Why does my Belly button Smell so Bad?

Why does my Belly button Smell so Bad?

Why does my belly button smell? A question many are concerned of. It’s both smelly and awkward. And also disappointing when you have a toned flat belly, but can’t seem to flaunt it because you are afraid and totally grossed out of the smell.

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Why does the inside of my belly button smell bad?

In order to find out the solution, you will first need to find out the cause behind – why does the belly button smell.

1. Type of Navel

There are two types of navels. An ‘innie’ and an ‘outie’. Find the difference between both, here. Out of 100, 10% of people have a navel described as an ‘outie’. Lucky for them, because rest of the 90% have an ‘innie’ shaped navel which is prone to moisture, debris and oil, due to its structure, leading to probable bacterial growth. Which further results in the foul stink, coming from your belly button.

2. Improper Hygiene

The most common cause, out of all, is an unkempt belly button. Our body, like everything, requires care. Especially, nooks such as your belly button AKA Navel, where bacteria love to reside. The moisture, oil and dead skin present in that tiny hole, make it a breeding place for the tiny creatures, to ‘work and play’ or whatever they do best, thus creating foul smell.

3. Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections, are both too common in the navel region, thanks to its environment.

    • A foul smell that comes back even after thorough washing.
    • Pus-like discharge.
    • Skin turning red or crusty.

Are some of the symptoms to look for, if you think the smell is due to an infection.

4. Belly Button Piercing

Another far too common reason for that belly button smell may be the piercing you got done a few months back.

As cool as they look, piercings can sometimes become a nightmare. Especially the one done on your belly button. Then again, its damp and tight environment is to be blamed. The piercing is an open wound which if touched with dirty, un-sanitized hands or tools or jewelry, can easily get infected.

    • A swelling near or around the piercing.
    • A rash following the swelling.

Are two most common symptoms of poor piercing hygiene, and should be looked after, immensely.


Belly button smells like poop – secondary causes

Other causes that make you wonder, why does my belly buttons stink, are:

1. Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies are more at risk of having a stinky navel. Because their bodies go through loads of different changes, out of which one is, excessive sweating. And as we all know, moisture is the worst you could do to your belly button.

2. Diabetes

Like pregnant women, diabetic patients too may find their navels stinking like poo or even worst. Reason being that they are more likely to catch infections compared to a non-diabetic. Also, treating infections in diabetics is comparatively harder and more time taking, thus require utmost care and attention.

3. Abnormalities in Urachal

Urachal is basically the remains of a tube that connected our bladder to the navel, when we were developing as a fetus in the womb. It usually disappears by the first trimester. However, in unlucky cases, where it doesn’t disappear, known as patent urachal, it makes the patient prone to infections. Which in turn result in foul smells and discharge from the navel.

4. Sunburn

Yes, too much of that tanning may also be the reason for that stinky belly button. As you may know, too much of sun can damage your skin. Which in turn results in infections, redness, flaky skin and foul smell from the navel.

Why does my belly button bleed? Is that normal?

A bleeding belly button is in no way normal. Immediate medical attention should be given, to any such case. It may be due to an underlying disease such as cancer or a worsened case of fungal infection.

Whichever the case, a quick visit to the ER, should be your first priority.

How to clean belly button

Since belly button is part of your body, so like any other body part, it too requires to be kept clean and moisture free at all times.

1. Start by making it a routine to wash and scrub your navel with soapy water every time you bathe.

2. If you own a belly button piercing, make sure to rinse it with salted water, to avoid any infections from occurring.

3. After rinsing, take a swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean the navel thoroughly, with it.

4. Lastly, make sure to dry the insides of the navel completely, to ensure no more bacterial growth.

Home Remedies to take care of your belly button

Amongst the many other little things, we ignore in life, Navel is the one we ignore the most.

Which eventually results in painful, smelly and pus-filled infections.

Here are some ways to help get rid of the nasty belly button infections, at home.

1. Warm water compressions.

2. Rinsing with salt water.

3. Cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

4. Keeping the infection site, free of any moisture.

5. Using antiseptics and anti-inflammatory herbs such as:

    • Turmeric
    • Neem (Indian lilac)

6. Applying tea tree oil.

7. Aloe vera gel also helps healing.

8. Washing with white vinegar.

For further details and guidelines on home remedies, click here.