6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!!

The mere sight of a cake makes kids jump up with glee.

Adults too….. actually!

However, the very same sight makes most moms panic. Because with cakes, comes high doses of sugars and unsaturated fats which we all know, are a no-no when a healthy lifestyle is what you are planning to give to your kids.

Though most may call you an over-thinker or even call  a ‘façade’, but trust me when I say, this is the best thing you can do for your child’s future. Making them habitual to a healthy lifestyle from an early age, will not only keep them healthy and strong but also help them in maintaining a habit of leading a healthy lifestyle as they are growing up.

But as we all know how stubborn these little bloomers can get, keeping them away from these treats is nearly next to impossible!

So this article is purely dedicated to all the panicking moms out there, who are trying to give their children the gift of a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of healthy cake recipes which are safe, in fact healthy and can be gobbled down by your child and you without you having to worry about the unnerving consequences of high doses of sugar and fats!

Let’s get to it, without any further delay!

1. Fruit cake, no literally, JUST FRUIT

6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!! 13

Well first on our list of healthy cake recipes is a watermelon based fruit cake, which is topped with a creamy, tantalizing whip decorated with assorted fruits and nuts.

The watermelon serves as a cake base and pure coconut cream is used as a frosting over it. Finely cut kiwis, mangoes, bananas, strawberries along with shredded coconut and sliced almonds work as toppings which truthfully turn this treat into a scrumptious yet an absolute, healthy meal!

This cake can be served after a hearty meal at home or can even be served as a healthy alternative as tea-time pastries to guests!

Whichever the case, one thing we are pretty sure about is that kids of all ages, as well as adults, will love it to the last bite.

Here’s where you can grab the full recipe.

2. A gluten-free version of Blueberry cake:

6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!! 14

If blueberry cakes are popular in your household too, this healthy blueberry cake recipe is a must try for you. At some houses, children and adults alike, love blueberry cakes. But before this recipe, few had always been concerned about not letting their children have too many blueberries. But now, with this gluten-free and preservative-free version, there is no stopping them!

The recipe calls for a gluten free cake base (recipe included), a tub of light cream cheese for frosting and fresh, organic blueberries for sauce and handful for decorating over the top.

Since it’s a gluten free version, it is perfect for anyone who is suffering from gluten allergies.

Tasteful as ever, yet filled with nutrients!

Here’s the recipe.

3. Date and dark chocolate cake, topped with roasted pecans:

6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!! 15

This healthy chocolate cake recipe is a perfect alternative when you are looking to treat yourself and kids with something chocolaty with a nice and decadent toffee flavor!

As the name suggests, this recipe calls for dates, pecans, and dark chocolate which are all known for the nutrients they contain.

But that’s not it!

The dark chocolate gives the cake the rich choco flavor, while the dates give the chewy toffee like a texture and the roasted pecans add an extra bit of crunch!

The best part is, this healthy cake recipe is so light on the calories that you can have it at any time of the day and feel nothing but good about it!

Try the recipe out now.


4. Deadly combo of chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream cake:

6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!! 16

If ice-cream cakes make you and your army of little minions drool, you have got to try this decadent yet surprisingly healthy cake recipe, NOW!

I have extracted this recipe from my favorite Vegan blog, This Rawsome Vegan Blog, so it’s a perfect treat for all the vegans out there, too.

But want to know, what’s the best part about this recipe? It’s a no-bake recipe! You heard that right, so much goodness, with so little effort.

Check the recipe out and you will be surprised to see how much nutritional goodness can be packed in one scrumptious little dessert!


5. A no-flour Tangerine cake:

6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!! 17

Not a fan of chocolate? Would you rather prefer a lemon pie? Well, we have one healthy cake recipe lined up for you too!

This no-flour tangerine cake is a hit for not only it’s health benefits but also because it tastes down right amazing. This cake is easy toprepare  and is perfect for a quick celebration call, be it at your friend’s place or at work.

Here’s where you can fetch the step by step recipe.

6. A healthier dupe of Cookies & Cream cake:


6 tasteful cakes that your children will adore!! 18

Last but definitely the most favorite of healthy baking recipes out there!

The cake looks like any normal ‘cookies and cream’ decadence but tastes… FAR BETTER!

And ooh, how can we neglect the health benefit?

Want to know what makes this recipe the favorite amongst all dessert lovers and health enthusiasts?

Greek Yogurt!

Yup, you heard that right! This healthy cake recipe calls for a good doze of Greek yogurt, which works outstandingly in place of whipping cream and custard which cuts the calorie count of this dish by almost half!

How cool is that, right?!

Here’s where you will find the complete recipe.

Do you know any tasteful yet nutritious cake recipes? Share with us in the comment box below to win a chance to be featured on our blog. Till then, Happy Eating! nomnomnom

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