Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes

Whether it’s a game night you are hosting or a casual night with friends, snacks are a must! And when there are snacks, there is always room for mouth-watering dips!

With the advent of time, the usual party dips such as nacho cheese and salsa have been improvised and in this modern era, new dips seem to become more demanding.

So we tried a bunch of trending party dip recipes to determine which ones are the best and worth trying for you all.

Stated below are the ones we found best and worth trying:


Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 15


Well, minus the crust, pizza dips are to die for! When you are short on time or simply looking to do something innovative, this party dip recipe is what you need to try.

For times when making a pizza seems hassling or  boring, this dish serves up as the perfect snack which you will have to prepare.

With spicy and flavorful tomato and herb sauce mixed with minced meat and loads of creamy cheese sauce, we call this a show stopper dip!

Serve with an Italian loaf cut into bite-sized pieces. You can also cut and bake store bought pizza dough to go as crackers with the dip, for an authentic, pizza-like taste.

Here’s where you’ll get the recipe from:




Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 16


This creamy, flavorful dip is an ultimate treat to go with corn chips, bacon strips or even crackers!

The combination of charred corn, spicy chile combined together with a mixture of zesty cream is sure to leave a mark on your taste palette.

We recommend to pop it in the oven minutes before serving it to make the most out of it!

Be ready to gather all the praises after you serve it to your buds!

Here’s the step by step recipe:



    • Beetroot, herb and yogurt dip


Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 17


If you have a thing for Lebanese or Arabic flavors, this dip will climb to be on top of your fav list, in no time, because iy sure did work on me!

The mix of red beetroot, with fresh yogurt and lots of herbs not only gives the dip it’s one of a kind, vibrant and appealing color, but it tastes as good too!

Serve it cold, with grilled wedges of pita, for a complete Lebanese experience!

Grab the recipe from the link below, and start preparing:



    • The classic, artichoke and spinach deep, with extra cream on the side please



Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 18


Well, here’s a classic party dip recipe that contains the perfect combination of spinach, artichoke and cream.

This serves as a perfect snack and sideline for any dish that lacks flavor. Serve this creamy, decadent dip  alongside with a serving of French bread or baguettes.

Pssst, the recipe in the link below, has a secret ingredient that adds the right amount of spicy tanginess to this classic combo, making it all the more special!

Try out and let us know how it worked out for you!



Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 19


This party dip recipe is a definite party pleaser. Not just because it’s downright amazing when it comes to taste. But also because it is the king of all dips! Want to know why? Well, check out the recipe here and see for yourself.

This decadent bowl of dip includes 6 layers of classic dips, all in one! So we have, a layer of classic guacamole, re-fried beans, salsa, taco seasoning, flavorful and creamy sour cream and lastly rich amount of cheese!

Serve up with an assortment of snacks ranging from chips, bread, crackers to freshly cut veggies.

A treat for all dip lovers, out there!


    • Herbed yogurt and lemon preserve dip AKA Raita



Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 20


This party dip recipe is based on a particular cuisine, i.e, Indian.

As we all know, the use of lemon, yogurt and spice are the few essentials in Indian cuisine, without which the process of preparing food seems almost incomplete.

With the perfect mix of spiciness and tanginess all mixed perfectly together for a tasteful combo of dip, this dip is sure to teleport you to the bustling streets of Bombay.

Serve it with grilled pita and slices of cucumber and carrots for an ultimate experience!

Here’s the recipe:



    • Toffee dip for the sweet cravers


Having Game Night? Here are 7 superb party dip recipes 21


All this spiciness calls for a sweet dip for all the sweet tooth’s out there! And this recipe is by far the best dip that goes well with fruits, breads and pitas alike.

Spread it over a slice or baguette or devour the dip with a sideline of freshly cut fruits, my top favorite being apples and pears.

From the right amount of sweetness, to the right amount of crunchy chewy texture, this toffee dip makes for an ultimate snack!

Here’s where you can fetch the recipe:


That’s it for today, till then enjoy these tasteful dips and thank us later!


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