Hospital Food Menus Served Around the Globe

When in hospital, only thing patients look forward to, are probably hospital food menus. Not because hospitals serve the best food, but because out of pricking needles, backless gowns, ailing health and the tensed hospital atmosphere, the only thing remotely likeable is FOOD.



Hospital food menus, aren’t bad in terms of taste or presentation, but they lack the needed amount of nutritional values.

You will be surprised to know that more than 40 hospitals in the United States of America have fast food joints working profoundly, in their premises. Fast food joints, such as McDonald’s, Tim Horton and Wendy’s.

Hospitals are meant for healing, not scoring 500 calories per meal.


Here’s a list of hospital food menu’s selected from a few hospitals around the United States of America:

1. The University of Colorado serves a wide variety of foods, including recommendations for eating according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. [Download] menu.


2. The Hackensack UMC serves different foods, for Adult patients, children as well as maternity patients. Not only this, prescribed diet menus that often have strict restrictions, are also available. All menus are set according to the category of patients.

[Download] Adult Menu.

[Download] Maternity Menu.


3. Next in line, the Morris Hospital and Health Care Centers. The menu served here too is set on standards that meet all nutritional values for in-Patients. [Here] are menus.


4. Likewise, UW Health also provides an amazing food menu that makes sure, the patients are getting the right amount of nutrients. Especially their dessert menu, which comprises of fruit based desserts unlike many other hospital food menus that include Homemade chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake etc. [Download] menu.




Breakfast Menu – 2 slices of white toasted bread with fried egg, small fried flat bread (puri) with potato curry and a serving of jam and butter.



Lunch/Supper Menu – A serving of rice and flatbreads with potato curry, chickpea curry and mix vegetable gravy. With a side of yoghurt and Indian pickles.



2. Australia

Breakfast Menu – Rise porridge with raisins, Weet-bix, Banana, sweetened yogurt, orange jelly, a side of fruit and coffee/tea.



Lunch/Supper Menu – a healthy serving of Cream of Pumpkin soup, Apricot chicken with peas and mashed potatoes, with tropical fruit jelly for dessert.


3. Germany

Breakfast/snack menu – ham and cucumber, a serving of tuna, soup and tea with plain cake.



Lunch/Supper Menu – Schnitzel (Thinned and fried piece of meat), Spätzle (dumpling noodles), serving of salad, dessert pudding, plain tea cake and tea/coffee.



4. France

Breakfast Menu – a serving of Ham and cheese, potato mash, vegetable soup and applesauce.



Lunch/Supper Menu – Smoked Salmon Salad, Chicken with courgette served with a serving of baguette. With a slice of pie for dessert.



5. UAE

Breakfast Menu – Fresh fruit salad.


Lunch/Supper Menu – Spaghetti, a piece of fried chicken and steamed veggies. With a serving of salad, soup and bun. Along with a piece of cake and fruit jelly for dessert.



6. South Africa

Breakfast Menu – Poached egg with sliced tomato, hash brown and sausages, with a side of French toast, jam and butter.


Lunch/Supper Menu – Steak with boiled potatoes, steamed carrots and beans. With a serving of rice, crackers and cake.


7. Canada

Breakfast Menu – a serving of creamed corn, soup, salad and apple sauce.



Lunch/Supper Menu – Meat with gravy, vegetable broth, yogurt and cookie for dessert.



8. Japan

Breakfast Menu – an omelet, bowl of salad, cubed mango and a juice box.


Lunch/Supper Menu – Steamed rice, broiled chicken with soy sauce and spinach, steamed yam, carrots and okra, dried bean curd and a serving of grapes.



9. England

Breakfast Menu – fried egg, serving of baked beans, bacon, sausages, sautéed mushrooms and toasted bread.



Lunch/Supper Menu – A serving of Ham, with tomatoes and green salad. OR a serving of turkey breast with boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli, carrots, beans, peas and corns.



10. Greece

Breakfast Menu – Egg and ham sandwich, with a serving of tangerine, steamed milk and coffee.


Lunch/Supper Menu – Steak with steamed broccoli and baked potato. A platter of freshly sliced veggies, serving of fruits, a slice of cheese and plain cake.