Traditional Wedding Ceremonies –Tying the Knot

Henna creations, jumping brooms, throwing bouquets – get to know about the traditional wedding ceremonial customs from all around the world. These interesting customs and traditions come from cultures unknown to us.

Some traditional wedding ceremonies commence with the butchery of a chicken for a long happy marriage; others release doves as a sign of peace and love. The enlisted information proves that every culture has its own way of saying, ‘I do!’


Wedding Ceremony Customs and Traditions From Around the Globe


INDIA – Wedding Rituals


A standard wedding custom that may astound us, is the Baraat. Here, the groom makes an entry on a decorated white stallion. The friends and family dance around him to the beat of a dhol, an Indian drum. After that, the lady of the hour and her family welcome the guests, and the couple trades a ring of flowers to wear around their necks as a symbol of happiness and love. The wedding script is said by the Pandit (priest) as the couple takes seven rounds of the holy fire.


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Hide the Shoe – Indian Wedding Custom

The sisters and friends of the bride hide the groom’s shoe. Ransom is demanded, and the groom is expected to hand out money happily in return of his khussa (Indian shoe).


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CHINA- Traditional Wedding Ceremony

A traditional marriage ceremony in China can only happen after the engaged couple has dissected a chicken and the liver inside is healthy. The healthy liver is a good luck charm, and the couple must keep slaughtering chickens until they find one.


Wall of Bridesmaids- Chinese Wedding Custom

In China, the groom has to dance, do silly things to get to his bride. The bridesmaids block his way until the groom gives them money and performs the tasks as asked by the bride’s female friends. This sweet wedding custom is an indicator of the groom’s love for his spouse.


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Three dresses  

Moreover, the bride wears three different unique wedding dresses throughout the celebration. Initially, there’s a traditional thin fitting dress that is normally made red for weddings. Next, bride swaps into a white outfit similar to an American wedding. At last, the bride ducks out of the gathering to change into a third dress, an outfit of her own choice.


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SCOTLAND- Tying the Knot

In Scotland, the bride and the groom are slathered from head to toe by their friends with disgusting and smelly stuff. Soured milk, spoiled eggs, ruined curry, fish sauces, mud, flour, hotdogs, and each frightful thing you can think of! The couple is then paraded around, with well-wishers cheering and whistling in happiness for the couple of this event.


Blackened Bride- Wedding Custom

As a pre-wedding tradition, sometimes, only the bride has to go through the process. She is covered with all the nasty stuff. As believed, this is a patience test, and if she withstands this practice, the couple will lead a prosperous life.


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ITALY- A Joyful Event

A standard wedding ceremony in Italy is held only on a Sunday as the day is known to have a lot of good fortune. Fridays and Tuesdays are considered bad for wedding ceremonies. A traditional wedding dress includes a white outfit, the bride’s face is covered with a veil- an image of her innocence and to shield her from evil spirits. Meanwhile, the husband-to-be carries a little piece of iron in his pocket to avoid a bad omen.


Shatter the Vase – Wedding Custom

After the wedding ceremony, the couple smashes a vase – doing their best to decompose it completely, since the number of broken pieces depict the number of years they’d joyfully spend together. Villagers may set up a log of wood for the love birds to cut through with a two-fold saw – this tells about the sort of cooperation they’ll have as a married couple.


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SWEDEN- Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Summers are prime to hold a wedding ceremony in Sweden. As a part of their traditional wedding dress, a crown of myrtle leaves on the bride’s head indicates her virginity, while a gold coin from her dad in her right shoe and a silver one from her mum resides in her left one as a token of affection and support.


Bouquet of Weed- Wedding Custom

In a few districts, the bride and bridesmaids, likewise, carry a bouquet of weeds that stunk all the way up to avert trolls. The couple would likewise, enter the ceremony together. The first to step in is said to have an upper hand in the relationship.


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MEXICO- A Summer Love

In Mexico, a summer evening is an ideal time to tie the knot. The lady’s clothing vary from basic white cotton to a beautifully weaved colourful gowns. Spanish inspired veils are a part of the traditional wedding dresses. The bride wears a blue slip or three strips coloured yellow, blue and red inside her dress to symbolise sustenance, cash, and love in the years to come. The groom generally wears a softly hued baggy shirt to compliment the Mexican sun.


13 Gold Coins- Wedding Custom

As one of the wedding traditions, the husband gives his bride 13 gold coins, called arras, which symbolise Christ and his messengers. After taking the pledges, the minister would wrap a band of blossoms, in figure eight around the couple’s necks to declare their unity.


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Find out about the traditional wedding ceremonies, cultural wedding customs from all around the world. Featuring sweet to crazy wedding rituals, we’ve got the details covered! From Garlands, horse carts, henna to weed bouquets and slaughtered chickens, the article tells you about unique wedding celebrations from across the globe. Get to know about gorgeous wedding dresses and get free cash by following some of the funniest wedding customs of these countries.

Marriage is a universal thing, but pledging wedding vows are made in a million different ways. These wedding customs range from romantic to strange. Some of these customs can even make you a bit nauseous- Marry a banana tree, get covered in smelly goo, break vases and chop wood with these bizarre wedding traditions.

Take a look at the fascinating Chinese, Italian, Swedish wedding history and get to know about some interesting pre-marriage facts.



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