You Have No Idea About these 10 Types of Headaches

Headaches are the common disorder in the body nowadays, almost everyone either an adult or a child is experiencing some kind of headaches. There are 10 types of headaches that you have no idea about. Headaches can be normal or it can be severe, lethal or life-threatening. The headaches can be periodical, hourly or needs proper medical treatment. Some of the headaches can be relieved with the help of painkillers.


Different Types Of Headaches


Different types of headaches that we know and most of them we have no idea about can attack us. We should have enough knowledge on what type of headache de we have, that we can take actions accordingly.


Headaches that cause Blurring of Vision


If you have headache along with which you are unable to see clearly, you may find distraction in your speech or find confusions is taking any decision, don’t take it on a lighter note, take serious action and consult your physician as soon as possible, as it may cause a stroke which can be dangerous for health.


Tension Headaches


Another type of headache, you may unde4rgo with the routine headaches that is behind both eyes, this can be a tension headache. This is a normal headache which is caused due to daily stressed routines or some sort of tension you have taken, this can be medicated with taking the medicines easily available.


Cluster Headaches


People, who suffer from Cluster headache, can experience it with in the period of one to three times per day during the cluster period. This may last for months as well.


Chronic Migraine Headache After 50


This type of headache is often seen in people who are above the age of 50 years and this chronic headache is often a result of atherosclerotic changes that are occurring in the arteries.


Headache after Injury


After surgery or head injuries, there is post-injury headache, which gets cleared after few days or it may often persist long. These headaches after injury are known as post traumatic headaches.


24 hour headaches


After 24 hours if the headache remains there you should have to look into the matter, this is not something to let go, you may have a stroke, go to an emergency room.


Common Migraine


Common migraine are that kind of headache which are very common nowadays, it may last for hours or if immediate action is not taken it may continue for days. The severe conditions can lead to vomiting.


Headache due to Exercise


Some type of headaches are due to exercise or body has gone through some extra efforts done by the body or some exercises like running, towing, tennis, swimming etc. Some headaches are due to extra strenuous efforts in intercourse.


Headaches due to tiredness


If your body doesn’t get enough rest or going through lack of sleep, you may face headaches, these are aches due to over tiredness, take some rest and relax your mind and body this will help in healing the headache.


Tension-type headaches


Due to the advancement in technology and everyday chaos people are suffering from tensions, these are becoming a part of our lives. It sometimes lead to headaches, tension-type headaches are found commonly in adults, out of 1 in every 30 adults are facing this issue. These are also known as episodic tension-type headaches.


Symptoms and Causes of Episodic-tension type Headaches


How could one just find out if he/she is undergoing episodic tension-type headache or something more of that to worry about, the symptoms of these headaches occur in the band position in forehead, it can last for few hours or for days.

It gets worse as the days go on, it can be mild or normal but it may also get severe. It is on the both sides of the head and often feels like that the head is tightening in something. It is due to tightening of muscles present in the back or scalp.

The causes of episodic tension-type headaches could be any, depending on your work routines, or stress at work or home. It may be due to the problems in relationships or in family life, friends or any other political or environmental stress could affect you that way.


Brain freeze type headaches


Brain freeze type headaches are also known as ice-cream headaches, it can occur due to the sinus problems or cold. This headache does not only occur in cold weather but it may also happen in summers also. The cold temperature may result in the rewarming of capillaries. These headaches can be cured by taking some warm liquids or taking steams. Also you can put your head at the back for 20 seconds this may also be effective.               

We are so busy in our routines that we often neglect some minor pains, including backaches or headaches. These may be a sign of something serious or severe coming your way. Don’t neglect the signs. The 10 types of headache that you have no idea about are mentioned above. They are often cause by the daily life problems, the body stressed out or work stress.

It may be due to the overtiredness that may also result in headaches.  The headaches that last longer period of time needs proper attention, consult your doctor and seek medical advice.  There are those types and kinds of headaches which are episodic tension-type headaches and also brain freeze headaches. These headaches are due to cold and cough or may be due to the tension persist in the daily life of an individual. The headaches may also be fatal; they may also lead to strokes and often needs serious treatments. If you find unclear vision during headache or nervousness or if you find you are uttering abruptly, do not ignore this headache, immediately seek a medical practitioner.


Take care of yourself and don’t the headaches. Take proper medicine that is quick pain killer or if you find it unsatisfactory go to emergency room .


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