Unique Wedding Dresses for Brides Around the World

Unique Wedding Dresses for Brides Around the World

Brides celebrate their weddings according to their cultural and/or religious traditions, which is why they tend to have unique wedding dresses and ceremonies around the world. When a person dreams of their wedding and what it would look like, the first thing they imagine is the dress they would wear and how they would look!

Wedding dress is one of the most important part in any wedding. If your dress is not good enough, your wedding would feel incomplete. A beautiful dress can restore your smile on your wedding day!

Let us have a look at some of these unique wedding gowns that can even follow wedding dress trends.


Unique Wedding Dresses across the World

Listed below are wedding gowns that come from different cultures and religions which makes them quite beautiful and unique in their own way. Representing their roots, these dresses tell us the story of where the bride and groom come from!

    • In Turkish traditions, a bride gets a red maidenhood strip tied around her waist by a brother or uncle before going to the wedding ceremony. Apparently, the colour red symbolises her luck, happiness and sexuality.
    • In Tajikistan, a traditional bride would wear a simple white dress over trousers. And as the ceremony could last for days, she changes into different gowns subsequently.
    • Most Indonesian brides wear bright coloured dresses with embroidery.
    • A Turkmenistan traditional bride would wear a red dress with an embellished headdress. They also wear a forward-facing veil and charms to ward off evil spirits.
    • In China, brides wear a traditional red dress with either gold or silver embroidery because this colour signifies love and success.
    • Sri Lankan brides either wear gold or red sari with heavy wedding jewellery and hair embellishments.
    • A traditional Thai wedding dress represents one of the six different Thai periods of history.
    • Traditional Malay wedding costumes are created from a hand-woven fabric that is called songket.
    • Pakistani brides wear the colours red, pink or purple on their wedding day.
    • A traditional Nubian wedding dress consists of three veils. A coloured one that goes on top of the bride’s head, a translucent one to cover her face and then the whole head is covered by a thick white layer.
    • In an Eritrean wedding, the bride and groom match their purple or gold robes and velvet crowns.
    • In Japan, a Shinto bride would typically wear a white kimono along with the traditional headwear tsuno-kakushi.
    • An Indian bride wears a red sari with different embellishments from head to toe.
    • The traditional wedding dress of Tuvan is a bright coloured dress that can also be worn to ride a horse, suggesting a nomadic way of life.
    • In Tibet, the groom gives the bride her wedding dress and jewellery as a present. It could consist of a headdress or a charm of the Buddha.
    • The traditional Korean wedding dress for a bride is called a Hanbok, that has a long-sleeved jacket with a high-waist skirt made up of silk or cotton material.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Simple white or beautifully detailed silk gowns may sound out-dated, but vintage dresses with their simple charm will never go out of style. There is a reason why brides choose to wear their grandmother’s wedding dresses to their own ceremonies. With a few changes here and there to make them seem more suited for recent times, vintage wedding dresses are almost always a hit!

The pearls in the beading, high necklines, long trains and beautiful silk gloves, are just some of the things that make women fall in love with dresses that were made a long time ago. Whether it be a Vera Wang or handmade by your own great-grandmother, vintage wedding gowns have a certain allure that will always fascinate brides of the new generation. They would especially make unique wedding dresses if they were particular to a certain tradition or culture.

Fashion is something that never expires and styles always tend to come back so vintage dresses are always a trend.

Unique Wedding Dresses, New 2016

Even though the traditional white dress looks beautiful, in recent times, there has been a reform in the style of wedding dresses. Floral hemlines, embroidery, lace, short lengths, jackets, strapless blouses, different bright colours are just some of the trends in latest bridal dresses collection 2016. The addition of these new styles can make you look like royalty on your special day.

Some of the most beautiful latest bridal dresses require no work, but some have so much gorgeous detailing that makes it look fancy.

There are many unique wedding dresses you can buy online, which makes wedding planning even easier.

With the introduction of diverse cultures in the west, there has been a transformation in the wedding industry, itself. Every wedding is unique with its own little traditions that people may have adopted from other cultures.

Many eastern weddings have touches of western traditions now and vice versa. You would see a wedding in Turkey where the bride would be wearing white, or an English bride would be wearing a red dress even though it is not part of their traditions.

This new wave in the fashion industry has brought the trend of unique wedding dresses that represents more of the bride’s personality or life. From a dress that literally lights up with tiny light bulbs in it to a dress made out of toilet paper, some of these new designs may be a bit more whimsical for our tastes!

But some are so unique and creative that they would definitely make it on the list of our favorite offbeat wedding dresses.

Experimenting with colours and hem lengths, choosing different styles like a long-sleeve fitted gown or a loose flowing bohemian gown are just some of the ways to make your wedding dress one of its kinds.

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