or unwanted emotional distraction. Same is the case for crying for no reason. We are going to share some useful tips that will surely help you to keep yourself far away from this kind of odd psychological issue.


    • Don’t let yourself feel lonely because that’s the only thing that compels you to cry.


    • Strengthen yourself to make a strong commitment that you are not gonna cry in front of anyone. You will behave like a strong man/woman in the public.


    • If you feel you are lonely and your head is filled up with different kind of thoughts, immediately contact any of your friends and start a conversation. It will be better if you are able to call a friend of yours who is a jolly person or quite talkative.


    • Avoid listening to the sad music, try enjoying the rock music. Believe me, it works most of the time because music has a very vast impact on our thoughts and mindset.


    • Try to keep yourself busy all the time but not too busy in the hectic routine work. Listen to some music, read any book, use social media etc. in short, there are plenty of sources to get yourself in an enjoyable situation rather than crying.


    • Ignite your love for food because the food is an important factor and probably the best distraction if you want to keep yourself away from any kind of emotional dispute.


    • Try out yoga. It’s good to relax and get a clear-headed mind.


    • Must include exercise in your daily routine because that’s the best distraction as well as a nice way to utilize your energy and time – Physical health & emotional health both covered.


    • Talk as much as you can. Don’t hesitate to express what you feel, who you really are, and any information that you have because it’s best to stay connected to your buddies. The more you talk, the less you will cry – especially when you are alone.



It is not easy to cope with such weird situations like crying for no reason. Always ask yourself a question, “Why am I crying?” “Why would I have to cry?” Make yourself strong enough so that you could ask yourself a brave question, “Am I crying for no reason?” Believe me, it will be easier for you to get yourself out of the condition of crying for no reason.


You just have to believe in yourself. You just have to keep in mind that you can do anything and everything and it is not impossible for you to get rid of crying for no reason. Try scratching an excuse because that’s how you are gonna say to yourself, HEY Look! I will not cry at any cost. I am a happy person.


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