6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you!

There are all sorts of past lovers…… Some love the process of making restaurant-type pasta while some lazy bums out there just love to chuck in all the ingredients.

For the pasta lover in each of us, here are some mouth-wateringly amazing pasta recipes that are sure to leave you full!

But before we move to the pasta recipes, here are some ground rules that we all should know in order to make an exceptionally good plate of pasta:

  1. But first, make sure you have followed these easy steps prior to those cheese-dipping pastas!.

– Look for quality.


  • The quality and freshness of your pasta indicate that the final dish will be nothing but tastefully amazing!
  • -Be generous with water.
  • The water you keep for boiling should be enough to let the pasta swim in it freely. If there is less water, the pasta will most likely stick and clog.
  • -Don’t hold it back with the salt.
  • Make sure to add lots and lots of salt to the water, enough to make it taste like sea water.
  • -Don’t be impatient.
  • When cooking your pasta, make sure to let the water boil vigorously before you pour in your pasta shells.
  • -Keep the oil away.
  • Don’t and I repeat DO NOT, add oil in boiling water. It is often assumed that it lets the pasta from sticking together, but it’s time you know that it also lets the sauce from incorporating well with the pasta. And who wants that, right?
  • -Cook the pasta al-dente.
  • Make sure to not over boil the pasta.Time it according to the instructions on the package. Because overcooked pasta makes out for nothing but a mushy mess.
  • -No rinsing what so ever.
  • Yes, we want you to be clear on that. Do not ever attempt to rinse your pasta. It will rinse the pasta off starch, which I’m sure you know helps in holding the pasta and sauce together.
  • In fact, keep half a cup of pasta water for the sauce. Yes, the leftover starchy water will help bind the sauce together.
  • -Make sure to boil the pasta at the very end.
  • Keep the sauce and garnish ready. Chuck in the pasta to boil minutes before you serve for dinner. Cook the pasta al-dente and with the help of tongs, add in directly from the pot into the sauce,stir and heat for a minute and Serve!

Now that you know what to do and what not to when cooking pasta, let’s move on to the amazing pasta recipes that are sure to blow you away!

Baked tomato and basil, Cheesy Pasta:

6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you! 14

Nothing says comfort food better than this cheesy and oh so easy pasta recipe. Not only does it taste downright amazing, but the creamy goodness makes you fall in love with it. A simple mix of spicy tomato sauce, fresh basil seeds and cherry tomato mixed in with loads of feta cheese and cream cheese makes out a filling and tantalizing meal.

What’s best? It can be made before hand and tossed in the oven right before dinner so fresh, oozing, gooey pasta is ready to be served!

Here’s the complete recipe.


 Cheesy Lasagna Roll-ups:

6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you! 15

Who doesn’t love lasagna, especially when it is loaded with cheese and some tempting pasta sauce? This simple pasta recipe has a little twist to it, which makes it gooey-er than ever.

Rather than setting the lasagna in layers, line your lasagna sheets with sauce, cheese and filling and roll them up. You will be amazed to see how they turn out! But this recipe has another little secret which makes it top the health charts without letting you feel it. It uses Tofu! Your guests or your kids will never be able to guess this little secret of yours…

Try the recipe out now and see for yourself.

The BLT Pasta:


6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you! 16

This amazing pasta recipe is for times when you can’t decide between having a gorgeous BLT Sandwich or a rich platter of pasta!

We all know how delicious the combination of Bacon,Lettuce and Tomato is when wrapped in a toasted pita or bun, but have you ever tried savoring this combo tossed in with al-dente pasta?

If not, it is about time.

This BLT pasta will leave you astonished as to how a simple combination of BLT mixed with mincemeat and tossed in warm and creamy pasta sauce, can leave your buds tantalizing!

Here’s from where to fetch the recipe.


Healthier, tomato, prosciutto and basil lasagna:


6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you! 17

As we had mentioned earlier, who doesn’t love lasagna… right? But we always stop after having one portioned serving, because we fear the calories that a usual lasagna recipe contains.

But with this delicious pasta recipe, leave the portion rule aside. Because here, you simply can.

This recipe asks for fat-free cream cheese, skimmed milk mozzarella and low-fat cottage cheese, which almost halves the calorie count when compared to a usual lasagna recipe without effecting the creaminess or the cheesiness of the divine dish.

But that’s not it, the prosciutto adds the right amount of umami flavor and crispness to the dish.


Now what more do you want?

Grab the recipe now and try it out!

Macaroni and cheese, pizza styled:


6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you! 18

For times when you can’t decide whether you are craving to have a cheez-y pizza or a creamy mac and cheese, this amazing pasta recipe is what will come in handy.

We all know how amazing the combination of mac and cheese tastes, but now it’s time to see if it works well when mixed in with some famous pizza toppings and turned into a pasta cum pizza.


Trust me when I say that this recipe will not fail to blow your guests away as it’s surely here to stay! (wow that rhymes!) Also here’s a little heads up, children of all ages (well adults too actually) will go crazy after this dish so make sure you make plenty of it!

Get your skillets out and start the recipe!

Shrimp pesto pasta:


6 all-time amazing pasta recipes for the Italian in you! 19

Looking for an easy-to wrap satisfying enough for your seafood craving? Stop right here because this shrimp induced, pesto pasta recipe ticks all the boxes.

This creamy recipe requires nothing other than a few kitchen staples and a hearty dinner meal is ready to be served in no time. If you aren’t a shrimp fan to be exact, try crab meat because it tastes super amazing with that too.


Here’s the detailed recipe.

That’s it for today! Do you have any crazy pasta recipes of your own that you would like to share with us? Well, don’t hesitate at all!.

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