How to Keep Your Husband Happy?


Marriage; A relationship where one person is always right and the other is the Husband.


From days where you feel like your heart will explode with all the love you have for your man, to days where you can’t even tolerate his breathing, is what truly defines married life.

Marriage is not an easy game, but if your Husband is content, there is no better feeling than that.

If you too want to experience that bliss, this article here will tell you exactly how to keep your husband happy and satisfied.


How to Take care of your Husband

1. You must have heard, the way to a man’s heart often leads through his stomach. So making his fav meals, is a must when it comes to taking care of him.


2. A clean and tidy home, is a key to any healthy relation. Imagine, yourself coming home, from a tiring day at office, to a cluttered house. Sounds frustrating right?


3. Instead of greeting him with a frown and continuous rants, make him feel home, by greeting him enthusiastically and with a smile. Keep the bad news and rants for later, when he is more relaxed and ready to listen.


4. With our busy schedules and day to day life, we often forget about the small gestures that make life more loving and worth living. Such as, asking your husband how his day was.


5. Unlike women, men often bottle up their feelings and problems. You wouldn’t find them ranting about their problems, unless you ask them. So, every once in a while, talk to them about whether or not everything’s going well.


6. Look presentable around him. Remember how you used to dress up back in the dating phase? Well, men love it when you smell and look good.


7. A small thankyou every once in a while, hurts nobody. In fact, it boosts your husband’s confidence and makes him want to do more. So start appreciating.

8. Trust him, just like you want him to trust you. Snooping around and being overprotective without any apparent reason does no good to any relation.


9. If you do have serious concerns, make sure to talk it out, rather than assuming and putting false accusations.


10. Your husband needs and wants your support. They may seem macho and confident most of the times, but every now and then, they too need a shoulder to lean on. Be that shoulder, for him.

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If you Husband is Short Tempered, Here’s How to make husband Happy when Angry

1. Give him some space

Where us women require a shoulder to cry on, a pair of ears who are ready to listen to our constant sobbing and rants, men want nothing but some time alone.

So when your man, loses his temper, it’s better you leave him at it for a while, instead of bugging him.

2. When he is fire, you become the water

Growing a fight does no good, for anyone. When he is fierce, you keep yourself calm. Your becoming fierce will aggravate him more. Instead, talk it out later and tell him how you felt, calmly when the fight is over.


If you Crave his Attention & Love, Here’s How to Make your Husband Love you More

1. Don’t be clingy. I know it’s hard, but clinging to him all the time, does not make him crave your presence. Make sure to spend a couple hours to the least, away from him, so that he realizes how much he misses you.


2. Has the flirting taken a back seat in your relation? It’s time to bring it back. Know that men love to flirt. Why give him a chance to flirt with other women, when you can do best. Don’t hesitate to send a sexy picture when he’s at work. Or a playful caress while having dinner at a restaurant.


3. For men, sex is everything. for them, sex speaks volumes. Make sure to not make sex feel like a task. Let your husband know that you like putting in your effort when it comes to having sex. He will fall for you, a hundred times over!


4. At times, his talks, his hobbies and his choices may not interest you, but nothing makes them more comfortable, when they know you understand their choice. So you may not be excited about his choices, but try engage and show some interest.


A happy husband makes not only a husband wife, but a particularly happy household.

As much as keeping your husband happy is essential for a healthy relationship, finding the right one is as important. If you haven’t yet found your Prince Charming, Here  are 10 hacks to  finding the right husband.


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