25 Easy Halloween Food Ideas for a Freaky-Halloween, this October

25 Easy Halloween Food Ideas for a Freaky-Halloween, this October

Halloween 2017 is almost here so we are presenting some Easy Halloween Food Ideas to make it special.

The one time of year, where one can wear whatever spooky costume, eat as much candy and party like there’s no tomorrow!

For all those who think Halloween is nothing, but about frightening the hell out of others. You are wrong. There is so much more to it.

From trick or treating, partying to holding family dinners, it is a time of celebration. Well yeah, with a hint of spooky surprises!

Which brings me to my next question, have you decided on a costume yet? If not, these amazingly easy, DIY Halloween costume ideas will keep you covered. While if costume isn’t your thing, and you are thinking about doing an eerie makeup look, we have got your back. These Halloween Makeup ideas are truly the most petrifying.

Now that the costumes are being taken care of, let’s get to the real deal. THE FOOD. Halloween inspired food, to be precise.

With these 25 easy Halloween food ideas, setting the dinner table menu, will not be a hassle, this Halloween.

Because this includes, recipes for kids as well as adults. But that’s not all. The recipes are far too easy to prepare and the list also includes a savory section!!

What more could you have wished for?

Let’s begin with the easier lot, the Easy Halloween Food Ideas and Recipes


1. The Oreo-spider:

All you need for this easy Halloween food are:

  1. Oreos – for the spider’s body.
  2. Pretzel sticks – for the legs.
  3. Sphere candy – for eyes.
  4. Chocolate frosting – to stick the eyes in place.

Place everything together, like in the picture, and you’re done!

2. The Cursed Witch’s Hat:

For this chocolaty treat you will need:

  1. Melted chocolate – for the base of hat.
  2. Hershey’s kisses – for the top cone-shape of the hat.
  3. Buntings – for décor.


On a parchment paper, spread a thick layer of melted chocolate in circular shape.

Place a Hershey’s kisses atop and other toppings for decoration.

Freeze until solid.

Once frozen, peel the parchment paper and enjoy the cursed witch’s hat!

3. Spaghetti Eye-balls:

If meat balls and spaghetti is on your Halloween diner menu, then this quick and easy Halloween food idea is just perfect.

  1. Cook spaghetti and meat ball like you usually would.
  2. On the side, cut out eyes out of cheese and olives.
  3. After plating, stick the eye cut outs to each meat ball and serve!

4. Vampy Donuts:

This one’s a favorite on my Halloween table. Easy to assemble and scary enough for Halloween. Also, it is the best idea when you are running short on time and ideas.

  1. Grab a box of prepared and glazed donuts.
  2. Buy rubber fangs and Eye candies.

Take a rubber fang, and stick inside the donut hole. Stick eye candies in place of eyes and you are set!

5. BOO-nana Pops:

Here’s a healthy twist to a Halloween treat.

You will need:

  1. Bananas
  2. White chocolate
  3. Black popping candy

Halloween Food Ideas for Adults

6. Guacamole pumpkin vomit:

Looks like this pumpkin, had quite a night!

Yup, sounds gross. But what is Halloween, without some yucky element to it?

7. Bloody fingers:

What is your worst fear? Biting into human flesh?

Well, this will creep you out to the umpteenth degree.

Here’s where you can fetch the recipe.

8. Spooky Spider Tostados:

Nothing speaks Halloween fever, better than a spider web made out of cream cheese dressing, topped with Tarantula spiders, made with black olives! A spooky meal, for sure.

9. The Ghostly Shepherd’s pie:

The usual shepherd’s pie, topped with eerie mashed potato ghosts, with tiny peas for eyes. Tasty and freaky, all at the same time!

10. Jack-o-Lantern Pepperoni Pies:

Jack-o-Lantern shaped Pie-crust, wrapped around a thick pepperoni slice and baked till perfection! Serve with a bowl of cheesy dip.

Easy Halloween Food  Ideas for Kids

11. Octopus Pot-pie:

The usual chicken pot pie, hidden underneath a fine crust of pastry, shaped like an octopus. Now isn’t that just captivating? Well, creepy too!

12. Donut-hole Spiders:

That’s one fascinating type of spiders, I must say. 6 halved pretzels, stuck inside fluffy donut-holes, glazed in chocolate, detailed with buntings for eyes. That’s it and Here’s how.

13. Mummified Sausages:

Kids love sausages. Mummify them with pastry strips and you have a perfect Halloween finger food to serve little guests.
Here’s how.

14. Graveyard Pudding Cups:

Prepared pudding cups, cookie crumble for sand and marshmallow for making the spooky ghost, is all you need to prepare this tasteful Halloween treat, Here’s how.

15. Monster Brownies:

The usual brownie, decorated with marshmallow and frosting. This is a great way, to put your little minions’ imagination to work, this holiday season. (via Bettycroker)

Halloween Sandwiches

16. Ham and Cheese Coffin Sandwich:

This is an easy Halloween food. All you got to do is, cut your sandwiches in shape of a coffin. Paint a spooky RIP and date with black to make it look even more realistic.

17. Mummified Cheese Sandwich:

This is basically an open-sandwich, with cheese slices placed in a way that it resembles a mummy. Use, baby tomatoes, chili or cucumber as eyes.

18. Creepy Tentacle Slider:

An ordinary slider, made to look frightfully, unordinary. Slice sausages longitudinally. Fry them up and place atop the slider bun.

And it’s ready to be served!

19. Ghostly Ham and Cheese Sandwich:

These too are open-faced sandwiches, made to look eerie, with the help of a cheese slice cut in the shape of a ghost and placed on top.

20. Jack-o-Lantern Sliders:

This is my favorite, out of all the easy Halloween food ideas, because it tastes good and is amazingly simple to assemble. Carve the cheese in a Jack-o-Lantern shape and you are set!

Savory Halloween Food

21. The Graveyard Nachos:

Usual ingredients, set in a spectacular way, mimicking a frightening Graveyard. Fun to make and fun to eat!

22. Carved Pumpkin Look-alike:

Carved yellow bell peppers, filled with juicy, spicy roasted meat and veggies. A perfect way to start the Halloween meal.

23. Haunted Margarita Pizza:

This cheese filled, spooky pizza is where the taste is. Top the pizza base with loads of tangy pizza sauce and place ghost shaped cheese slices atop, with black olives for eyes.

24. Jack-o-lantern Salad Pots:

A citrusy salad is always refreshing in the perfect autumn weather. Serve these salad pots for Halloween and be ready to be praised by the guests. Carve oranges and fill them with your fav Cesare salad recipe and you are set!

25. Witch Finger Hot-dog:

The ingredients are all the same. The trick is to carve the sausage in shape of a finger. For the nail, stick a peeled and sliced almond on the farthest end of the sausage. As for the blood, ketchup will do the trick.

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