5 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

The mighty brain, which happens to be one of the most vital organs of the human body, is the father of all terror. And here you thought I was going to give you some “brain positives”

Nuh-uh. Let’s be real!

Remember the demons under the bed that kept you up at night when you were 9? It was your brain playing silly games.

P.S: My brain still keeps me up at night. And I know many of you can relate.

Believe it or not, your brain can make you delusional.


The good news is, the mind (yes they differ) has the power to keep you sane.

In my opinion, sanity lies in a thin line between reason and emotion.

This is why…

Women tend to be tad bit more “freaky-deaky” than men because of their hormones! These bad boys make them ball up in every two minutes.

The point being! Everyone has rainy days in their lives, when you just want to sit back, cry, watch friends and complain. That’s your brain telling you stuff like “life has WRONGED YOU” but NO! Life gives its fair share of sh** to everyone, agree much?

So get back up and get your butt together as there’s always a rainbow after the storm!


How To Increase Your Brain Power

1. Meditate

I’m probably not the first one telling you this. But I hope I’m the one who convinces you to try.

What bothers you the most? Let me try and answer that.

    • Over thinking
    • Restlessness
    • Panic
    • Fear et al’

These are all signs of an unhealthy brain YES but honestly they’re just mere signals telling you that you’re growing up!

You can’t imagine how many people can relate with you, even when you may think you’re the only one in this mess!

Meditation helps you calm your nerves down. It allows you to breathe in positive air and breathe out the negative spasm!

Please don’t scroll down thinking “oh I tried it once and it didn’t help.”

I’ve never heard anyone say I was on a diet for one day and I lost 10 pounds, have you?

2. Eat Right

Before I start with the boring “tomatoes help the brain” crap. Let me put this out, loud and clear

BRAIN LOVES CHOCOLATE! and eating chocolate daily could reduce heart disease, diabetes risk.

So don’t you dare compromise on that one!

Nutrition is vital for your brain’s health. If you don’t think you’re getting enough or the right combination of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, a multivitamin supplement may help. If you do decide to take a supplement, whole-food, organic ones are best. Synthetic vitamins, like any other human-made product, don’t metabolize properly in your body. (source)

3. Practice Positive Thinking

I know it’s the hardest thing to do, but from someone who has experienced it first hand, I can vouch that it’s NOT impossible!

Whenever the dark side of a bad memory walks into your tunnel, brush it off with positive things that you could think off or remember.

Make it a habit. Be positive and positive things will happen!

4. Keep Yourself Active

Sitting idle is like allowing your brain to get weak.

If you work, that’s great! Now is the time when you can start exercise or walk.

If you don’t have a job, that’s okay too. You can read, exercise (very important), do household chores and take care of the kids (which is no less than a job so that’s good enough too!)

But don’t sit empty, sulking into your misery. If you’re doing that, you’re calling for danger!

Must read how to get rid of bad habits for a healthy brain.

5. Sleep Cycle

We sleep to restore brain chemicals and to provide rest to the body.

Some researchers believe that the brain organizes and stores memories during sleep. Lack of sleep can affect daytime functioning, hormonal balance, appetite, and immune system of an individual.

We have internal clocks that tell us when we need to sleep. They cause us to feel alert when the sun is up and also makes us drowsy when it’s down. We are sleepiest between midnight and 6 a.m (funny because I’m wide awake at this hour) and between 1 and 3 p.m (Yup! always sleepy at work!). That’s why some cultures have afternoon siestas (naps), According to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

Well, moral of the story is, science says a lot of stuff which doesn’t really help us, right?

Everyone has their own sleep cycle, some systems work like king with 5 hours of sleep, while some can’t function even after 10 hours of sleep (me……when I was 12).

Figure out your way of living and follow a routine. I understand the struggle of sleeping at night. I know it’s difficult with the thoughts running back and forth. I wish my thoughts were this conscious at work time!

But you got to sleep fine for a healthy brain. Here’s what a counsellor told me once “Decide a time for you to sleep- start making your bed an hour earlier. Do sleepy stuff; prepare your mind and body. Think of good things, cuddle (with the right person, please!)

It’ll get better.

Living with a grandfather who’s fighting Alzheimer’s and a grandmother who lost her battle to Parkinson’s, I know how important it is, to keep your brain healthy. So, while you’re still young and alive and awesome, please take care of your brain power.


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