Ways to Reduce Period Pain Remedies

One of the most discussed topics among women especially girls is periods’ pain and their remedies. Every female at some point in life or maybe always experience pain during or before menstruation. Periods pain is also known as dysmenorrhea. If not under control this can pose bad effects on our healthy lifestyle. However, this pain can be reduced with the number of pain relieving over the counter medicines and also by using some home recipes or more precisely granny’s old recipes.

Home Remedies for Periods Pain

Here are some of the home remedies for easing the pain of menstruation. The products used can be easily available at our home.

    • Applying heat to the body especially to the lower back and abdomen relieves the pain. This can be done by:
    • Using a hot water pad and keeping it on your body.
    • Soaking a towel in water, draining out excess and then heating that in oven.
    • Taking a cup or a bowl of hot water and keeping it near your body.
    • Taking a bath with hot water also gives a soothing effect for the pain.
    • Try using Grand ma’s old recipe of consuming boiled egg daily, which is said to be giving warmth to the body and hence lessening pain.

How to Overcome Periods Pain?

Menstrual cramps are sometimes mild enough to be treated at home. Sometimes exercise can do the wonders. This may sound surprising but in reality exercising a little like walking or doing any type of aerobic exercise can release endorphins to neutralise prostaglandins reducing the cramps.

Try to avoid coffee in periods. It is a strict vaso-constrictor which narrows the blood vessels that feed the uterus and those which branch from uterus and carry impure blood. This makes it difficult for the body to circulate blood effectively. As a result, pain persists and prolong.


Natural Remedies for Period Cramps

Elaine Holmes, Ph.D. , a chemist with the Imperial College of London said


“commonly used natural products really do contain chemicals that may be of medicinal value”


Making a green or a black tea consisting of garlic, ginger and cinnamon can end the pain. Fennel seeds have antispasmodic properties which can help relax the muscles in the uterus so that the discomfort caused by periods can be reduced.

Another very effective drink can be cinnamon water that is made by heating the water, adding cinnamon powder, a teaspoon to it and then adding honey. This water surely cures the cramps and also helps rejuvenating body’s metabolic and digestive system. There are no harmful effects of drinking this tea. Start drinking it three days before the start of periods and continue drinking it in those specific days. However, you can increase the frequency of consuming it.

Another time-tested remedy for reducing this pain is the use of black strap molasses.it is rich in vitamin-B6, iron, calcium, manganese, potassium and selenium. It works by reducing the clotting of blood which in turn pacifies the body.

Drinking chamomile tea also helps. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Take a cup of hot water and insert chamomile tea bag in that. Squeeze out the tea bag and put honey or the lemon in that. Drink this tea twice a day. This tea also helps in regulate abnormal menstrual cycle.

Parsley is also an effective herb. It contains two chemicals apiol and myristicin. These both compounds stimulate the menstrual process and so relieve cramps. The directions for making this tea are: take half cup of parsley. Put boiling water over it. Then add honey if you like to, and drink this tea immediately as the taste can deteriorate if left to stay.

Flaxseed is said to have essential fatty acids that help stabilize the production of progesterone. Which in turn normalise the menses. It can lower the pain and help eliminating infertility problems and improve uterine function.

One fruit that is a good menstrual cramp remedy is papaya. It does not only have anti-inflammatory properties but is also rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, carotene and vitamins A and C that help ease the contractions of uterine walls and comfort the pain. Pineapple and papaya are also good to get rid of a bruise. It is advised not to forget including papaya in your daily diet to minimise the suffering or just eliminate it.

Keep in mind that during periods our body is discharging waste blood along with uteral lining. So this may cause pimples on the facial skin temporarily. So don’t take a variety of these drinks more than 3 or maximum 4 cups a day because this can lead to more skin problems.

How to Help Periods Cramps

The intensity varies with each individual and also the timing. Some get pain as soon as the periods start. Over the counter medicines are also effective period pain remedies. They immediately react, relaxing the muscles of the uterus but these medicines are thought to be affecting our bodies in the harmful ways.

Ibuprofen or aspirin are the two medicinal compounds that can eliminate the terrible periods pain in just an hour or so. Aspirin should not be given to the patients of asthma, stomach, kidney or liver problem. Aspirin should not be given to someone under the age of 16 years as it can be harmful. These period pain pills are available by different names easily everywhere.

Looking after your diet is quite important period cramp remedy. You should not eat more of saturated fats and high cholesterol diet. This can cause inflammation in the body which can worsen the period cramps. Including healthy, green, leafy vegetables in your diet can ease the pain.

So always keep in mind that if you have terrible periods pain and they persist even after trying more of the period pain remedies then you should consult a doctor because that would then be indicating more serious issues like endometriosis, a uterine infection, or a problem with the uterine anatomy.


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